Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Number 310

Girl with wavy hair Dorset

This is an unknown photo, I purchased it at an Antique Shop in Dorset, MN.   The photographer is A. Hanson from Montevideo, Minn.   The info I found on him at the Minnesota Historical Society site states that he was in business there in the 1950’s.  I am sorry I just cannot make a 1950’s photo out of this one..the bob hairstyle and the wavy must be from the 1930’s.  The photo has the silvery reflective “stuff” in it which is typical of the early 1900’s not the mid 1900’s.

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  1. I agree Connie. What a lovely find this photo was.

  2. Thought of you this past weekend while at an antique shop on the Central Coast of California. I browsed through a basket load of old photos.

  3. Beautiful girl! I thought of you too this past weekend and I bought some photos, heh. Just need to scan them and get them online.


  4. Hello Connie - This photo brings back many memories. In the early 50's, my mother tried to curl (waves & spit curls) my hair this way, even though this style was probably going out of date, and my dead-straight hair would not co-operate. The blouse with the tie-collar looks very familiar too.

  5. Hi Connie:

    Haven't had much of a chance to search lately. I agree this doesn't look like the 50s. This photo speaks volumes to me--I think of it as Roaring 20s. I did a little census research, and Photographer Alfred Hanson (born 1879), had a shop/gallery in Montevideo according to the 1910 (age 31), 1920 (age 41), and 1930(age 51) censuses. I imagine he continued into the 40s & 50s.

  6. Perhaps he just specialized in the "retro" look?


    Or would that be, the retro-retro look now?


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