Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Number 300

Cute girl

This is a cute little girl, HM Olson took this photo in Frazee Minnesota. I could be related to this young gal as I have many relatives over by Frazee..but this is an unmarked we will never know.  The photographer was only in the area in the year that is the date we will use for this photo.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again!  This is photo number 300, it hardly seems possible.  I thank each and everyone of you that read this blog everyday, and I would like to say a special thank you to the readers who leave comments, I appreciate your input and support and help in placing some of these photo back with their families:)   


  1. Good Morning Connie, I sure do enjoy these old photos and I learn so much from you and your commenters. This is a sweet little girl.

  2. Have you ever found more answers to completely unknown photos?

  3. Happy Three Hundred Photos!

    If you are related to this girl, you've got cute genes in the family!

  4. 300 Photos - fantastic! That has come around quick. I love coming to this site and seeing the new photos, always hoping one has found it's way back to its family. :-)

  5. Maybelline, Nope no answers for completely unknown photos..but I always hope that someday someone will recognize someone they knew.
    The photos WITH names and clues are difficult sometimes too..or their relatives just don't care:(

  6. This girl has what I would have called a Flapper hairstyle, but it's from 1902, wow. She is cute and I hope that her hairstyle is indicative of her personality. :-)

    It is sad when the relatives don't care. I think we all want to be "known" and cared about. For a relative to not care, someone from your own family...that would make me so sad.



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