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Full Circle 44

These double Full Circles just seem to come in  bunches. This one has lots of connections.

Abra had been doing some research about RS Bishop.  She found out his name was Reynolds Strehlow Bishop.

RS Bishop DL Antiques

Photo Number 766

His daughter Phila Emma Bishop had been featured previously.

Phila Emma Bishop 1928 DL

Photo Number 660

Abra found relatives on Ancestry and she emailed me that one of the tree owners Mae ( last name) wanted the photos. 

Well low and behold!  Don’t that beat all.  There is only one Mae and Stephen and they lived next door to us when we lived in North Dakota.   I gave Mae a call and we had a good laugh..and had fun catching up with each other. I explained that I had several other photos that have not been published on the blog..but were interesting enough for me to purchase because of the names on the back.

Here are those photos:

Enderlin 1939 Dad and Philaunknown I think it is RS Bishop and Pghila

            Enderlin 1939 Dad and Phila                            unknown..but I thought it looked like Phila and RS Bishop

Possibly Gordon Bishop

Unknown but possibly Gordon Bishop

At Gordon Bishops

This photo is marked on the back At Gordon Bishops

Then we have the Strehlow Connection ( RS Bishop is Reynolds Strelow Bishop).

Rev Arthur and Mrs Eugenia Strelow Meilicke

This is Eugenia Strelow Meilicke ( Photo Number 134)   who is more than likely related.  Her photo was returned to relatives on the Meilicke side of the family.  I made Mae and Stephen a CD copy of the scans.

Wm Strelow DL Antiques

This is Wm. Strelow Photo Number 659   When I located his relatives they did not want his photo.  He is Mrs. R J (Emma) Bishop’s Father, and that is the connection to the Bishops..of course he was also Eugenia Meilicke’s Father too.

Mae wrote:

I received the photos Thank you!  I will talk to some of the relatives in Casselton to see if they know of the Strelow family.  Thank you for the CD also, I have been digging in and adding to my family notes since!  I hope you both stay well.  Mae

During one of our phone calls she said the the Bishops were Great Uncles of Stephens and he loved the ties they wore.  In fact every St Patricks’ Day he wears one of his Uncles ties.

It was a good full circle..I enjoyed it as it unfolded.  Many thanks to Abra!

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Full Circle 43

Kari and Karl went home to relatives.   They are a double Full Circle.


Kari Photo Number 716


Karl Ingelson Favik 9 12 1894 CDV DL Antiques

Kari’s Grandson Karl  Photo Number 717

I emailed Tore after I found his contact info at Ancestry.  Turns out he is Kari’s Great Great Grandson and he also knows Karl’s Grandchildren.

He is some of the wonderful info he shared with me…

I believe this Kari would be Kari Knutsdatter, born at Bidsler in Nannestad Dec 26, 1803 and would be my great, great grandmother.

Kari married Jens Hovelsen, Slattum on Nov. 1 1832 and these two are the parents of Berthe Marie Knutsdatter Slattum, b Sep 28 1840, the wife of Otto Larsen Bjerke b Feb 2 1846, my great grandparents.

None of their descendants, nor descendants of Kari’s uncles or aunts emigrated to Minnesota - but the connection to MN could still be the Schow family.

I will locate the old pictures of Berthe Mari and Otto to look for the resemblance

Another day he wrote:

Kari died Nov 22 in 1887 at Slattum in Holter parish in the municipality of Nannestad.

You commented on her size. She and Jens were tenant framers and you can imagine that food was scares. Tuberculosis was not uncommon in those days and while I can not see that anyone at Slattum died from TB, it struck many families all around and malnutrition and close living quarters may have contributed to a difficult life.

I am not sure I have any stories - but I grew up with a large writing desk painted in faux wood grain and gold leaf inlay on our family farm in Nannestad, a writing desk/bureau with drawers and an upper cabinet. The initials of JHS, the husband of Kari, and the year 1786 . that would be his birth year -are painted on the upper doors. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it and have set the earth in motion to get one taken in spite of it now is set in storage, - I just heard.

I am attaching a copy of a poor copy of picture of her daughter Berte Marie and her husband Otto. You also find a copy of the page covering Slattum in the Farm History book from Nannestad.

It behooves me to actually preserve the old pictures I can find on our old family farm Stensgård in Nannestad, Norway Рand will do so on my next trip there.



This is Berte Marie and her husband Otto.

Photo from Tore


Then we talked about Karl

Karl Johan, the son of Dortea Jensdatter Slattum and Ingel Kristoffersen Fevik was born April 24, 1872

Here is a picture of his family grave stone located in Holter cemetary /parish in Nannestad.


Karl Johan Fevik married Mina Alette Olausdatter


and had a son, named Ivar Fevik who died a bachelor in 1989. I don’t have any stories about Karl - but his son, Ivar was a well know story teller, woodsman and hunter. One of his stories is included in a booklet published by Nannestad Lions Club and is found on the internet here http://www.historier.no/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=7&sobi2Id=8776&Itemid=305

This story tells about a mischievous wood nymph, commonly called hulder in Norway and this is my translation of the story:

This happened during moose hunt one fall. I had no purpose being there, but I liked to wander in the woods anyway. When I came to Græssakervangen I saw smoke coming from the cabin chimney and I went inside.

It was Kristian and Thor Rovold and Karl Nordby that were there. They sat and drank black coffee laced with moonshine. They were not expected home that evening.
- Are you out hunting, you too? Kristian asked me.
- No, I don’t have anything to hunt with I replied. - there are no wild animals to find either.
- No, we have not even shot one single moose, he said.
Kristian used a double-barreled gun and round bullets. He gave me two, and I went on hunting at once. I wandered over Vard mountain but I did not even see a single moose dropping.
Soon I came to Raufjellet. It was beginning to become dim towards the evening. Suddenly my old dog hit on a hot sent. I was damned sure that there was a moose somewhere near. My old elk hound had managed to move way down the hillside, while the puppy, which was born in the spring, was further up the hill from me.
I go so excited, loaded a bullet in the gun and cocked it. Now I expected there would be money to be made. But the dogs’ trail lasted and lasted like the yearn on a spinning wheel. I could not help myself but had to get up an have a look because both dogs barked incessantly, and I was prepared to fire right away. But they did not come any nearer and I was staring into the twilight till my eyes watered. The moose must have been someplace near, - only I just could not see it. I got up to look over the blueberry shrub, - and there, - only 60-70 steps away stood an old woman. Then I began to wonder and I lowered the gun quickly. She had a red scarf around her head and a blue shawl tied around her chest and back, and she carried a walking stick.
I did not know what to do but I had to try to get hold of the dogs and get a way from there. That was not so easily done, for they growled and barked as mad. They dared, however not to go up close to her – even though she did not threaten them with the stick. It looked like the controlled them with her eyes. Finally I got hold of the puppy and looked for a while after another dog too, to get on our way home as fast as I could. But the dogs tore at the leach, - growling and barking wanting to return back to that place again. I really had to struggle to pull all I mustered. They were completely wild. To be honest, these elk hounds were useless in the hunt all that fall after this episode. If they came to the forest and saw a bush that was moving, they would snarl as they were obsessed.
At that time there was a little old folks home - boarding house - at a farm they call Trugstad - and is a five star restaurant for the well to do today in the modern days. There could be like that around seven, eight old people living there back in those days. I called there to speak to the host, Kristoffer. But there had ben none missing, neither by day nor night. No one from any of the other farms and cottages had been in the woods during the hunt as they all feared walking in the woods during the hunting season.
- Has anyone else seen anything up on Raufjellet? I asked.
- Oh, far from. It was surly no ordinary old woman this. It was a hulder, - a wood nymph - as sure as I sit here. The dogs know that too.

I know the grand children of Karl and will return the picture of Karl to them.



I mailed both photos off to Tore in Canada.

Yes, I received both pictures. Thank you very much.

I wrote to a member of the family of the young chap (descendants of his brother actually) to tell them the story, and I made a follow up call on the phone to Norway to see if the mail was received. It had been. I spoke with the wife of the person and she seemed to be quite interested, but I have not heard back from them at all. This may be their usual pattern as I once wrote the oldest brother when he was working and I know he had an email address - but there was no reply. It may well be that they are not interested in their ancestors or relatives.

The picture of my great great grandmother is included in the family archives.

Don’t stop what you are doing. Your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you.



Anonymous helped in connecting Karl with Kari.. Thanks for the research! Anonymous also left this information that explains the naming traditions.

About Norwegian naming conventions (from my understanding&recollection, so probably not 100% correct, but fairly, I should think):
In the old norse days (~1000 years ago), people got their surname from their father. If their father was named Knud, the son got the surname Knudson (or Knudsson or Knudsen), the daugther Knudsdatter. This is still practiced at Iceland today.
At some time one started adding the name of the farm where one lived. If you lived at the farm Slattum, you added Slattum to your name. If you moved to another farm, you changed your name. Before 1900, this was usually the case.
As urbanization increased (~100 years ago), an increasing number of people did not live at farms, and the practice became to inherit the father's surname. (This is probably also influenced by continental habits.)
This means that today, most Norwegians either have a name that ends with -sen (or -son) like Olsen (son of Ole), Hansen (son of Hans), etc., or a name of a farm (like Slattum). When people have a "farm name", it is in many cases fairly easy to find out where the name originates from.
Those rather few who has another type of surname (like the present Norwegian prime minister), are ancestors of immigrants (but the immigration could be hundred of years back

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Photo Number 780

This is a snapshot  from the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Lady with a baby PR antiques

A Granmotherly looking older woman with a baby.  She has a long skirt, at least it looks long.  The grass is long also and her wash is hug out on the line.  The house looks like it has lots of windows.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo Number 779

This is an old photograph from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Man with baby Solway Antiques 

I rarely see Fathers and small children together, but when you do it makes for a wonderful photo.

The Photographer is R.F. Ray of Rushville Neb

I will guess that the photo is from 1910 to 1920.

Do you notice anything strange?  They are both smiling!

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Photo Number 778

This is a photo from the third Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.
Mother and Baby Dorset 3
This photo of Mother and Child was also taken in Watkins Minnesota by R. H. Stewart in 1902.  I wonder if the woman from yesterday knew this woman that is featured today?   This one is not marked.

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This is more than likely a photo of Agnes Brown with one of her children.  
This photo went Full Circle 47 on February 13, 2012.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Number 777

This is a photo from the third Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.
Agnes and Stephen Brown  Dorset Antiques 3
The photographer was R. H. Stewart of Watkins Minnesota.  He was in business in Watkins for only one year 1902. ( He must have been in business in 1905 to take a photo of a little boy born in 1904.)
Agnes and Stephen Brown Dorset Antiques3
Agnes Brown Age 26 years Baby brown age 16 months
This is Stephen with me.

The blouse that Agnes is wearing has dark lace on the cuffs, down the sleeves and down the front, and is accented by a dark tie. She appears to be wearing a skirt and a blouse.  Baby Stephen is wearing a dress..very proper for a baby boy in 1902 (1905)

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Update:  Info Iggy found
1900 Census. 
Agnes Brown is found  with her husband David and sons George born in 1897 and James born in 1900.  They are all living with her parents  George and Lavinia Mc Kenzie in Kingston Township Meeker County Minnesota. 

Update from Abra:
I have found the family in the 1910 & 1920 in Maine Prairie Township, which is part of Stearns County, but on the edge of Meeker County. The township surrounds the city of Kimball, which is just north of Kingston and just east of Watkins (which are both in Meeker County. Stephen's mother is actually Sarah Agnes, which once figured out, made this a bit easier. He also had at least 10 siblings. Stephen was born in 1904 and died in 1991 in Mille Lacs County. I did find a Steve Brown, age 26 (correct age), living with wife Ella, in St Paul in 1930. I did a little more digging and found Ella Brown's obituary on ancestry.com. It ties her to St. Paul, Kimball, and Dorset. My guess is this photo could have somehow come from her estate. She died in 2005.

This photo went Full Circle 47 on February 13, 2012.

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Photo Number 776

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Mother and Baby Sioux Falls Soloway Antiques Cab card

The photographer is Bean of Sioux Falls.  Since this Cabinet Card is not marked South Dakota it could have been Dakota Territory or D.T. as some photos are marked prior to 1889.

That baby looks as sweet as it can be. Sadly the photo is not marked with any identifying  names.

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Photo Number 775

This week we will look at some parents and or grandparents with small children.

I purchased this CdV at the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Mother and Child CdV Foreign Dl Antiques

The mother and child are both very beautiful. This is a foreign CdV.  The child’s plaid dress with the large collar and long bow in the back is really cute!

Mother and Child CdV Foreign Back Dl Antiques

Towards the top there is a date 1908.  Tromso is a village in Norway that is North of the Artic Circle. They say the Northern Lights are fantastic there in the winter.  I think I might like to visit there.

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Full Circle 42

Emily Lundeen Skoog went home.

Emily Lundun or Mrs skoog CDV DL Antiques 1877 to 1879
Anonymous provided some information and Abra found Emily’s family tree on Ancestry and left a message for the tree holder. 
Great Granddaughter Shelly contacted me and the photo headed home to Missouri.
I did receive the photo of my great-grandmother Emily--thanks!
She looks so young--I can see family resemblances passed on through her.
Thanks again.

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Photo Number 774

This is a snapshot from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Cathedral San Antonio Texas
This one is marked “Cathedral in San Antonio.”  I searched for some old photos to see if I could identify which cathedral it was..I had no luck.  Perhaps the person labeled it incorrectly.

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Anonymous found that this is the City Hall in San Antonio Texas...across the street from the Cathedral. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo Number 773

This is a old snapshot from the Antique Shop in Perham Minnesota.

About the center of the rear of the what is it Perham Antiques (2)

This photo is captioned and I will share it later in the day.  This photo was most likely taken in the early 1940’s.  Such a photo would be impossible today.

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About the center of the rear of the White House Perham Antiques

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Number 772

This is a photograph that I purchased at the Antique shop in Perham Minnesota.

A Minnesotian at   I take a good picture from a distance (2)

This photo has a caption..and on the back it says I take a pretty good picture from a distance.

Personally I have never been there..but I sure would like to visit.

I will put up the captioned photo late in the day tomorrow..so guess away.

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A Minnesotian at Mt Vernon Perham  I take a good picture from a distance

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Number 771

Another mystery photo.  I purchased this one at the Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.  The second shop..Dorset is small but it has three antique shops.
Only Connie knows for sure
This photo looks to be from the 1940’s. 

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Update:  This is Brooke Army Medical Center at  Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo Number 770

This mystery snapshot came from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  This place is an easy one to identify. 
memorial  cars are 1949 Ford (2)
My Dad thought that some of the cars were 1949 Fords.

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Yes, it is the Jefferson Memorial!
Update on the cars from Futura:
The cars....from left to right...1946-48 Oldsmobile series 70...1949 Ford...1946-48 Buick Super...1946 Chevy Fleetmaster

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Number 769

Well lets look at some photos of places.  In this case it is a mystery place.   Perhaps one of my readers will know where it was taken at.
I purchased this snapshot in Winnipeg  Manitoba, Canada in an Antique Shop.
November 1930 Winnipeg Antiques
It was taken on Nov. 18, 1930.  The ladies skirt is knee length as is the heavily fur trimmed coat.

In the box of photos were many other photos that were marked Detroit, Michigan.  This one was not marked.

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Update from Anonymous:
That photo was also taken in Detroit. That is a statue of Schiller that is on Belle Isle.

Iggy shares this:
The Friedrich Schiller (10 November 1759–9 May 1805) statue on Belle Isle in Detroit Michigan. This statue of the German poet and playwright was commissioned by Detroit's German-American community in 1908 at a cost of $12,000; the designer was Herman Matzen. Schiller's poem "Ode to Joy" was set to music by Beethoven in his Ninth Symphony.

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Full Circle 41

I am so lucky to have a wonderful blog friend by the name of Abra.  She very generously uses her Ancestry account to look up families for me!

She found the family tree for Hulda and left a message for the tree holder. 

 Photo Number 759Hulda Brennin and sister Buggy Wheel Antiques

I heard from a relative in California.

Thank you for your response to my reply as a relative of Hulda. It is always a pleasant surprise to hear from someone who has discovered old photos of a relative. I will gladly share the photo with others. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

I mailed the photo to California.

Hi Connie,

I received the photo of Hulda Brennin and her sister, Anna, today. Appreciate all your interest and efforts in helping to find the families of lost photos.

Margaret ( Hulda’s Great Niece)

Thanks to links found by an anonymous commenter and Abra another Forgotten Old Photo goes home.

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Photo Number 768

This is a snapshot from Solway Minnesota.
16 men and one woman Solway snapshot
16 men and one woman back Solway
Mr and Mrs W. L. Gidding
Harold and Jack Gidding
Charlie Crouch
Ed Belle
Frank Meyers
Benedict Mortz
Winfield Adams
Josh Mohor
Jim Curtis
Ed Murch
Ralph Tomilson
Robt Scriegley
Perhaps a threshing crew or a barn raising crew. 

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Update from Abra:
Gidding is actually Warren & Nellie Giddings, according to census records. They lived in Brandrup, Wilkin County, MN. In 1910, Nellie Green (nee Russell) is a 25 year old divorced mother of two boys, Harold and Jasper Green, living in Prairie, Kansas with her parents. In 1920, she is in Minnesota, married to Warren, and the boys are listed as Giddings. In the 1930 census, the boys are still at home with their parents, and they are listed as adopted sons of the head of household (Warren). Jasper is now going by Jack. 

Warren Lewis Giddings (1872-1950) died in Los Angeles. Nellie (1883-1974) died in San Diego. Jasper (1906-1970) died in Los Angeles. Harold (1904-1978) died in Breckenridge, Wilken County MN.

Harold had a couple sons, with a likelihood they are still living. I will see if I can find them and get that info to you or see if I can find a family tree..

This photo went Full Circle 57 on August 24, 2012

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Photo Number 767

This is a photo from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Howard Ellsworth  July 11 1900 Solway

Howard Ellsworth back Solway

Grandpa 50 years

Howard Ellsworth 6 months

July 11, 1900

I wonder who the woman was..Grandpas second wife?  Since she was not named..perhaps.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Number 766

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
RS Bishop DL Antiques
RS Bishop Back DL antiques
It is marked R. S. Bishop.  

Bishops were very wealthy farmers from North Dakota.  Possibly he is part of that family. 

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Update from Abra:
1910 Federal Census has Reynolds at age 4, living with his parents, Jay and Emma, in Cassleton, ND. His father is a life insurance salesman.

1920 Federal Census: Reynold is 14, living in Cassleton, ND, with his parents Jay and Emma, and 4 year old sister Marvel. His father is a self- employed life insurance agent.

1925 ND Census:
Reynolds S. Bishop, 19, is listed in the household of his parents, Jay and Emma Bishop (family 131) in the city of Cassleton. There is also a Marvel A. Bishop, female, age 9. However, he is found on another census page for Fargo. There is no address listed, but Reynolds Bishop, age 19, is living in dwelling # 3, and is listed as family #14. Family #13, also of dwelling #3 is Phila Corcoran, age 53, and her daughter, Alice, age 19.(this is important—see next census). Also living in dwelling #3 is family # 14, George (30), Lena (31), and Lois (4) Holicky. There is no other information given, so not sure if it is a house with boarders, or some sort of apartment complex.

1930 Federal Census: Reynolds S Bishop, born 1906 in ND, living in Fargo, Cass, North Dakota. He is head of household and has a wife, Alice, same age, as well as a 2 ½ year old daughter, Phila, AND a mother-in-law, Phila Corcoran, age 60. Reynolds is a department manager in the Life Insurance Industry. (I think his occupation fits with the picture!)

This photo went Full Circle 44 on Jan 31, 2012 

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Photo Number 765

This is a photo from the antique shop in Perham Minnesota.
Kust Ojala perham
The photographer was O. E. Moilan, he was in Virginia Minn in 1906.
Kust Ojala back perham antiques
Kusti Ojala something something Minn

In the Center:  Gutsogale Tsorgale= 26 ( circled)

New York Mills Minn

At the bottom it says : Kust Ojala

Someone once told me that many times old photos were marked with crosses above the people who were deceased.   I am not sure if that is correct or not..I suppose it is a possibility.

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Update from Iggy:
 Kust Ojala married Elsa Tuomaala

They had a daughter named Hilma.

Per relatives this is not the Kust or Gust or Gus that married Elsa.

Find A Grave shows a "Gust Ojala" Birth: Nov. 2, 1880 
Death: Nov. 25, 1913 
Prairie Cemetery 
New York Mills
Otter Tail County
Minnesota, USA

This photo was mailed to Tricia a cousin in Wisconsin on March 06, 2012

This photo went Full Circle 49 on March 19 2012

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Photo Number 764

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
CdV Pink DL Antiques
This CdV has a pink backing.  In 1885 it was very popular to button just the top button of your suit coat.
CdV Pink Back DL antiques
A. Hanson was in Lanesboro during the years 1880 to 1887.  A. Hanson ran the first photo studio in Lanesboro and sold it in 1887 and moved to Tacoma Washington.
CdV Pink Back DL antiques
Clbr.?? ( edited to Mr.) L.O. Ottestad
C an Carlino street
246a? or 246th?
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Everyone has been busy this morning!  Thanks Abra, Anonymous and Iggy:
Mr. Louis O Ottestad was born the 15th of May 1854 in Oslo, Norway and died the 25 Feb 1926 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. He married Anna Thilise Stokke in July, 1883,in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She was born the 13th of October 1858 in Trondhjem, Norway and died 19 Jun 1935 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA . They had the following children: Eunice Dorothea Ottestad, Harold F Ottestad (born Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA), Louis Edward Ottestad (born Sioux Falls), Lucy Amanda Ottestad (15 Nov 1885 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota), Justin Walter Ottestad (28 Jan 1888 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota), and Clarence Norman Ottestad (4 Nov 1893 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA).

From what I read..his parents were O. B. and Anna Ottestad. In 1867 they moved to Minnesota. Then moved to South Dakota in 1879.  It is unclear if he moved to South Dakota with his parents at that time or moved there after he was married in 1883.    In 1889 he moved to what is now Bellingham Washington and was in the hotel business. 

He could have had his photo taken in Minnesota on a trip back to woo his gal from Minnesota..so we will date this photo  1883. 

Update from Relatives on March 02 2012
Louis O. Ottestad was my grandfather. Photo #764 is not of him; it is of my great uncle Thomas Johnson Stokke, brother of my grandmother Anna Telise Johnson Stokke Ottestad. I have that same photo hanging on my wall.

Doug Ottestad
Update from Doug March 13, 2012

I have one story about Thomas and Anna: In 1858, their grandfather Johan and uncle Knut drowned in Beistad Fjord, Norway, when their fishing boat capsized in a storm. Their grandmother Ane gathered up the rest of the family and sailed across the stormy Atlantic Ocean to the U.S. in the Spring of 1858 - the trip took 11 weeks in their other fishing boat (a sailing vessel). Anna was a babe in arms during the trip. I'm not sure if Thomas made the trip; if so, he would have been a toddler; or he may have been born in Minnesota, where the family ended up. Those old Norskies must have been tough to be able to travel like that!!


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Photo Number 763

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique store in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Ardis Orelle Anderson DL Antiques

Ardis Orelle Anderson Back DL Antiques

Ardis Orelle Anderson

This Cyko Real Photo Postcard is from 1904 to 1920.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Number 762

We will look at some more photos with names this week.  Mostly men this week.
This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Alex L Black DL Antiques
The photographer is Mrs H A Watrous of Marinette Wis
Alex L Black Back DL antiques
This may be Alex L. Black or Blade??

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Update: From Iggy and The Archivist
Alex L. Black was born in Wisconsin, USA on 19 Apr 1864 ( 1865?) to Alexander Lowe Black and Eliza Jane Baldwin.

Alexander Lowe married Clair ( Clara) Harrison and had a son named James. Alex passed away on 15 Oct 1922.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo Number 761

This is a photo from Buggy Wheel Antiques.

Three generations for sure!

Three generations maybe 4  Buggy Wheel antiques

Now we will try this

Three generations maybe 4  Buggy Wheel antiques


Aunt Emilie Granddaughter

Aunt Emilie Daughter

Aunt Emilie

The photographer is from Norwood Minnesota..but his name is unreadable.  Norwood is in Carver County.

There is some writing in pencil on the back of this photo it is impossible to read.

I will guess that this photo was taken right around 1900-1902.

(High collars and pigeon breasted look.)

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photo Number 760

This is a snapshot from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

James 1942Tin Ceiling

I think this photo may have ended up in the hands of an old lady.  Possibly James was not married. Possibly an old lady gave this photo to the daughter of one of her friends.

James Tin Ceiling TWo 1942

April 19, 1942

James is a little thinner now as you can see.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Number 759

This is a photo from Buggy Wheel Antiques.
Hulda Brennin and sister Buggy Wheel Antiques
The photographer was M L Moldrem of Elbow Lake Minnesota.  He was in business 1914 to 1918, 1922 and 1926.  I think this is most likely from the 1914 to 1918 time frame.
Hulda Brennin Buggy Wheel Antiques back
The girl with me is my sister Anna.
Hulda Lindstrom Brennin and Sister

Beautiful young ladies with high lace collars and brooches.

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Update from Anonymous:
Hulda Augusta was born May 11, 1880.  She married John Brennin.  She had two children Jack and Kenneth.  She died October 02, 1969 in Hoffman Minnesota. 

Anna Amanda was born May 14 1879.
She married Ellis Bowyer. 
Anna died in 1954. 

Both girls ( they were born just one year apart) are daughters of Nels Lundstrom and Bengta Olsdotter. 

This photo went Full Circle 41 on January 16, 2012.