Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Number 1558

Another photo postcard in the album I purchased recently at Kabekona Corners Antique Shop.
Stella Quam Holte K Corners
What a cutie.
Stella Quam Holte K Corners back
Stella Quam Holte 
The postcard is an Azo with triangles pointing up so it is most likely from 1904 to 1918.
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Update from Iggy:
Stella Quam (1914/16 in Cherry Grove, Goodhue, Minnesota) was the daughter of Henry C (he is in Photo Number 1556) and Martha Quam.

In 1930, she was living with her aunt and uncle Charles and Christine Steberg in Wanamingo, Goodhue, Minnesota with her sisters Hazel and Sybil. I do not know where Henry went, nor who Stella married.

From Susanna:
Stella Irene Quam *5Oct 1913 in Minnesota +3Mar 1982 in Goodhue County, Minnesota; burried at the Burnside-Salem Cemetery, Burnside Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota

married in 1933 Orvin Alroy/Allroy Holthe, nickname Roy *11Apr 1910 in Hennepin County, Minnesota +5Feb 1985 in Goodhue County, Minnesota; burried at the same cemetery as Stella ----HOLTHE goes with Holte on the back of the photo postcard!

Mother of Stella Irene Quam Holthe: Martha Wallaker Quam (1894-1922)
Father : Henry Christopher Quam (1890-1957)
Sister or halfsister : Hazel Margaret Quam Thoreson (1918-2008) ----in her obituary it is said that she was preceded by a sister, a brother, two half brothers and a half sister.

Stella and Orvin had at least two children:
Roland and Robert.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photo Number 1557

This is another marked postcard from The Kabekona Corners shop.
Norris on a horse Laporte

Cute little guy on a horse.
Norris on a horse back Laporte
From Norris / Norvis??  Charlson?? Ohaslson to Great Grandma
This Cyko Postcard was used from 1904 to 1920.
Norris on a horse back Laporte
Perhaps you have a suggestion for a name?
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Update from Elizabeth:
There is a Norris Charlson, born about 1909 in Minnesota, found in North Dakota in census records between 1910 and 1940 at Ancestry.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photo Number 1556

I purchased a large album of old photos from the antique shop at Kabekona Corner near Laporte MN.  We are regulars at that shop, the owner Dave saved this album for me.
old photo albumn seen better days
The album has seen better days.  But it held 50 photos.  Only seven of those were marked with names.
Laporte men
This is a postcard of nine men.  It is an Azo Postcard with triangles pointing up in the stamp box,  they were used from 1904 to 1918
Laporte men back
Kjos, Clarence Quam, Kjos, Gilbert Grove, Louis Grove, ____, Bert Ness, Jens Quam, Henry Quam.
I wonder if they are all salesmen?  Or classmates?  The postcard seems to have been sent to someone in Kenyon Minn but the name has been erased.  Kenyon is in Goodhue County.  The photographer was Austinson’s of Owatonna & Kenyon.
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Update from Iggy:
Louis Andreas Grove (Dec. 27, 1888 - Jan. 16, 1973 in Goodhue County, Minnesota) was the son of Peder T. Grove (1849 - 1913) and Maria P. Overboe Grove (1858 - 1914). His wife was Gurena Fenne Grove (1892 - 1956). His brother was Gilbert Christian Grove (1891 - 1951) 
Both brothers are buried in Dale Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wanamingo, Goodhue County, Minnesota.

Clarence J. Quam ((1894 - 1947) is buried in the same cemetery as is Henry Christopher Quam (1890 - 1957).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photo Number 1555

This is a small photo from Craig’s Collection.  This will be the last of Craig’s Collection for a bit.  I have lots of photographs from Minnesota Antique shops to show you.
Jim Biglow and wife Sept 5  1905 CP
Jim Biglow + wife
Love his tie!  On the back there is a date.  September 5, 1905.  That may be their wedding date.
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Update from Sue:
I found James R. and Phoebe Biglow in the 1910 census, living in Yellowstone County, Montana, School District 2. It states at the time of the April 15th census date they were married 4 years (which matches the Sept. 5 1905 presumed wedding date). He was a farmer, born in Montana. She was not employed, born in Illinois. They are both 32 at the time of the census. No children shown living with them. I then found them in 1930 in Pasadena California, and they had his sister, Lillian, age 25, living with them. She was, coincidently, born in 1905, as well. James is now a barber, and Phoebe, a music teacher in private homes. Digging a little further, I found this exact same picture on a family tree site, and messaged the owner and sent him a link to your site.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo Number 1554

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Lizzy Thomas CP
A beautiful lady.  She might be wearing a lace shawl.
Lizzy Thomas back CP
Cousin Lizzy Thomas
Fernando Dessaur was the photographer at 531 8th Avenue
Bet. 37th & 38th Sts.  New York
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Susanna left us a link to more info on Teresa's blog about Fernando Dessaur it seems he was at this address in 1870. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Number 1553

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Nettie Brown CP
This may be a wedding photograph.  She is displaying her ring.  Her gown seems to have dropped shoulders.  The Cdv has rounded corners and the photo shows no feet…so I will guess this is from the early 1870’s.
Nettie Brown back CP
Nettie/Nellie? Brown
J.E. Gauvin was the Photo Artist  in Underhill, Vt.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Full Circle 85

This was a Full Circle helped along by Jacqi, she found the information and an address for a relative.  I sent a copy of the blog to Richard in California.  One evening the telephone rang and we had a great conversation…he lives in California part of the year and New Zealand the other part of the year.  He is the family historian.

R Belle Webb Craigs Photos Number 1493

Photo Number 1493

I mailed the photo to Richard.  He wrote back.

Dear Connie,

Thanks very much for the photo of my paternal grandmother Rose Belle Webb Doust.  I never knew her, but those who did said she was very sweet.

I think you can put the check to good use, and will share with Jacqi. 

All the best, Dick

I sent off a check to Jacqi and a copy of his letter. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Full Circle 84

This photo went Full Circle after Iggy found an old obituary listing relatives.  I contacted Linda by email and sent the CdV’s to her last week.

Edward D. Welling CP Number 1539

Photo Number 1539

Hi Connie,
I received the two Edward Welling photographs in this morning's mail.  I am amazed they are is such good shape.  Someone took good care of them.  I will take good care of them, too.  It is another link in the family history that is filled in.
I never knew Edward Welling, but I did know Alice Welling White, my grandfather's mother.  I sometimes accompanied my grandfather when he went to visit her.  She lived to a grand old age, and had me call her 'Nana'.  She lost her vision in her later years, but would not give up her crochet.  She made small afghans toward the end.  Her caretakers would arrange the yarn in the color arc that she desired, and she crocheted by feel.  I think that is pretty amazing.  Believe it or not, I have her 1950 GE refrigerator, and it is still going strong.  That's pretty amazing, too.
I am sending reimbursement for your postage.
Thank you again,

I had two copies of this photo and both were sent to Linda.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Photo Number 1552

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Nelson  CP
Nelson Ceduey ?? Geduey?? Gedney
Nelson  CP
Nelson  back CP
Geo. Cawthorne was the Photographer in West Salem Wis
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Update from Iggy:
I think this is the son of Absalom and Mary H Gedney. They lived in Greenfield, La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1860 which is about 10-11 miles due south of West Salem. In 1870, the family was living in New Trier, Cook, Illinois, a suburb in Northern Chicago. 
Nelson was born about 1864 and I think he died in 1923 and is (Mount Hope Cemetery, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas) buried near his older brother George and George's wife Mattie.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo Number 1551

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.

Bessie Ledbetter CP

Bessie Ledbetter back CP

Bessie Ledbetter   Aunt Tex’s only child

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Photo Number 1550

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Sarah Eleanor  CP
Fresslar was the photographer in Fort Scott
Fort Scott was in Kansas.
Sarah Eleanor back  CP
Sarah Eleanor Ievry  Cory
Age 3 years
This little gal looks so sad…but she made me smile and I hope she makes you smile too!
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Happy Easter!
Update from MJ:
The surname might be Cory instead of Ievry. On the 1900 and 1910 census in Fort Scott Ward 4, Bourbon, Kansas there is a Sarah E Cory. Parents are Charles E and Ruth E Cory. Siblings are Catherine (Kate), George, and Ruth.
Update from Iggy:
Sarah E. Cory (16 Dec 1885 - 15 Apr 1977) was the daughter of Charles Estabrook Cory and Ruth Emaline Kellogg (Didn't we have a Kellogg photo not too long ago?)

She married Harry Ernest Menezes and they lived in Dallas, Texas. They appear to have been childless. She was a lawyer and an assistant US Attorney. He was a public school teacher.

There is an interesting write up about her here, notably "The latter received national notice when she administered the Oath of Office to Lyndon Johnson following the assassination of president John Kennedy in Dallas."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Photo Number 1549

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.

Ben Duncan CP

A young man in striped pants and his coat is buttoned only at the top.  He must have been proud of his hat!

This CdV is probably from the 1880’s.  It has rounded corners and only his top button is buttoned.

Ben Duncan back CP

Ben Duncan

Ben Duncan back CP

Huey was the photographer in Windsor, Mo.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo Number 1548

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.

Wellington E Howe CP

A young lad from about 1885 give or take a few years.

Wellington E Howe back CP

Wellington E. Howe


I found Wellington Howe born about 1876 to Freeman and Malinda Howe.  They are found in the 1880 Census living in Jefferson, Pousihiek County Iowa.  There is a Wellington Howe buried in the Dodge Center Cemetery at Bagley Iowa along with his parents and many brothers and sisters.

This little boy should have oodles of relatives.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photo Number 1547

This photo from Craig’s Collection is smaller than a CdV.  It measures 3 x 2 inches.
helen Violet Wood  CP
A beautiful little girl with such pretty curls!
The photographer is Chas Lainer at 31 Third St. 
I found this in a search for him:
CHARLES LAINER was born in Austria, in 1857, and was reared and educated in his native land, attending school in Vienna and other places in Europe, where he also pursued the study of art. He came to the United States, spent some time in Philadelphia and Cincinnati, and in 1882 came to San Francisco and established his present business on Third street.
In 1884 he opened a studio at 715 Market Street…perhaps he used old card stock?? Or perhaps the 1885 guess is questionable.
helen Violet Wood back  CP
Helen Violet Wood 1885 (?)
It is hard to guess an age for this child. Maybe two or three years old?
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Update from Iggy:
Helen Violet Wood (11 Feb 1884/1886 - Oct 1948 in San Francisco, California) was the daughter of William H and Anne R Wood. She married Wallace Covert Price on July 3, 1913.  This was his second marriage and he had seven children prior to marrying Helen.  They had one daughter together. 

The daughter named Patricia Wood Price was born 1 Oct 1917 in Oakland, Alameda, California and apparently died on Sep 1988 in Genoa, Douglas, Nevada.

The dates given for Helen's birth are confusing, they seem to be either 1884 or 1886.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photo Number 1546

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Grandma Walters CP
Grandma Walters       Mable’s  Mother Aunt Doll 
Grandma Walters CP
Grandma Walters back CP
The photographer was a lady!  Mrs. H.N. Sterling from Niles, Mich
Grandma is wearing a decorative hair comb called a peineta.   I will guess that this CdV is from the late 1860’s or early 1870’s.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Number 1545

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Ellen and son  CP
Ellen Ford and son
. Ellen and son  CP
Ellen and son back  CP
Hall was the photographer  at 170 E. Madison St. in Chicago
Ellen seems to be holding something in her hands…something all rolled up.  Her gown appears to have dropped shoulders, typical of the fashions in the late 1860’s.  I can also see her ears which usually indicates the later part of the 1860’s or early 1870’s.  Her hair is also parted in an unusual way, I haven’t see that “do” before.
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Possibility from Iggy:
Ellen Ford nee Hooker (abt 1837 in England), the wife of Cornelius Ford and son Clayton E. Ford (abt 1861 in Wisconsin)

Both Cornelious and Clayton were carpenters. Clayton married Elizabeth C. Pilgrim on 23 Dec 1885 in Cook County, Illinois.

In the 1920 US Census, he is shown living in Chicago with Wife Elizabeth, and children, Whitfield Ford age 28, and Gertrude Ford age 25.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Photo Number 1544

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
L Long CP

L Long back CP
H.H. Miller was the photographer in Walton, N.Y.
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Info from Iggy;
Lincoln Long  1861 to 1927.  He married Philinda May Long (1861 -1955) They had two daughters  Ethel May Long Sanford 1887 - 1958 and Marion N. Long Elliott  1891 - 1978.
Lincoln was a teacher, a minister and a republican assemblyman.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photo Number 1543

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Kellog 1874 CP
This photo of a man with nicely trimmed muttonchop sideburns.
The velvet trimmed collar must have been popular in the 1870’s along with a wide necktie tied in a loose knot low on the throat with squared, overlapping ends
Kellog 1874  back CP
A.H. Kellogg taken Mch  26, 74
The photographer was G.D. Morse of 417 Montgomery St.  San Francisco, Cal
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We had a Mrs. A. A. Kellogg in Oregon earlier this year she is photo number 1497.  I am not certain they are related.

Update from Iggy:
I think this is the Reverend Alfred H. Kellogg, a Presbyterian minister. He was the "acting pastor" at the Howard Presbyterian Church in San Francisco in 1874-1875.

He was apparently from Philadelphia, PA (and returned to Philadelphia after his stint in CA.).

He was born about 1837in Philadelphia and died 21 Aug 1906 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He never married.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Photo Number 1542

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Phillip Kercher CP
Phillip Kercher  back CP
Philip Kircher
T.M. Wells was the photographer from Pekin Illinois
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Update from Iggy:
Birth: Feb. 14, 1855
Peoria County
Illinois, USA
Death: Jan. 8, 1935
Tazewell County
Illinois, USA

 Son of Phillip & Catherine Kircher of Germany. Husband of 1) Frances Hurst, m. Apr 23, 1878, Peoria County, & 2) Sophia Roeth, m. abt 1886.
Two Children: Baby Kircher unknown dates of birth and death and Joseph Kircher 1889 -1942

Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Number 1541

This is a very old CdV.   The card stock is extremely thin.  The CdV is from Craig’s Collection.
Very Old CDV CP
A young boy who might be in some kind of uniform. I will guess that this was taken after the Civil War.  So my guess is 1867 to 1869.
Very Old CDV CP
L.P. Froot  J.P. Frost or do you have a better guess?
Very Old CDV  back CP
William H.Hosley was the photographer in Weston, VT.
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Update from Iggy:
Reverend Timothy Prescott Frost (26 Jun 1850 - 5 Jul 1937)

Father Name: Timothy Moors Frost (Find A Grave Memorial# 83521847)
Mother Name: Mary Gray Prescott (Find A Grave Memorial# 83521878)

Married Carrie Maria Holt (24 Nov 1852 - 27 Apr 1924) on 23 Jan 1876

He travelled all over throughout his career as a Methodist Episcopal minister, he appears in New Jersey, Maryland, and Illinois in the various US Censuses.

He and Carrie had two children:

Phillip Prescott Frost b. 12/11/1876 m. 6/12/1912 Odile Goddard
Florence Virtue Frost b. 11/22/1879 m. 6/29/1910 George Morris 

The Reverend wrote a book titled "Tragedy and triumph;: Or, Tares and the kingdom; a study in the sayings of Jesus" (1926)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Photo Number 1540

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Edwin Jewels son Jimmie CP
Edwin Jewels son Jimmie  back CP
Edwin Jewels son Jimmie
The photographer was B.K. Skewis Apple River Ill.

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Update from Iggy:
Edwin Jewell (Jan. 25, 1830 in Langdon Cross, England - Mar. 17, 1879 : Find A Grave Memorial# 31019967) was married to an Ann Reed.

They had a large family (as of 1880 there were), Frances Jewell Poyzer, Edwin, William, Eldred, Eliza E.,
Arthur Jewell, James H., Sarah J., and John T.

James H. Jewell (in the photo) was born abt 1872 and married Elizabeth ... They had three sons, James E (abt 1903), Marvin C (1905) and Leo Henry (31 Oct 1911 - 12 Mar 1999)

James H.'s sister, Sarah, was born May 10, 1872 in Scales Mound, Illinois, and died December 24, 1943 (Find A Grave Memorial# 49625303). She married Sherman Leander Watson, son of Silvanus Watson and Harriet Jacobs. He was born July 05, 1869 in Apple River, Illinois, and died October 03, 1905 in Jo Daviess County, Illinois.

Children of Sarah Jewell and Sherman Watson are:

Clyde Jewell Watson, b. November 28, 1891, Apple River, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; d. November 22, 1959, Long Beach, California.

Madaline Watson, b. Abt. 1896; d. Pasadena, California.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo Number 1539

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Edward D. Walling CP
Edw. D. Welling
There are two of these photographs.  The other one is marked with his full name as Edward but the last name is not as clear on that one.   The last name could also be Willing?  I think this CdV is from the 1870’s.  He looks to be maybe 18 to 20 years old.
Edward D. Willing back CP
C.R. Clark was the photographer at M.B. Kings  Marble Building 338 River Street Troy, N.Y.
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Update from Iggy: 
I think this is Edward Dwight Welling (Nov. 16, 1851 - Apr. 10, 1922) His find a grave memorial tells us he attended school near Troy, NY (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and I suspect this is a graduation photo.

Edward Dwight Welling born Nov 16, 1851 and died April 10, 1922  He was educated at Highland Military Academy and Rensseler Polytechnic Institute.  He was a member of the Vermont Senate and a paper manufacturer.  He lived most of his life in Bennington Vermont.  He married Mary Ella Douglass Welling(1854-1890) they had two children, Alice Mary Welling White(1878-1949) and Charles Douglass Welling (1881-1882).  After Mary Ella died Edward married Cora Middleton Welling (1867-1967) on December 23, 1891.  Edward and his wife were supporters of Bennington College one of the dorms on campus is called Welling House. 

This photograph went Full Circle 84 on April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo Number 1538

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
Roy Clark CP
Roy Clark
Roy Clark back CP
Beverage and Jarvis were the photographers Directly opposite the Post Office in Marshalltown Iowa.
More than likely Roy is related to Charlie Clark Photo Number 1537
I will guess that this CdV is from the 1870’s give or take a few years.

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Update from Iggy:
I think this is Roy Perry Clark, (6 Jul 1875 in Iowa - 20 Jan 1958 in Los Angeles) the son of Perry J. and Hannah E. Clark. Perry J. Clark was Ellis Clark's brother. Charles (Photo Number 1537) would have been Roy's cousin.

Roy Clark was a Court Clerk in LA and not the singer on TV's "Heehaw."

Roy and his wife Charlotte Hartley had a son named Perry Joseph Clark