Sunday, December 23, 2018

Full Circle 168

This Full Circle began with an email.

Percy Armstrong DL ant Number 1998 (2)

Percy Armstrong  Photo Number 1998

Hello Connie,

I was searching for records of my relatives to get inspiration for names for my daughter to be born in August and I came across your blog.

Percy is my great-grandfather.  He and Elsie had two daughters, Yvonne and Dorothy.  Dorothy is my grandmother.  She married Joe Dodgen whose son, David, is my father.  My wife and I live in Humboldt, IA which is just 20 minutes from Fort Dodge where Percy and his family lived.  My grandmother passed away a few years ago.  We would love to get this precious photo of her father back into our family.  Please let me know if that is possible.  Thank you! Joel

I mailed the photo.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a wonderful photo and what a wonderful story about how Percy found his way home.

  2. That photo is precious. Glad it found its way back to family. And what a unique way for a reader to find your blog!


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