Thursday, March 31, 2016

Full Circle 142

I mailed these photos on November 27, 2015.  I believe that they have arrived, however I have not heard that news.

After a time my OCD takes over and I just declare a Full Circle.  I like to keep all loose ends accounted for.

There were ten photos in this group.

Harry and Alice Moorhead Ant Number 1433 (2)

Photo Number 1433

Warner kids 1957 March Moorhead ant Number 2085

Photo Number 2085 David Ruth and Peggy Warner 1957

Richard Bartle Moorhead ant Number 2083 (2)

Photo Number 2083 Richard Bartle

Joseph and Marcella Moorhead ant Number 2084 (2)

Photo Number 2084  Joseph Doude and Marcella Engle in 1934

Then there are six photos that are from Photo Number 2087

Geo and Blanche lee Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

lees photo for newspaper Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Lees with a baby Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

George and Blanche Lee

Mary T Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Mary Treganza Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Photos marked Mary Treganza

Treganza photo Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

I am always happy to return photos to relatives.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Photo Number 2198

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Fergus Falls Minnesota.
Fred Senger Madison Wisc 1875 FF Freway ant
A very old CdV the photo is on green cardstock and the photo itself has a wonderful artistic frame.
Fred Senger Madison Wisc 1875 FF Freway ant back
Fred Senger Madison Wis
The photographer was Joseph Schubert Madison Wis
There is a date at the very bottom of the CdV 1875
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Update from Iggy: 
This is a possibility.
Fred Senger buried at Forest Hill Cemetery Madison Dane County Wisconsin.
Birth: Oct. 9, 1859 
Death: Mar. 27, 1944 
Note: Date of Burial: 3/29/1944, Military: none, Race: White,,, Father: Gottlieb Senger, Mother: Catherine Sachtjen, Death Place: McElrath Nursing Home, Madison, WI, Birth Place: Louisville, Kentucky, Cause: Pneumonia, Occupation: Retired Ref: Cemetery Rec 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Photo Number 2197

This is a photo that Jen found in an antique shop in Saint Cloud Minnesota.
Selma and Annie St Cloud Jen
E J Colmark was the photographer in Kensington Minn.  He was in business there in 1902.
Selma and Annie St Cloud Jen back
Selma Rostberg Nylen
and Annie Auslund
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Update from Iggy:
Selma Rostberg Nylen 1888 -1942. She married Anton Dahlbeg Nylen on April 15 1906. She and Anton had at least six children. Annie, Willgard, Wallace, Helen, Harris and Ralph. She is buried in Douglas County Kensington MN. 

Annie Austlund 1883 to 1909 she is buried in Fresno Co Calif. She has five siblings buried in Douglas County Kensington MN, they all died at a young age.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Photo Number 2196

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Saint Cloud Minnesota.  My daughter Jen rescued this photo.
GF Benz St Cloud Jen
The photographer is Lynde of Grundy Center IA
GF Benz St Cloud Jen back
GF Benz
Age 2 1/2 years
Nov 20 1896
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Update from Iggy:
George Benz lived in Grundy County, Iowa in 1910. He was the head of the household's son, 15 years old, and identified as white. George was born in Iowa around 1895. His father was born in Illinois, and his mother was born in Iowa. Their names were William F. Benz and Sadie E. Benz.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Photo Number 2195

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Mollie from Hilma Craigs

Someone took a photo across a fancy dinner table!

Mollie from Hilma Craigs back

Mollie Stocka from Hilma Jutney

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Photo Number 2194

A snapshot of a gathering.  A snapshot I purchased at the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.

Since they are gathering out of doors I wonder was it a mission festival? a funeral?  Everyone is wearing a hat!

a gathering Moorhead ant

That one fellow is really tall!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Photo Number 2193

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Fergus Falls Minnesota.
Herold FF Upstairs
This is the same photograper as yesterday’s photo.  A G Hicks of Franklin Ind.
Herold FF Upstairs back
Herold Harold Tharp Trafalgar Ind
This AZO postcard dates from 1918 to 1930.
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Update from Iggy:
Harold J Tharp 1897-1991 Buried in Randolph Ind He was a Bridge contractor, married to Nellie they had two children Wayne Tharp and Betty who married a Myers.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Photo Number 2192

This is a Real Photo Postcard from an Antique Shop in Fergus Falls Minnesota.
Jinksie Richardson FF upstairs
The photographer is A G Hicks in Franklin Ind
Jinksie Richardson FF upstairs back
Jinksie Richardson
This is an Azo Postcard that was used from 1904 to 1918.  I think the card is from the later years because there is some silver in the photo.
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Update from Iggy:
Jinks D Richardson born July 7 1914 and died December 24 1956. He is buried at Franklin Indiana Greenlawn Cemetery. He married Virginia L Posser in 1935.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photo Number 2191

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Meyer 1909 Sacramento Craigs
Myer J Wahrhaftig
Meyer 1909 Sacramento Craigs
Photo taken at the Foto Shop Sacramento
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Update from Jacqi:
Myer Wahrhaftig lived for a while in Fresno, California--you can find him, his wife Rae, and their two daughters there in the 1940 census--but by the 1950s lived in Oakland, California.

Myer was born in "Russia" according to the census record, but that refers to the area within the Russian borders at the time of the 1940 census, which borders have since, of course, changed. He was born July 5, 1888, according to the death record in California, where he died September 15, 1955. He was a doctor.

This photo went Full Circle 145 on April 9 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Photo Number 2190

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Clara 1909 sacramentoCraigs
The beautiful Clara Jeirhren had her photo taken in 1909 at The Foto Shop In Sacramento.
Clara 1909 sacramentoCraigs
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Full Circle 141

This Full Circle began with an email.
Wentworth Wright Class of 07 Craigs Number 1909
Wentworth S. Wright  Photo Number 1909
Wentworth Wright Class of 07 Craigs back Number 1909
Dear Connie, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for my ancestor, Wentworth Wright:
I can't tell you how surprised and pleased I am to see this photo. I'm wondering if you might be willing to part with it. I would happily pay you for the photo and postage. 

Hi Justin, Yes I still have the photo and I am happy to mail it to you.  I will need your address. 
Can you tell me how you are related?   I hope you can share a bit about Wentworth for a Full Circle post I will write after you have received the photo.  Connie

He received the photo and shared this about his Great Uncle.

Wentworth Spencer Wright and his two younger siblings were raised in Vermont and Maine. Whether as a product of his era or as a reaction to his father’s modest means as a teacher and principal — or both — Wentworth pursued a business career that would give him a high standard of living. After graduating Hebron Academy in Maine, he set his sights on the insurance business and moved to a city where he was sure to find plenty of customers: San Francisco, where residents were rebuilding their homes and their lives after the great earthquake and fire of 1906. He joined a firm in San Francisco briefly before going into business for himself, building a client base both in the city and across the bay in Oakland, where he eventually bought a home in one of the town’s more illustrious neighborhoods. Wentworth’s mother, brother, and sister followed him to the Bay Area after their father’s death in 1912. Sister Eleanor pursued a career as an actress; not much more is known about her and she had no children. Brother Lawrence, after a few years spent managing drug stores and soda fountains, opened two businesses of his own that became beloved local institutions: one a soda fountain and sweet shop in the Napa Valley, the other a restaurant in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. Wentworth and his wife had one son and two grandsons, one of whom is his only surviving descendant. Lawrence had one son, two grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, of which I am one. The photo of Wentworth will be passed on to his grandson, with whom I have been collaborating on a written family history. 

I am always pleased with a happy ending!
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Photo Number 2189

This is a photo from Craigs Collection.
Paul 1909 Sacramento Craigs
Paul Dunchorst
Foto Shop Sacramento Calif
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Update from Iggy:
1930 US Census - 
Paul Dunckhorst
Birth Year: abt 1892
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: California
Marital Status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Home in 1930: Sacramento, Sacramento, California
Map of Home: View Map
Street address: 39 Street
House Number in Cities or Towns: 1208
Dwelling Number: 173
Family Number: 188
Home Owned or Rented: Owned
Home Value: 8, 500
Radio Set: No
Lives on Farm: No
Age at First Marriage: 23
Attended School: No
Able to Read and Write: Yes
Father's Birthplace: Missouri
Mother's Birthplace: California
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Industry: Water Bridge Dept
Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker
Employment: Yes
Veteran: Yes
War: WW

Household Members: 
Name Age
Paul Dunckhorst 38
Blanche Dunckhorst 38
Betsy Dunckhorst 9
His grave says he was born June 23 1891 in California and died July 31 1960, his Mothers Maiden name was Dosh.  He married Blanche Simpson 1891 -1967.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Photo Number 2188

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Christmas `1903 Craigs

Xmas 1913

Christmas 1903

Bella Mc Lennan Gordon

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Photo Number 2187

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Marthga Miller maybe Craigs

The photographer was Hodson at Sacramento Stockton and San Francisco

The writing is really hard to read.  I believe it says Margaret Miller.

Martha Miller maybe Craigs Back

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Photo Number 2186

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Mrs Klint Craigs

The Photographer is Hyland at Wash Cor Seventh in Portland Ore

Mrs Klint Craigs back

Mrs Klint

I would guess that this photo was taken about 1895 give or take.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Photo Number 2185

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

William Wager Craigs

William Wager Craigs back

William Wager

This may only be part of his name, I think this was a double photo and his half was cut away…but you can never be sure.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Photo Number 2184

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Mrs Dewey Craigs

Sprague was the photographer at Walton NY

Mrs Dewey Craigs Back

Mrs Dewey

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Full Circle 140

This is quite a story.  Makes me smile and I hope it does you too!
I got an email.

Grandparents wedding picture #1605 Sundby/ Skogstad
I hope you are Blogger who can help me.  I would like to have a copy of  it if that is possible.  I am very slow at this, I would call if I had your number.   My father was the  second youngest son.  There were six boys and two girls.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Lona

I located the photo and sent it off in the mail.
Sundby 1891 Buxton  DL Ant Number 1605
Sundby 1891 Buxton back  DL Ant NUmber 1605
Simon and Martha Sundby  Photo Number 1605

I got a message on my home phone from Lona she called one day when I was gone.
Last week a package was delivered to me, inside was a family history booklet  called the Skogstad – Sundby Saga Including the Brathole-Einsby Lines ( We have had Einsby photos returned to family.)
History Simon and Martha
One part in this narrative was familiar to me.  Could it be?
“I remember hearing that Simon and Martha stood in the bay window at E. R. Nestoss home when they were married.”
Buxton Nd house
This was a beautiful home.  That front parlor where they were married in the bay windows was beautiful.  Ornate oak wood trimmed all the windows on the inside and double pocket doors separated the parlor from another room possibly the dining room.  At least it was the dining room when our daughter and son in law purchased it.   It was said to be the former Governor Ragnvold Nestos home when he was Governor 1921-1925….when he came to America he lived with his Uncle and Aunt…you guessed it E.R Nestoss (Nestos)
Governors Mansion in Buxton ND
Our daughter’s home in Buxton ND in 1995.  That is her and my husband on the step.  We had just sold our resort in Minnesota and moved in with them for a few months in Buxton until we moved to Harwood ND.  So we lived in the Governors Mansion for a time too.  Sadly a fire started in the laundry room in 1997 and the house was a total loss including a dog and a cat.  My son in law and granddaughter Savannah escaped with two dogs, our daughter Trica was at work.  They rebuilt on the same spot and lived in Buxton for a number of years.

What a coincidence!
Sundby Golden Years
Martha and Simon Sundby in later years.  They moved to Montana  in 1913. They had eight children.

Lona writes:
Thank you Connie!  I must apologize for the condition of this book they were printed a long time ago and the glue has given out.

Clarice the author is a first cousin of mine.  I believe it was printed in the middle 1980’s.  I’ve marked some pages with tabs that I felt might interest you.

The first is page 9.  You will note that Grandma’s dress is white.  I wonder about that but of course we will never know.

You really made my day as I’m sure you have many others.  If you have other calls on this picture feel free to give them my name and address if they are interested.

I grew up just a mile from “the ranch” which was 30 miles North of Shelby Montana.  I knew all of my first cousins and many of their children.  Some were nearly my parents age.  Thanks again Lona.

I cannot answer why she has two different dresses...we may never know.
Wow what a great Full Circle!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Photo Number 2183

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mary Meyers Craigs
A little girl with a huge bow in her hair and flowers clutched in her hand.
Mary Meyers Craigs back
Mary Kathryn Meyers
August 2 1917
To Grandpa Meyers
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Update from Iggy:
This might be her:

Mary Kathryn Meyers

in the Virginia, Marriage Records, 1936-2014

Name: Mary Kathryn Meyers
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 32
Birth Date: abt 1911
Marriage Date: 21 Sep 1943
Marriage Place: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Registration Place: Princess Anne, Virginia, USA
Father: William Marshall Meyers
Mother: Julia Ann Dawson
Spouse: William Lockwood Shipley
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Race: White
Spouse Age: 36
Spouse Father: David Benjamin Shipley
Spouse Mother: Eura Lee Anderson

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Photo Number 2182

These are two CdV’s from Craig’s Collection.

August Craigs

August Craigs back

August Mothers oldest brother

The photo was taken by F H Denison at Fergus Falls Minnesota.

I looked for info on the photographer and came up with nothing, he is not listed at The Minnesota State Historical Website.

Carl August Craigs

Carl August Craigs back

Carl August Mother and Dad’s cousin

This time it is stamped Hardy, Denison and Robertson Photographers at Fergus Falls Minn

I found Hardy and Denison in business from 1881 to 1883 and again in 1886.  But no Robertson.

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