Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Number 320

Hats and a stump copy

Well, back to the Hats!  I wondered why these women would have their photo taken near a stump, but they are sitting on part of it..and I don’t think it is a real stump anyway…the base is too perfect. Is this just a backdrop in a Photographers Studio?  They have feathers in their hats and are outside of a church.  I wonder are they sisters or friends? What will I date this photo?  1920’s most likely.

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  1. That stump is an odd prop. It looks like it is holding their seats up. I was struck by the one woman's huge belt buckle. Judging by the shadow cast by the stump, I'd have to think this was taken outdoors.

    Maybe they were "stumping" for prohibition or the right to vote...

  2. That stump looks like it was used for splitting wood.

  3. Rather unique prop for such fancy clothes!

  4. Another in that great collection of photographic studio props along with the chair and the end table.

  5. I don't think it's a prop. It looks to me like the neck of a tree that was used for splitting wood or something else. I think there is another part of the stump that they are sitting on, possibly on a bench, but maybe not. This looks like an outdoor photo, maybe after church. I love the belt buckle too. At first I thought it was the interlocked CC of the Chanel brand, but then I remembered that wasn't around in the early 20th century. :-)



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