Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Number 321

Photo from Pr Large Hat copy

Do you suppose this lady was fashion forward?  Was this hat the latest fashion? Macher was the photographer in New York. I bought this photo in an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota…someone had a pretty fancy relative!  I am not sure what to date this one at, look at that purse..the purse and the hat with feathers seem to be of different eras…I am thinking 1910 for the hat and 1940 for the purse..obviously this photo has me confused. I need input..

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  1. That is one crazy wild hat! And that carved wood chair!

    The metal framed clasp on the purse does look more modern - but they had metal framed clasp purses way back into the victorian era (but those weren't so modern looking). Looks "roaring 20's" to me... (Not that I know anything about 'em!)


  2. Wowza! That is one crazy hat!

  3. Does anyone that reads this have a paid membership to I would like to contact a MFOLSOM7655 there - in regards to Anna Dreis (picture #260)

  4. Hi Iggy, Abra/Sue does..she checks in from time to time:)

  5. Hi Iggy: Would you like me to send MFOLSUM a message to look at this blog?

  6. Yes Abra - Specifically, please ask them (him/her) to look at picture #260. MFOLSOM7655 is very active in and appears to have a lot of interest (they login frequently) in the Dreis family of Minnesota. I think they have and maintain a family tree for the Dreis too.


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