Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo Number 410

My handsome husband purchased some old photos for me as a stocking stuffer..he has pretty good taste in old photos.  He purchased these from an Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.

Ida and August Johnson  Dorset Antiques

John William Wood the photographer was in business in Lake City, Minnesota from 1884 to 1894.  I think that this photo is from the second bustle period which was from 1883 to I think we can narrow down the date from 1884 to 1889 for the date this photo was taken.  It does not look like a wedding photo to veil or flowers..but her ring is prominent and she is holding it in front of her.  The gentleman is very duck footed..his toes point outward. This is a cabinet card.

Ida and August Johnson back of photoI believe this says Ida Peterson Mrs. August Johnson

Sister of Axel, Carl + Anna, Otto 1st cousins of

Jacob + Eric Andrew Mary  

Is this a photo of Ida and August Johnson..perhaps?

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photo Number 409

This is another Real Photo Postcard from the Laporte Antique Shop. I thought the message was too good to pass up.  Think of what a treasure this would be for someone today..a child or a grandchild of poor homesick Liz. 
Swimming Pool ILL 
The swimming pool in Carthage, ILL.
Swimming Pool ILL Two Laporte
Dear Mom and Dad  This is the swimming pool I cryed Sunday so much me and Billy went swimming I allmost cry everyday do not cry I Love you Love Liz 
It is addressed to Mr and Mrs M Witthoef  it doesn’t appear that it was ever sent..but it could have been tucked inside an envelope or in a package.
This postcard is from before 1963, that is when Zipcodes were first used, before that a Postal Zone number was used.  
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Update: Iggy located Liz.. I will mail her the postcard..we are in the middle of an ice storm/ may be a few days till I get out of here:) 

Update: Jan 02, 2011
I mailed the postcard to Liz today :) 

Update: This postcard went Full Circle 21 on February 07, 2011

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photo Number 408

I have a few different kinds of photos for a few up some files..getting ready for the New Year.

Squaw Lake Minnesota This is a little town in Itasca County..that had a population of 99 in the 2000 census.  It’s claim to fame is “The Avenue of the Pines.”  This is a real photo postcard. Probably from the 1930’s. 

Squaw Lake Minnesota

The sign says “Smokers Be Careful” ..the rest of it is hard to read but I bet that it says Chippewa National Forest under the emblem.

I cannot recall that I have ever been on this road..if I was was a long time ago.  This may be a great road trip for next is about a two hour drive from where we live. I bought this card in an Antique Shop near Laporte, Minnesota.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photo Number 407

This is a photo from the Royalton Antique Shop.  It is a very small photo..the oval measures 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch.  It is glued onto the presentation card that is marked with the photographers name  N Lenz Dubuque, Ia.  He was in business for 24 years in Dubuque from 1887 to 1911. The card that measures 2 1/2 by 5 inches has a linen looking white paper on the front, and a cocoa brown colored paper on the is a heavy duty card.

Tiny photo Dubuque Iowa RAS I paid fifty cents for this one..there is no name or markings on the back.  This is another good example of how good the glue was back then..after 100 years or more the picture is held perfectly in place.

I wonder what the occasion of this photo was..he looks like a business man to me..perhaps he owned a drug store or a mercantile..or perhaps he was a travelling salesman.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Full Circle 18

One of the first overlands foreign language

This old photograph that I featured last August..Photo Number 269… has finally found its way home to Norway.

One of the first overland two We all struggled with the translation ..until one day a fellow by the name of Jo came by, he is from Larvik, Norway.

He translated the card:

I guess norwegian ;)
Here, I send a ugly ghosts of me and my boy and Marie Darb to you
we took this (picture) in Wonderland a while ago.
I was sick this summer, so I look bad in it. I have now recovered, hope i can stay well now.
its a shame that you dont like it (there), Johan.
Because time always seems longer.(goes slower)

He also sent more info:

Marie Elisabet Darbu born 15.09.85 emigrated to New york from Christiania (Oslo) with the ship (Hellig Olav) in 1907.
home town was Fiskum.
registered as un-married.
purpose for travel was to make money

This was enough info for Iggy to find a photo..which he then handed off to Abra..and she left a message with the tree holder at

I heard from Janne:

Pretty sure this is our family. Marie went back to Norway and married here - and her last name became Fiskum.
The language that is written is Norwegian.

Then she sent this story about Marie:

The story about Marie Darbo.
She was born as a illigitimate child - and that was a big shame here in the 1880`s. It was even written in the old chuch books that she was born outside marriage. Her mother left her when she was around 2 years old - she grew up with her grand parents and their children. Her mother lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I think that when she went to visit - she was only introduced as family from Norway. I think that because the family found in the US did not know that they had family here.
I have been told that Marie was a very nice and sweet person with a big heart. She married my husbands grandfather and lived here in the house I am living know.
She got arthritis. Her youngest son, my father in law, nursed her at home. She died in 1963. She did have contact with the family in the US - but it was never talked about. We have many pictures from America - some of them are unknown.
Last winter I started sourching at the internet and I found anchester after her mother. So we have family in Saint Paul, Portland and California. I have not managed to find the family that are living in California. I and my youngest son was in US this summer and meet the family in Portland and Saint Paul - it was great to meet them. So know there are many who knows Marie`s story.
Wishing everbody a Merry Chrismas!


Recently I heard from Janne again:


It came yesterday. Thank you so much!

I will email you some of the picutures I have - with persons I do not know who are. But I will do it after Chrismas - it is so busy now!

Merry Chrismas to you! Janne

As you can see..this photo had to make it through the hands of many people to find it’s took some time but it was finally accomplished!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Full Circle 17

Mrs Ernst Guhr Milwauke RAS copy           Mrs Fred and Mrs Ernst
Photo Number 399 Josephine  Photo Number 400 Bertha and Josephine (sisters) 
These old photo found their way home in time for Christmas.  Iggy and Abra were both instrumental in finding relatives. The photos went to Ed who is a Great Grandson of Josephines. Photo Number 399 was quite I sent a copy of it that I fixed in photoshop.
Dear Connie- thank you so much for taking the time to send me the photos of my great-grandmother. She looks so much like her daughter Evelyn (my grandmother) when she was a young woman. Thank you for the hard work and kind thoughts of all of your friends and associates in reuniting memories of the past with their families today. Merry Christmas!

Thanks Iggy and Abra! You are great researchers!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Greeting!

Merry Christmas Aunt Ellies Front

This is an old Christmas Greeting from 1913.

Merry Christmas Aunt Ellies back Alden Iowa December 20, 1913  To: Mr + Mrs J.L. Dewitt Leigh Iowa

Mr + Mrs J. L. Dewitt  Dear Bro and Sister I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know we was all well at present  I hope this find you all well we was somewhat disapointed in not seeing you of corse the weather was bad but we will look for you in the near future Trusting we will hear from you From David and Nora W?

Merry Christmas to all those reading today!  Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Photo Number 406

minda and jena Hjellum
Minda and Gena postcard
A post card hand delivered long ago.  A Merry Christmas To Aunt Stina From Minda and Gena then written in another hand (Hjellum).  This is a Azo Real Photo Postcard from 1918 to 1930.  From the clothing I would say this was taken about 1925, the boyish boxy dress that showed no curves was quite in fashion about that time.

“The Bob” ..women for the first time in history began to wear their hair short..scandalous. The bob was a short rounded blunt cut with bangs and could be worn straight, pin curled or wavy.

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Thanks to Abra! 
This photo is on it's way home on December 27, 2010 :) 

I did not hear back from the family..however I declared this photo Full Circle 40 in November of 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Number 405

I have searched a whole year for Christmas Photos..they were few and far between this year.  I had to settle for Christmas Greetings.  This is a Real Photo Postcard.
1911 Christmas Greeting Grandfather with new grandchild and daughter..most likely.
1911 Christmas Greeting Two
Best Christmas Wishes from the parties on the other side..from Mr. ( written in a different hand)   It is addressed to Mrs and Mr S. Gunderson City.

It was sent from Lake Mills, Iowa in December of 1911.  There used to be a stamp but someone removed it.. it is a Velox Real Photo Postcard..this particular postcard paper was used from 1907 to 1914.
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Update: This Photo went Full Circle 61 on October 29, 2012

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo Number 404

Lanesboro Minn photo

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Royalton, Minnesota. It is not marked.  I believe it is one of those coming of age photos..a graduation from High School or maybe from Normal Teachers Training.  I bought this photo because of the young ladies skirt.  I thought that the sections at the bottom were interesting..could this dress be lengthened or shortened?   It appears that she is wearing something around her neck..perhaps a ribbon or a very tight necklace and she also has her watch pinned to her bodice. This photo was most likely taken in 1904 or 1910.

The photographer T L Bersagel of Lanesboro, Minnesota was born in Norway in 1871, he learned photography in the Hanson Studio in Lanesboro before he purchased the studio in 1887.  If my math is correct he would have been just 16 years old then. Seems awfully young to me, I wonder if the information is correct or if someone transcribed his birth date incorrectly.   He was active as a photographer from 1887 to 1900 and then again in the years 1904, 1910 and 1914. He sold his studio in 1915.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again. Tomorrow we will begin  looking at a couple of old photos that were sent as Christmas Greetings:)

I had a small surgery yesterday afternoon to repair my thumb. I had a “Trigger Thumb” and it was locking out of it’s joint causing me pain.  The surgery went well and I can still type. I scheduled a few automatic postings just in case:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photo Number 403

This is a beautiful little photo, it measures 1 3/16 inch by 1 5/8 inch.  It is mounted onto a small card that is 2 inches by 3 1/4 inches.  The photo was cut out and glued to the presentation card.

Tiny Babe 1 14 x 1 34 size RAS The photo even though it was cut out a little crooked shows a beautiful baby.  This is an unmarked photo from the Royalton, Minnesota Antique Shop.  I have no idea how to date this I will leave that up to input from the readers today.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Photo Number 402

This is a photo from the Flea Market in Wadena, Minnesota.  It was in a glass frame and I could not tell it if was a tintype or is not.

Photo in Glass  Frame WFM

I was intrigued by the glass is missing one of the protectors on the corners..

Photo out of Frame  WFM

  Of course I had to take it apart to see if there was a name on the back..there wasn’t. She must have had her hair pulled back in a large fabric bow that shows on her shoulder. The white collar of her blouse looks stiff and unyielding, I wonder if it is one of those removable collars. Her blouse has lots of pleating down the front.

I will guess that this photo is from around 1910 to 1920. I will also venture to guess that she is a young girl about 14-15 years old. 

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Number 401

Old couple AC Isaacs Motley Antique Shop copy
What a happy old couple..then I thought how old do you suppose they were.. 50? Perhaps they look older to me because they look sad.  This photo was more than likely taken in the early 1890’s.
Old couple AC Isaacs Motley AS  This is the back of the CdV   A. C. Isaacs of 217 Main Street Madison, Wis.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photo Number 400

Mrs Fred and Mrs Ernst
Do you recognize Josephine? ( Josephine Frendenberg Guhr or Mrs. Ernst Guhr II)   She is on the who is the gal with her in this photo..a sister..a cousin..a friend? This looks very 1895 ish to me..with the huge “leg of mutton sleeves” since we know that she (Josephine) was married on December 21, 1895..this could have been taken right around that time. I so want to see the rest of those dresses…
Mrs Fred Schruber and Mrs Ernst Guhr II RASNow we have another name..Mrs. Fred Schreiber ( hopefully it is spelled looks like part of it was erased and corrected). This is a cabinet card.  

EK (Elbridge) Barker was active as a photographer at 468 Eleventh Ave in Milwaukee from 1870 to 1900.  He was quite a traveler..he was born in Vermont in 1835, lived in Milwaukee from 1870 to 1900 then moved to California where he died at age 75 in 1910.  It was interesting to read that he lived on a Van Buren Street in both Milwaukee and in Monterey, CA.  What are the odds of that happening.

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Update from Iggy! 
Hold the presses - I found a marriage record for Frederic Scheiber of Greenfield, Milwaukee marrying Bertha Freudenberg (parents Charles and Amalie) on 21-Sep-1889 in Milwaukee, WI.

Freudenberg - Hmm... sisters? Adolphine's (Josephine) wedding record says her parents were Karl and Amalie Freudenberg - Chas - Charles and Karl are the same in German!

Sisters. 99% positive!

How sad. In the 1920 census, Bertha is shown as living with the "in-laws" and divorced.

She had at least two children living with her at the time. Carl Schreiber (b. abt 1894) and Hallie Schreiber (b. 1903)

So these are sisters..Bertha and Josephine..their Mother must have really enjoyed this photo!:)

This photo is headed to Josephine's Great Grandson Ed on December 20, 2010:) 

This Photo is Full Circle 17 on December 26, 2010 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Number 399

This is a photo that I purchased at the Antique Shop in Royalton, Minnesota last summer. It was damaged.  Which is not surprising because that Antique Shop is an adventure in itself.  It was raining, and the roof was leaking and they had placed pots all over to catch the worst of the drips.  The shop was located in a very old very tall two story building.  I am sure that the second floor was entirely soaked..I was sure that the roof was going to come down any moment…but I escaped with a few photos instead!
Mrs Ernst Guhr Milwauke RAS Anyway..I fixed the photo in Photoshop.

Mrs Ernst Guhr Milwauke RAS copy
The photo was taken by Frank Zivney in Milwaukee.  He was at 211 State Street in 1889 so that is the date we will use for this photo.
Mrs Ernst Guhr back of card RAS I darkened this up a bit so you can see that it is marked.  Mrs Ernst Guhr.  Tomorrows photo says that she is Mrs Ernst Guhr II and I will assume that is true.   Her husbands parents were most likely Ernst G. Guhr born in Germany August 07 1848 and Ottilie Marie Bass Guhr born August 04, 1849 and died in 1919.  I hope we find out her name..

I thought at first this might have been Ottilie..but this gal is only about 20 years old.  If the photo was taken in 1889..then she was born sometime around 1869.  ( I just cannot make her forty years old in this photo..can you?)  This is a cabinet card.

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Update from Abra: 
First off, Josephine is gorgeous! Yes, I believe this is Josephine Freudenberg, born in 1876 in Wisconsin, married in 1895 to Ernst C. Guhr, who was born in 1874 to Ernst (G.?) & Ottilia. According to their family tree information, they had five children, but I could only confirm the youngest 4 through the census, because I was only able to find them in 1920 & 1930--I suspect the oldest was on their own by 1920 & he or she was not named in the family tree. The children were Robert C. (1899), Ernst A. (1900), Florence M. (1903), and Herbert E. (1905).

Iggy added: The first child's name was Evelyn and she was born about 1897.
Guhr, Ernst C. and Josephine F. were married 21 Dec 1895 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Update: Iggy has found a descendant of Josephines..through her oldest daughter Evelyn and Evelyns husband Ed..we will wait to see what happens next! :) 

This photo is headed to Josephines Great Grandson Ed on December 20, 2010 :) 

This photo went Full Circle 17 on December 26, 2010 

The following posted by Intense Guy is a bit in error. "Robert Guhr worked for South Milwaukee Brick Company, South Milwaukee, WI (1922) with his dad "EC" and then later lived in Rolling Meadows, IL where he was an Engine Watchman for the Chicago & NW Railway (1951-1957) just before he died in 1958."

More Correctly: Robert Guhr worked for South Milwaukee Brick Company, South Milwaukee, WI (1922) with his dad "EC" and then later lived in Aurora, IL working for the Aurora Well Works; then: Chicago, Wilmette, Winnetka & Deerfield, IL while working as the Purchasing Agent for the Powers Regulator Co. He died in 1958. He never lived in Rolling Meadows, IL.

I live in Rolling Meadows, IL and was in fact an Engine Watchman for the Chicago & North Western Ry. (1951-1957).

More info From Anonymous:
No apologies necessary! "EC" (though I never heard him called "EC") was my Grandfather and Robert was my Father. Naturally, Josephine was my Grandmother. The brick and tile business was originally located in Muskego, WI, moving to South Milwaukee when raw materials became scarce. The South Milwaukee operation eventually failed but during this period "EC" also held a job with a Milwaukee candy company. Josephine insisted he keep this job just in case the brick company didn't make it, proving she had a good head on her shoulders. Josephine died on 12/15/1956 and "EC" died on 2/4/1957.

I mailed a CD copy to Bob in November of 2011. He shared the following information with me. 
ERNST GOTTLIEB GUHR was born in GermanyAug. 7, 1848, and is a son of Gottlieb and Dorthea (Stahr) Guhr, natives of the same country, the former, born Dec. 19, 1819, died Feb. 13, 1883, and the latter, born May 2, 1819, died March 31, 1897. The family immigrated to the United States, landing in Baltimore. Md. on July 11, 1863, and coming directly from that point to Milwaukee. After a stay of four weeks in the city they purchased a farm of 80 acres in the town of Muskego, which was the home of the parents for the remainder of their lives. Of the four children in the family, two are living: the two older ones, Dorthea and Anna, being deceased. Ernst Gottlieb is the third and the only son; Caroline, the youngest, is the wife of Charles Beilfuss and resides in the village of Waterford, Racine County. Ernst, a lad of fifteen when he accompanied his parents to this country, obtained all of his schooling in his native land and after reaching his new home employed himself on the farm, assisting his father. In 1873 he purchased the place and is still cultivating the soil, taking care of a dairy herd of 14 cows and patronizing the creamery at Cold Spring. In 1885 a tile factory was started on the farm, making at first both brick and file, but more recently confining the output of the factory to the last named. Mr. Guhr supplies all the local demand, his being the only factory of the kind in the vicinity. In July, 1873, Mr. Guhr was married to Miss Ottlie Bass, a native of Milwaukee, born Aug. 4. 1840, the daughter of Charles Bass, who later moved to Muskego, where both he and his wife died. To the marriage four children were born. Ernst, born in May 1874, received his preliminary education at the district school, and then attended school for two years at Valparaiso. Ind. and later learning the machinist's trade. He married Josephine Freudenburg (Mrs. Ernst Guhr II) by whom he has five children (Evelyn, Robert, Ernest, Florence & Herbert), and is at present living in Milwaukee, being the machinist at the Johnson Candy factory. Emma, born Dec. 2. 1876, was educated in the home school and is married to Edward Wolmer; they also have five children and their home is in Muskego township. Delia, born in 1878, is unmarried and resides with her father's family. She is a graduate of the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music, and teaches that art in the community. Delia was killed in a railroad grade crossing accident in 1937. George, born Dec. 25, 1884, is also a member of the home circle and assists his father in the work and management of the farm. Mr. Guhr is a Republican, has served as side supervisor for three terms and as chairman of the county board for one term. The tile factory is estimated to be worth $12,000, and will probably be of greater importance in the manufacturing development of the county as the years bring better shipping facilities. The deposit of the pure lacustrine clays suitable for manufacturing purposes that is found in this part of the county is an interesting geological fact that is mentioned in the main history of this work. (This was probably written ca. 1907 – 1910 with later information added by me.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo Number 398

Well ..back to some of my old photos..this one is from an Antique Shop in Motley, Minnesota. 
Childs Studio CdV Motley AS
This is a CdV or a Cartes d’ visite, very close in size to our wallet is just a little larger.  I bought this one because of the ladies bustle…this photo was most likely taken sometime in 1881 to 1886.  Norkio is the expert in this time we will see if she has a comment!   The gentleman is sporting quite a moustache! I wonder what the occasion was?
Childs  Studio CdV Michigan  Motley ASChilds Art Gallery was in business in Ishpeming, Michigan from 1870 to 1950.  This CdV does not have rounded corners.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:) 

Update from Norkio! Thanks!! 
Wow! Great example of the Natural Form costume that was popular 1877-1882!!! In between the first and second bustle periods was the natural form, which eschewed the wire frame and pillow bustles. The straight skirt that hugged the legs was considered scandalous! Trims, ruffles, pleats, contrasting fabrics and more were all over skirts, while bodices were kept fairly simple. This bodice is probably a "cuirass" bodice (pronounced choir-as), which trended to extend below the hips by the end of the natural form period. I picture this dress in a combination of reds and browns, maybe with a rose ribbon in there. There may have been up to five different fabrics used; mostly wool, silk, taffeta, linen, and satin. Cotton was reserved for undergarments.

Let it be known that while the natural form costume occurred at around the same time as the rational dress reform movement, the natural form costume was definitely worn with a corset and all the standard undergarments! (Rational dress pushed for the abolition of the corset among other goals.)

Again, fabulous photo documenting the lovely natural form dress. This is one of my favorite fashion periods of the second half of the 19th century!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photo Number 397

Recently I heard from a fellow by the name of Jim..he wrote:

Last year, I picked up an amazing photo at the Brimfield Antique sale.  It's a group photo of ten women and a baby.  The note on the back indicates the Names and ages of the women -- aged 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 years.  (the baby represents 0!)  Taken in about 1885 or so, some of these women were born in the 1700s!

I was intrigued..about the photo and about the sale.. I asked him where Brimfield was located..

I bought this photo at the Brimfield Antique show in May.  It's an amazing show in Western Massachusetts.  It's a week long, three times each summer.  It's a mile long and extends about 500 yards on either side of the road.  I bought a bunch of old photos from Oxford Women's College (which became part of Miami University in about 1907 or so.)  Some of them are simply amazing!

But this one came from an estate in Massachusetts.  I'm not sure what town.  The photo was damaged as you can see, but the notations on the back really made me want to buy this photo.  I figure it dates from about 1885 or so?  I notice that all the women are wearing similar carnation corsages..

The photo is on cardboard, attached to another piece of cardboard.  It may have been a large carte-de-visite type photo that was modified later.

I'm dying to know anything about who these women are!  I'd love to know what your readers think!

Brimfield Just about anything is possible..I think it is from 1890 or maybe even 1900. The sleeves are somewhat poufy on the younger gals…none seem to be the “leg of mutton sleeves” of 1895..the gal in the back row way on the right has the biggest sleeve. There hair is all simple and pulled back like in the 1890’s.   It may have been Betsey’s 100th birthday in 1890 or  1900.  It was most certainly a special occasion.
Brimfield names from Jim 
Jim would like to keep the original photo and have it restored.  He will share a copy of the photo with family members if any are found.

Here is the list as I read them..
 Mrs. Betsey Davis

 Mrs. Lamb

 Mrs. Mary H. Sherman b. 1811

 Mrs. Mc Donald

 Miss Hapsibah Stearns b. 1833  Sister in Law to Ednah, Aunt of Alice and Lily Buck

 Mrs. Ednah M. Stearns b. 1841 Sister in law to Hepsibah , Aunt of Alice and Lily Buck

 Mrs. Carrie Perry

 Miss Alice M. Buck b.1862 Niece of Hepsibah and Ednah,  Cousin of Lily

 Miss Lilly I. Buck b.1873 Niece of Hepsibah and Ednah, Cousin of Alice

 Miss Bessie Dunbar b. 1883

Added December 20, 2010 Baby Mina Treen 

 I would guess that Hapsibah is really spelled in the Bible.   And the baby is not named…
Thanks Jim for sharing this unique photograph!

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)
Update: This photo was probably taken in 1892.  I updated the people with their birthdates if they were discovered.  This is a very interesting group of ladies! :) 

Update on December 20 2010  from Jim who is the owner of the photo. 
I wrote to  the author and genealogist behind the the research that linked a lot of these women.  He replied to me with:

"...In the meantime one of the comments lead me to check Bessie's birth date. I had it like my source (34 page doc) gave it to me but she was wrong. did a quick look up at the 1900 census an confirmed it to be 1883 not 1893 as I had it.

I should have caught it before as she had a brother born Dec 19, 1893 which would have been a little quick :-)...."

Then I heard from one of HIS kinswomen, who wrote:

"...The photo is in the book, Mansfield, Images of America, p. 121. The blurb under the photo is: "This fascinating 1893 photograph shows Mansfield women from 11 different decades. Listed from left to right are the following: (front row) Mrs. Margaret MacDonald, 70; Mrs. Mary Sherman, 80; Mrs. Betsy Davis, 100, holding Mina Treen, six weeks old; Mrs. Cynthia West, 90; and Miss Hepsibah Stearns, 60; (back row) Miss Bessie N. Dunbar, ten; Miss Alice M. Pratt, 30; Mrs. Edna M. Stearns, 50; Mrs. Carrie M. Perry, 40; and Miss Lillian Buck, 20...."

I wasn't sure if you felt like updating the post!  It sounds to me that this photo is somewhat well-known, if it's showing up in local history books!

I ordered a copy of this book from Amazon, just for fun.

Thanks Jim for the update!! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo Number 396

All you Forgotten Old Photo readers are simply the best!  I always appreciate your comments and your input on the old photos!  I feel very fortunate that some of you have emailed me your old photos to share with the that would otherwise just be “forgottens” shoved in a box or even worse.. destroyed. 

Patty shared this poem with me:

Strangers in the Box by Pam Harazim

Come, look with me inside this drawer,

In this box I've often seen,

At the pictures, black and white,

Faces proud, still, serene.

I wish I knew the people,

These strangers in the box,

Their names and all their memories

Are lost among my socks.

I wonder what their lives were like,

How did they spend their days?

What about their special times?

I'll never know their ways.

If only someone had taken time

To tell who, what, where, or when,

These faces of my heritage

Would come to life again.

Could this become the fate

Of the pictures we take today?

The faces and the memories

Someday to be passed away?

Make time to save your stories,

Seize the opportunity when it knocks,

Or someday you and yours could be

The strangers in the box.

Patty also shared an interesting photo.

image 2010-12-6 0003 A tintype.    A tintype is an image formed directly on a sheet of metal.  The image is reversed left to right.

image 2010-12-6 0002Tintypes were USUALLY considered “one of a kind” photos.  There was a process for making copies but it was rarely used.

image 2010-12-6 0001

Although in the small print it says that duplicate copies can be had from all negatives.

Mrs. SA Rich was in Zanesville Ohio from 1870 to 1876, then from 1883 to 1889 she was at 101 Main, then 1885 to 1886 she was someplace else in Zanesville.   From that information I would say that this photo was taken in 1870 to 1876 or 1885 or 1886.  There is some writing on the back of the CdV   (above the FROM ..same as small.. is kind of circled) and (under the S.A Rich is Conesville.)

This is the info that Patty sent along with the photos that she emailed to me.

I've attached one of the photos I was referring to.  As you can see, I have not only a print but also the tin "negative".  The writing on the back of the print is so faded that there isn't much that can be made out.  This photo and negative was in a box of old photos that I inherited from my grandmother in the early 1990s, before she passed away.  We identified all the photos that we could at that time, but she did not know who this person was.

Here is what I do know... I did have ancestors in my direct lineage with the surnames of Savage and Parks in the Zanesville/Coshocton/Conesville, OH area from 1850 until the early 1900s. 

I know that isn't much to go on.  Perhaps you can help me fill in some details based on what you know about old photographs.  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

I think he is a young lad, fifteen or sixteen years old..born in either 1855 to 1861 or 1870 or 1871.  I wonder what the census says for the surnames Savage and Parks in Muskingum County Ohio in 1860 ..1870..or 1880?

Thanks Patty for sharing your mystery relative!

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image 2010-12-6 0001

Monday, December 13, 2010

Full Circle 16

This photo of Clara Frech found it’s way home rather quickly one day.  From the census info I tracked down, Iggy found a family tree, he left me the link I followed it and left an email message and in return Mike left me a message on this blog. Clara is the daughter of Mikes Great Great Grandfather.  I believe that would make Clara his Great Aunt.  I sent the photo off to Mike in Ohio.

Miss clara Solway two

Photo Number 374

Miss Clara Solway one

Mike wrote:

Thank you so much. It is such a great photo. That is the Clara Frech that was born to Albert and Mary Frech. She was born Dec 1879 and lived in Columbus Ohio. Her father was a bartender who immigrated from Bavaria.   Thank you again so much for such a treasure !!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Full Circle 15

Some time ago I featured an entire family of photos..some were connected..some were question marks.  I called it “The Mystery of Aunt Fan.”   Thanks to Iggy, I was able to follow up a lead he gave me and I made contact with a family member by the name of Ruth.  The photos were mailed to her quite some time ago..I finally had to call her to find out if she received them. Yes, she had..she knew of the Ben Franklin connection to this family and recalled thinking that Hanna Hannant was the funny name of her Great Grandmother whose maiden name was Hanna Clarissa Franklin.
In most instances I do not charge anything for the this case there were eleven I asked to be reimbursed for my cost which was 2 dollars each.  She sent a check this last week and I will cash it and purchase more photos.
Aunt Fan Lister Age 17 GR Fan Lister GR Uncle Bill Lister GR
Photo Number 337             Photo Number 338        Photo Number 339

Ida Hannant Barnes GR John Barnes GR Alf barnes GR
Photo Number 340             Photo Number 341         Photo Number 342

Mrs Wall Bennett Wall Bennett GR Bennet girl GR
Photo Number 343              Photo Number 344         Photo Number 345

Eddy Ryther GR Fred Hickle GR
Photo Number 346              Photo Number 347
The photos were sent to Ruth who lives in Texas.  Her Grandmother Edna Mae was Fan and Ida’s sister, so that makes Ruth a Great Niece of Aunt Fan’s.   The Bennets, Eddy Ryther and Fred Hickle’s  connection to Aunt Fan still remains a mystery so does the identity of the person who marked them with the same fountain pen. I wish we could have learned more from family members. 

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Update: February 15, 2011
A CD copy of these photos was mailed to Jaimie the Great Great Granddaughter of John and Ida Barnes. See Full Circle Number 22.  

Update: July 05, 2012
A CD copy of these photos was mailed to Suzie a Great Grandaughter of John and Ida Barnes.  See Full Circle 55

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Full Circle 14

unknown photo jgk
Photo Number 383 now has a name “Nellie”
This is a photo that blog reader Joan from North Carolina found behind another photo in a second hand shop. Iggy was instrumental in finding a connection.  I forwarded the information onto Joan..and the photo was returned to family! 
Joan shared this with me:
I wanted to let you know that Mike Schofield emailed me this morning and said he and his family believe the photo is of Nellie Vetter, who married Leopold Vilsack in 1895.  The Schofield family is descended through Pauline..who was one of Nellies daughters.    Happy ending! ( Mike is a Great Grandson of Nellie)
This is the research info:
unknown photo back jgk
Joseph G Vilsack's brother, Leopold W Vilsack was born in Pittsburgh February 6 1872. Mr Vilsack is a jeweler by trade and was in the jewelry business in Fifth Avenue, New York for 18 years starting in 1893. His early education was obtained at St Augustine's parochial school of Pittsburgh and in Holy Cross College. He then served an apprenticeship at his trade after which he went into business. He married Nellie M Vetter, daughter of John Vetter and wife on October 6, 1895. Their children are Leo (b. Jul 1896), Virginia (b. Feb 1898), Pauline, Mercedes (1903-2000) and Robert.
William J. Schofield Jr. (b. Feb 1898) and Pauline Vilsack married. Mercedes does not appear to have married.

Yes,  indeed another photo found it’s way home!  Thanks to Pam for sharing this old photo and to Iggy for his sleuthing skills!

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September 12, 2012 Update From Patricia:
Thank you for posting the photo of Nellie Vetter Vilsack, my great grandmother. Daughter Virginia was my grandmother; Nellie had a fourth daughter, Genevieve. A small correction: Leopold Vilsack was a jeweler on Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh, not New York.