Friday, September 3, 2010

Full Circle Ten

Delaney Hubbard and menahaga

Photo Number 288

This photo was mailed a few weeks ago to Carol T. these are relatives of her husbands, either his Grandparents or Great Uncle and Aunt.  She said she would probably not know the difference.  Her daughter was interested in the photo was being sent to her. 

I have no wonderful stories to share, Carol did say that if the lady in the photo was Mabel, that she was a lovely lady and she lived in Hubbard, Minnesota all her life.

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  1. With the family member (the Husband) being adopted I guess I can understand why the tepid response from the family. Was he adopted "by" the family or did he lose his parents that were family members? I'm guessing the latter?

    At any rate, it was nice hearing that "Mabel" was a "lovely lady". Many of her generation were and were and are largely unsung.

  2. Yet another completed circle. Your quest - and the results of it - are impressive indeed.

  3. Iggy, All his wife said was the "he was adopted and never researched that part of his family" ..
    Alan, Thank you..The other day I purchased some CdV's that look foreign, they may be some of your relatives ..who knows! :)

  4. Great work as usual. The stories are a real bonus, but the buzz for me comes from knowing that your project has had yet another success. Great way to head into the weekend!

  5. I love your blog! I have ancestors from Hubbard, so maybe you will come across my relatives some day (Purdy, Cole, Phelps). Most of those photos have been lost and I have never seen my great great grandfather Jonathan E Purdy's photo, though I would recognize his wife Jennie Cole Kint Purdy Phelps if I saw her.
    Thanks for your dedication!


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