Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo Number 309

Family RPP no markings

This is a Real Photo Postcard.  This one is impossible to date as the reverse side has no markings..only four lines for a address.  I get a feeling that this photo is foreign.  If it is not foreign it is from the East coast..we do not have fancy double doors like this in the Midwest and look at his looks German to me.  This couple do not look young enough to have small children..perhaps they are a favorite Uncle and Aunt..notice neither of them takes possession of the children like a parent would..their arms are behind their backs.

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  1. Cute children - the little girl looks so bashful.

  2. Yep those doors look like they were from across the seas in one of the European countries.

  3. They look Mexican or hispanic to me. Those doors are popular on haciendas and other older South American structures.


  4. Yeah, I guess us folks on the east coast is fur-rin to youse!


    The dad/uncle is a dapper chap.


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