Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Number 699

WW2 era photo.
fergerson Tex George C Fergerson
“Fergerson”  “Tex”
George C. Fergerson
Looks like a patient in a hospital to me.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Number 698

These are WW2 era photos.  Now for a question?  Could these possibly be photos taken at a facility where POW’s went before they came back to the States?   Last night I was searching names and had a hit on this fellow.  There was a Charles Eubanks that was a POW.  His great granddaughter left a message on a POW site in 2002.  I emailed her.. you never can tell.
Charles Eubanks Gene ML Photos
This is Charles Eubanks from Little Rock Arkansas on the left and “Gene” on the right.   I believe that Gene was from Minneapolis Minnesota.  I also believe that he is a relative of Margaret Lundborg’s..that was the name on the outside of this package of photos.
Charles Eubanks Little Rock Ark ML Photos
Another photo of Charles Eubanks  Little Rock Arkansas.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photo Number 697

We continue with the WW2 photos.
Meet “Red”
Scotty and Red
“Scotty” (The Ward Boy) and  “Red”
Robert BainesworthST Paul WAAC Red from Calif Aug 31 1945 ML Photos
Robert Bainesworth St Paul and WAAC “Red”  California
I bet she had red hair..just a guess.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Number 696

We continue the unknown WW2 photos. I am not sure where they were taken..perhaps at a Military Hospital or rehab center. A Ward boy and Nurses..and a few patients that we will see in the next few days make me think it is some kind of military health care facility.
They must have played horseshoes.
Robert Bainsworth St Paul Sept 05 1945 ML Photos
Robert Bainsworth  St Paul
Robert Baisworth and Scotty Schosum Aug 31 1945 ML Photos
This one is marked: Robert Bainsworth St Paul
“Scotty” Schosum  (The Ward Boy from Yesterday)
In this photo we have a different look at buildings with lots of windows.
This photo was developed Aug 31 1945.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo Number 695

Today I have photos of the ”Ward Boy”.
Scotty Schosum Ward Boy ML Photos
Scotty Schosum
Scotty Schosum Ward Boy
Both photos are from September 05, 1945 and are marked in the same way “Scotty” Schosum  (ward boy)
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Number 694

We continue with the military photos.  These are all marked with the same green pen, the same one that marked the soldiers at Leyte photo.
Shorty and Miss Nuss Shorty and Miss Nuss Nurses Green Bay Wisc
Nurses Green Bay Wisconsin
Miss Nuss ML Photos
Miss Nuss
Miss Nuss second LT nurse Green Bay Wisc ML Photos
This one is marked.  Miss Nuss ( second Lt. Nurse) Green Bay Wisconsin.
When I was in touch with Don from the 96th Division his best guess was that these photos were taken someplace in the Philippines. The photos were developed Sept 05, 1945.  The war was over by then.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Number 693

Two more photos of an unknown place..possibly Okinawa, Japan. The Phillipines or some other Pacific Island.
Photo Number 1 Okinawa I think
and another..
Photo 4 I think  Okinawa
Perhaps part of a bunker??

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From Nancy
I'd guess the first photo was taken somewhere besides Japan, perhaps the Philippines. Why? The palm trees.
From Anonymopus:
The second photo is Okinawa or somewhere close. That is a traditional Okinawan tomb. The Japanese used them as bunkers and storage sights during the war, and American Marines and Soldiers had to check each one just in case. And Palm trees are all over in Okinawa. It is more of a northern tropical island.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Number 692

Today I have two photos.  The first one is marked Okinawa note the caves in the ridge. 
Photo 2 marked Okinawa note the caves in the ridge
Photo 3 I think Okinawa
The second one is not marked.  Possibly Okinawa..we have no way of knowing for sure. The Battle of Okinawa was waged from April 01 to June 21 1945.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Number 691

Last spring I happened upon a whole bunch of Military Photographs.  Most are snapshots.  They were in a bag along with other photos in an antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.  On the outside of the bag was this notation:  Margaret Lundborg My Life 1930. It may or may not be a clue. 
After looking at the photos I “think” that her brother may have been in the service..although it could have been her.
The Battle of Leyte an Island in the Philippines  dates from 20 Oct to 31 December 1944. It was 67 years ago and I am doubtful that we will be able to locate any of the people in these photos..but we may be able to locate family.
96th at Leyte Group photo

96th at Leyte list on back
96th Division on Leyte  and off to the side Taken on Leyte.
Lent, Hunt, Johnson, Cortez, Athens, Ragland, Thomas, Strom, Hart, Ponds, Meget, Palm, Lilienthal, Ludwick, Casdollar
Monch,Ulisa, Red, Hubble, Tommy, Machinski, Gendon, Sheets, Walls, Conard, Martin, Sorlotta, Atkinson, Barnheart, Justis
Hillard, Elmer, Marby, Wilkins, Schefsick
There are way many more soldiers in the photo than there are names.
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** This collection of Military Photos were taken on Leyte, Okinawa and at a unknown military hospital.  There are 60 snapshots..I will not present all of them..but I will present the ones that are marked with names.   I contacted the 96th Division reunion web site and sent email copies of the photos to them last June..I have not heard anything back from them.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Number 690

Today is a special day!  Today marks the Two Year Anniversary of this blog.   I had hoped to have 36 Full Circles by now..instead I will be happy with the 33 that have been accomplished.

I still search out and collect old black and white photographs…especially ones with names on the back.  I frequent local Antique Shops where they all know me by name.


This is a tea party photo that I purchased at Buggy Wheel Antiques near Lake Park Minnesota. It most likely from the 1940’s or the early 1950’s.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Photo Number 689

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the Antique Shop in Solway Minnesota.

Friends with hats Postcard Azo Triangles Up Solway

This is an Azo postcard from 1904 to 1918.  A group of friends.

Women’s hats were at their largest in 1910, they had some very long hatpins that accompanied those hats!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo Number 688

This was a photo that was in the original box of photos that I bought almost 2 years ago from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Man with weird hat

A gentleman with a striped hat that looks like a beanie. He looks a bit old to be in any kind of College initiation..or freshman week.

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An update on Photo Number 659

Wm Strehlows family has all the photos of him that they wish to have.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Number 687

This is a photo from The Antique Shop with Ice Cream in Motley Minnesota.

JL Clark Photog Blyth  Motley Ice Cream Shop Nottinghamshire England maybe

It is a gentleman with one of those 8 panel hats that were usually tweed or wool.  They were often called Newsboy caps or Driving caps.

The Photographer is JL Clark   Central Hall ???  Blyth which may be in Nottinghamshire England.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Number 686

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Trouble makers in Hats DL Antiques

A fine looking group of young men with Fedoras..and look at those scarfs..they must have driven into town for their photos. Somewhere I have a vision stored in my brain..of men in fedoras with scarves covering their mouths driving cars..perhaps it was in a movie.

A fedora was a felt hat that was part of a middle class men’s wardrobe in the 1920’s.  The fedora was typically creased lengthwise down the crown, it may have had custom indents pinched at both sides of the crown.

The photographers were Carter and Birdsall of Hampton Iowa. I located them..but found no reference to the years they were in business. 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Number 685

This week we will look at a few men with hats.

Man with bowler PR 1912 to 1914 1918 or 1922

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids.  The photo was taken by C. Raven at nearby Wadena Minnesota.  He was there from 1912 to 1914 and again in 1918 and in 1922.

The Derby was very popular from the 1850’s to the 1920’s. This photo has no name. However any man that wears a tie with polka dots must have a sense of humor.  He is also wearing one of those detachable stiff white collars that are held in place by a collar stud. 

The white collars, were boiled and starched and when almost dry they were ironed..I have heard rumors of a special ironing board and iron..but I have not seen them.  This was one ladies answer to “ring around the collar” in 1827 her name was Hannah Montague, she cut a collar off of one shirt and sewed it on another.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Number 684

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Relaxing DL Antiques

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.   I had fun looking at everything in this old photo.  This gentleman seems to have everything he needs in his corner, a wicker rocking chair, a lamp, reading material stacked on the small table, more books under the radio and an ash tray.

I also found it interesting that there appears to be a live plant..looks like a philodendron to me..growing out of the lamp base that is on the side table.

Relaxing DL Antiques

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Number 683

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.
Girl with cool coat Dorset Antiques
Finger waves and a fancy wool outer garment with a great big collar.  I bet it was warm.  I wonder if this was a seems to have darts at the shoulders and down the front.

This photo is not marked.  I think it may be from the 1940’s.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Number 682

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the Antique Shop in Dorset. Real Photo Postcard Azo Up and down couple Dorset Antiques

The Real Photo Postcard is an Azo and it has triangles pointing up and it is from 1918 to 1930.

This may be a wedding photo, the ladies dress seems quite ornate.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo Number 681

This is a Cabinet Card from the Antique Shop In Bemidji Minnesota.
Stern Lady Bemidji Antiques
Lee Brothers was at 221 Nicollet Ave from 1889 to 1892. The Lee Bros had five principals.  Peder, Thorwald and Martha Lee and Clifford Trudell and Frederick Rowe. Apparently they were quite successful for many years.  Their entire collection of photographs was donated to the Minnesota Historical Society.
This lady looks very serious.  I wonder if anyone out there knows if a special form was used to make her hair so poufy in the front?
Stern Lady back Bemidji Antiques
This is the back of the Cabinet Card.

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Update from Whowerethey:
she most likely used a rat, which was a pad women made from their own hair. The hair was pulled from brushes and stashed in a hair receiver on the dressing table. These look like little squat vases. When the receiver was full, the hair was removed and bound in net into the shape that was desired. Once made they were used to pad and fill in hair styles that were puffy. They were fastened into the hair with hair pins. Women could also buy false hair from magazine advertisements, like in the back of Godey's or Peterson's.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Number 680

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  She looks familiar and could be the same gal that we had in Photo Number 678 (The photo booth gal).  They both have the same hair style.

1940s gal with short skirt DL Antiques

This time she is wearing a 1940’s skirt complete with a kick pleat, and a fitted jacket.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Circle 33

This was a photo I featured on August 30, 2010.   It is Photo Number 298.
Lots of women copy (2)
Iggy had lots of names to work with.
Lot of womens names (2)
He located a nephew of one of the ladies.
Update From Iggy:
He found that Miss Grace Barney was a teacher at The University of Wisconsin Superior, she lived within blocks of the school.  He also found out that many of these ladies in this photo were living in Douglas County and born  1917-1920.  Were they all going to be teachers?  Possibly.

I have contacted The U of Wisconsin  Superior..their alumni association to see if they can confirm that it is a group of gals from their school..and if so I will return the photo to them.  We will see what happens :) 

Update from Iggy January 05, 2011
Located a nephew of Lorraine Krooks..she is in the middle row..third from the right...she is 91 years old and her nephew will share the photo with her.

The photo was mailed January 06 2011.
Iggy received this email on October 08, 2011
My aunt was delighted with the picture, though she was unable to offer any insight into its provenance, speech having only recently forsaken her.
Thank you kindly for going to the trouble of mailing it to me.
Best Regards,
Not the reply we had hoped for.
I also mailed a copy of this photo to Thomas Bergh who is the Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Wisconsin Superior. He was able to verify that Miss Barney was an instructor there. He was very happy to get a copy of the photo.
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Update from Judith:
I just discovered the photo as I was searching for "missing" members
of the Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority at UW-Superior. As I posted, we
know that most of the women pictured were in the sorority and Grace
Barney was the advisor for many years.

We have photos and membership information for most years from
1914-1970 but there are some gaps in our records. Unfortunately, the
historian materials have been lost so we have had to get information
as we could. This photo is amazing! There are some women listed we
were not aware of. Contacting Tom Bergh was thoughtful. Some of our
members work closely with him. I seem to be the researcher and
record keeper.

I did make a copy of the front and back of the photo and will add it
to our album. If you wish to send the original, I would be happy to
receive it.

I explained to Judith that I mailed the original to David to give to his Aunt Lorraine.

Update from Judith:

Thank you. I went back through our photos and determined, by process of elimination, it must have been the picture from 1938 (We have 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1937. Since I have the copy
and identification I have placed that in the album.

Lorraine Krooks sent a letter about her life several years ago. She passed away in June of 2012. Interesting lady.

I noticed on the picture and on the blog that "Mona" was mentioned. Her name was Ramona Pelto.

As a retired high school librarian, I LOVE doing the research and compiling of information. Amazing what you can find and it is so much easier with the internet!

Thank you for what you do, too. A worthy project! Judi 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Circle 32

Meet Mabel Jones.


Canadian Lady Cdv Solway

Photo Number 628

This is the back of the CdV .

Canadian Lady CdV back Solway

A gentleman by the name of Ken left me a comment:

her name is mabel jones ,daughter of the photographer.That is the work of my great grandfather.john lewis jones who later in life moved to montreal quebec and joined with the noted photographer william notman.

I also got an email from Ken:

The photo by l jones quebec canada..thats my grandfathers sister in the photo...mabel jones..she died young from scarlet fever.Mr jones was john lewis jones ,the first english professional photographer in the city of quebec.His niche was the carrige trade .Many many notables of his time had their pictures taken by him..He later moved to the city of montreal and worked with a very notable photographer by the name of william notman. Mr notman was famous for taking his camera outdoors and taking pics of the newly emerging industrial world..He's easily found on google.I grew up with tons of those photo"s and now am always so surprised when I spot one on the internet.Thank you very much for posting it..If you'de like some more info just email me..thanks again..oh and as a sidenote ,he was a southern sympathizer during the civil war and it was always mentioned in our house that he"de met jefferson davis a result there is always someone from each generation with the middle name of lee..thats me.and to really go back his wifes people go all the way back to the mayflower.

I asked him for more info and if he knew when this photo was taken?

I believe it was 1912 or thereabouts..It was always a family moment of pride that my grandfather"s father was the first english photographer in the city of quebec..Now through the net I see his work from time to time..Now as to the year it was taken I would have to say around 1881 through to 1900..the back of the photo"s changes..most of the family photo"s were about 1888..I have many of my grandfather as a young boy..Long hair and beautiful baby clothes..there was a family history of john lewis jones studing at mattew brady"s studio..Now I don"t know which location..that was probably just before the civil war..he would have been about 16..his father dabled in early photography and hand painted early pieces.Imagine my surprise when I walked into a little private museum on the west coast of canada and saw some of his work being displayed..

They were not an early working class family by any means..My great grand father took shots of visiting dignataries and local heads of government..I have only one pic of mabel and always heard from my grandmother what a beauty she was..She was one of five children..only two made it to adulthood..there supposedly was a huge epidemic of scarlet fever during world war one..followed by an influenza epidemic in 1918..this country had a small population at that time and I guess no town was spared its share of grief.
I am amazed to see this ..thanks so much for posting this..You don"t know how I jumped when I saw it..

I google his name from time to time and more and more things turn up..there is a poor canadian early photographer site..they never respond..I've tried a few times to have john lewis jones put up there.I was a little kid and we had boxes and boxes of his work.It all got destroyed except for family photo"s..history just wasn’t respected..Same with family history..If you told my grandmother that being descended from Mayflower people was special ,well she would have said so what..anytime anything by john lewis jones turns up I am very very interested


It took 17 days for the photo to reach him. When I mailed it I wrote: The photo is in the mail, sometimes it seems like a Pony Express route between the US and be patient!


hello connie, thank you for the photo, She is now beside many of her brother and one of her as a young child of about eight..this photo was probably done on older stock..most of the ones from fabrique street have the name at bottom front.all the way from quebec to the usa .I have only two of mabel and some of her sister ,Some very much older in draq..some on copper..probably of the oldest women in the family ,they 80 ? or so..the pics taken in about 1865 or so..thank you very much for the is canadian thanks giving. So happy thanks giving.....snail mail indeed..sept22 to oct 8 ..could have used the pony express

I was very happy to have this photo go Full Circle. I enjoyed reading about Ken’s family..I found his comments very interesting.   Awesome. Mabel is back home in Canada!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Number 679

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Peterson Photo Studio Denver CO DL Antiques

This one is stamped on the back.  Peterson Photo Studio Denver Colorado.  It looks like a high school graduation photo to me from sometime in the 1940’s.  This photo is 2 1/2 inches by 3 3/4 inches.  The photo has a wonderful sepia tone and it has tiny scallops all around the edge of the photo.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photo Number 678

This is an old photo booth photo.  Most likely from the 1940’s.

Photobooth gal  DL Antiques

These photos were small, they came out of the booth in strips and you had to cut them apart.  This photo measures 1 and almost 1/2 inch by 1 3/4 inch.  The photos were taken in quick succession..most likely she didn’t like the deer stuck in the headlights look of this photo.  The scenery is stunning..mountains and drapes.  It looks like she has something hanging from the buttonhole of her heavy coat.

I purchased this photo at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Number 677

This is a Cabinet Card from the Antique Shop in Solway.

Young Man St Paul Nebraska Soloway Antiques Cab Card

The photographer was Charles G. Henderson, he is listed in a 1890 Business Directory for Howard County Nebraska. He was born in 1860 in Illinois.  Nebraska became a State March 01, 1867.

This is a young lad..maybe 15 years old.  The top button of his coat is buttoned.  That was the style from the late 1870’s to early 1880’s.  However in this situation I think it is just his personal style.

I cannot place the photographer in Howard County in 1880..only 1890 and I found him in nearby York County in the 1900 census. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Number 676

This is a photo from Linda’s Antique Shop in Park Rapids.

PR Antiques Brother and Sister

I thought this might be a brother and sister ..and it might be or it may be an engagement photo..we will never know as it is unmarked. 

This photo is most likely from around 1935…I say that because of the double breasted suit and the bowtie. 

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photo Number 675

This is a photo from Linda’s Antique Shop in Park Rapids.

Lady with apron PR Antiques

Someone's Grandmother on a Sunday after church.  She most likely cooked a wonderful meal for her family and walked them to their car after dinner when they took her photo next to the biggest tree in the yard.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo Number 674

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

PR antiques Lady with cool blouse

Julius Tessman of Wadena Minnesota took this photo. He was a photographer in Wadena during 1914.

I thought that the striped blouse was rather striking. This could be a graduation photo, this gal looks young and very beautiful.

You can see the telltale beginnings of mold on this photo, someone stored it in a damp place at one time. I store all my old photos in Rubbermaid containers.  They are protected from excess heat, light and dampness.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Number 673

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids that is owned by my friend Linda.  She had her shop for sale, she had a huge sale, and closed for a couple of months. The shop did not sell so she is still in business. The place has more shelves now and the entire place has been cleaned and the floors have been redone.  She saves old photos for me to look at.  It is one of my favorite places to visit.

This is Dickie at Shelter Bay. 

Dickie Shelter Bay PR Antiques

Shelter Bay is more than likely the name of a resort in Wisconsin or Michigan..or the name of a town in Washington.  Wherever  Shelter Bay was the grass was very tall.  Poor little Dickie looks lost in the grass.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Number 672

This is a CdV that I purchased at the Royalton Minnesota Antique Shop.

Curtis S Ross lewiston RAS

The photographer was Curtis & Ross, Lewiston…unknown state.

I think this looks like a little boy, because of the striped stockings.

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I am done going into work at the Historical Museum for the winter, the building is not heated.  I will work part time a few hours a month from home.

I have finally had some extra time to go through some of my photo files again.   I found that I had overlooked a name.  So Photo Number 665 has a name!  So far it is the only error I have found.  I hate to use a photo twice because Iggy will notice.  I usually move the photo into a used file folder..but sometimes I get interrupted or in a doubling up is a well as an omissions..I am not perfect! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo Number 671

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids.  We have seen this little gal before..she was also in Photo Number 461.

child in chair Pr antiques

The little girl is perched on the edge of a very beautiful rocking chair.

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