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Photo Number 440

This photo was found in the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Sealed Old Tintype or Ambrotype
I am not sure if this is a Daguerreotype or an Ambrotype. Perhaps one of my readers can tell me for sure which one it is. Update:  The absence of mirror like quality at any angle leads me to believe that this is an Ambrotype.  

An Ambrotype is a glass negative backed by a dark surface so as to appear positive.

A Daguerreotype is an early photographic process with the image made on a light sensitive silver coated metallic plate. Update: Norkio says that a Daguerreotype has a mirror like quality at any angle. 

The photo and frame measures 2 7/8 inches by 3 1/4 inches.  It appears golden colored in the scan..but it is a copper color. The decorative frame has been crimped to seal the photograph…and yes the glass covering is cracked.  This is one reason that many photographers started to do tintypes as they were unbreakable.

I believe that this photo is most likely from 1856 to 1865.( Updated: 1859 to 1865) He is a very distinguished looking gentleman, but an unknown.

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Update from djsheri:
Photo 440 - is most likely John Wesley Park, Sr., born 1838-1839, Morris Co., New Jersey, son of Peter Park, born 1812 & Harriett Elizabeth Bowman, born 1819.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Number 439

This is a photo that was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.

Extra Two ladies with hats  Two ladies complete with hats and some fru fru white adornments on the front of their dresses. I do see a bustle, so this photo is probably from the second bustle period which was 1883 to 1889.

The Photographer was Linder at New Studio, Commercial Avenue, South Chicago, ILL

We had an earlier photo that was of a “cousin can’t recall her name”.

Page 21 Cousin cant recall her name Extra Two ladies with hats

I think that these ladies are all related..”Cousin”  may be the lady on the right in the green photo..they are standing the same way with their hips thrust forward..and seem to have stiff arms in both photos..what do you think?

Had the lady on the left in the green photo been traveling?  The skirt of her dress seems rumpled like it had been folded and stored in a trunk.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo Number 438

This is a Real Photo Postcard that was found tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Old Woman Postcars Azo Triangles up
It is an AZO Postcard from 1904 to 1918.  It is not marked. 
Extra Old Woman Postcars Azo Triangles up A little old lady with a bit of a hair covering that is tied with ribbon under her chin.  That is some wild wall covering.  I wish we had some idea who she was..Nettie’s Mother Isabelle?   Does she look like an Isabelle to you..I don’t know..I do know that if I pick the date for this photo around 1910..and this woman is 60 to 70 years old that she would have been born around 1840 to 1850.  I think I recall that Nettie’s Mother was born in 1842. Of course lots of people were born that year, so it could be anyone.
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Photo Number 437

This photo was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Gladys Niel MVP Lyle Glenn
These are Nettie and Wesley Parks children.  Gladys, Niel, MVP ( Mabel), Lyle and Glenn.  I wonder if this is their house?
In the 1910 Census here is a list of the children:
Child  Mabel Parks  F 13y (1897)….about 10 years old in 1907
Child  Glenn Parks  M 11y…………….about 8 years old
Child  Gladys Parks  F 9y…………….about 6 years old
Child  Lyle Parks  M 7y……………….about 4 years old
Child  Neal Parks  M 5y………………about 2 years old
Child  Thurston Parks  M 3y
Child  Wylma Parks  F y 3m
So I will say that this photo dates to right around 1907.  I would bet that MVP or Mabel labeled this fact I have been rethinking the statement that I made about Nettie writing in the could have been Mabel or Gladys.
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Extra Gladys Niel MVP Lyle Glenn

Update from djsheri:
I have the same picture which was sent to my great-grandmother Emma Park Slagle from Elizabeth Cusick Park/s, grandmother of the above children. Elizabeth Cusick was wife of John Wesley Park Sr. My great-grandmother Emma Park Slagle was a sister to John Wesley Park. Sr.

Update from djsheri/Diane:
Children of John "Wesley" Park/s & Nettie Leal Crandall.

1. Mable Vera Parks, b. 16 Feb. 1897, Macedonia, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
2. Glenn Allen Parks, b. 9 January 1899, Grove Twp., Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
3. Gladys May Parks, b. 23 March 1901, Grove Twp., Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
4. Lyle Marion Parks, b. 1903-1904, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
5. Neil T. Parks, b. 1905, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.

6. Thurston Joe Parks, b. 1907, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
7. Wilma Beatrice "Billie" Parks,b. 6 January 1910, Macedonia, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
8. Theo Ardes Parks, b. 1913, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
9. Pauline Phyllis Parks, b. 1916, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.

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Full Circle 19

Recently this photo headed home.
Hilda Gloria and Albert Pam one
This is Albert, Gloria and Hilda.  Mike contacted me and said that Hilda was his Grandmother (Nonni) with Prozio Alby and Prozia Gloria ( Uncle and Aunt). 
Hello!  My Aunt has this picture still. Curious as to how it made it's way to Massachusetts. My mom actually posted to the site, and don't know if she contacted you yet. Hilda was my Grandmother (Nonni) Prozio Alby and Prozia Gloria :)

Then an update from Mike: My Aunt says that my great grandfather had a sister living in Massachusetts.  This picture was sent to their (Hilda, Gloria, Albert) relatives (Aunts and Uncles aka Zii). 
If you recall this was a photo that belonged to one of my blog readers Pam..she writes about the Antique Shop, Art blog and Forgotten Old Photo blog that all were part of this photos journey home.  Abra was instrumental in helping find the right people to contact!  Here is the story that Pam wrote: The Unlikely Antique Shop-Art-Blog Connection. 

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Here is the background that Abra sifted through to find this family:)

Ooh, I am so happy this photo has been reconnected with family. Although I have been given the credit, and while it may appear I solved this on my own, this is really not the case. A great deal of the credit goes to those responses about the Italian wording that led me to search where I did. Had I not had that information, I wouldn't have had some of the 'terms' I tried in the search engines to find these three children. So, it is important when you have a clue or inkling about a photo, no matter how small it may appear, you put it in the comments, because it really helps piece the puzzle together!! It takes all of us! 

Now that the suspense has been lifted, here are the rest of the details. I extracted much of the identifying information of the living, without removing the pieces about the photo subjects.

When I found the match to this photo, every part of the puzzle appeared to fit. I first found the family in the 1930 census (as I was about to call it quits—they were on the very last page I was going through--I felt as though I hit the jackpot). I built on the information with other records once I had a last name. Here goes:

The 1930 census lists Joseph Pepi, an Italian immigrant(arriving 1913), living in a rented home ($20 month), age 38, unable to read, write, or speak English. He works as a fur dresser at a tannery. He was married at age 27 to Annie, another Italian immigrant who arrived in 1920; in 1930 she is 32 (married at 22), so I assume she married almost immediately after arrival--perhaps it was an arranged marriage. She can't read or write, but does speak English. Hilda(age 8) and Albert(age5) are both in school and can read and write. Gloria is 23 months old. 

Using a combination of California birth, marriage, and death records, as well as military records, I have determined that Joseph was born Jan or June 2 1892. His full name was Guiseppe, his mother's maiden name was Barsi. He died August 21, 1963. His wife's full name was Nella S. Ramoni (not sure why it is Annie in the census, unless perhaps it is Annella). Her mother's maiden name was Magnani, she was born April 11, 1898, and died March 21st, 1963. It is quite plausible Guiseppe/Joseph had at least one more brother in California, as Fortunato Pepi was born in 1884 and his mother's maiden name was also Barsi. 

Joseph Pepi registered for the WWI draft while still single. He was tall and medium build. brown eyes, black hair. He was employed by (?) Schroeder, as a fur dresser. He was born in Pia Gai Luuca Italy. 

Hilda Francesca was born 10/4/1921 and died 8/9/1984 in San Francisco. She was married to Russell William Spadoni (born 8/21/1920, died 3/23/1969). They had at least one daughter who had 2 children(although I believe the response to the photo indicates there was more than one child). 

Albert L. Pepi was born March 17 (?) 1925. He enlisted in the army during WWII (June 12, 1943). He married Lorraine Lepiane, born in 1926. They had at least two children, & several grandchildren. Albert L. Pepi died in 1993 in Gardenville, Nevada. It is possible his wife is still alive.

I didn’t search on Gloria, because at that time, I had enough information for contacts. Perhaps Hilda's family can fill us in on Gloria a little more! As always, this is just a small snapshot of this family and I am sure there are many more descendants then I have found. 


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Photo Number 436

This is page 31 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 32 Boy with checkerd tie A young man that is not identified.  C B Strawn took this photo in Elliot Iowa.

Page 32 Boy with tie back This cabinet card has an ornate back.  It is most likely from the 1890’s.


With this photo we complete the pages within the album.  However there were an additional 23 photos tucked into the back of this album.  We will look at them, some are marked..some are not..some are names we have heard before..some are new names.  I am convinced that this was indeed Nettie Leal Crandall Parks album, and she was the person that wrote in this album sometime before she died at the age of 72 in 1943.

IMG_0781 Inside the back cover is her name just like in the front cover.

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Photo Number 435

This is page number 31 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 31 Little Girl with doll

This is a cabinet card of a delightful little girl and her doll.    It is not marked..other than the photographer Jos. Pearse of Genoa, Neb.  I do not see many cabinet cards that feature toys with children.

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Photo Number 434

This is the photo on page number 30 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 30 St Clair

There is just one notation on this cabinet card..St Clair.  It is a shame that we cannot see more of her dress.  She seems to have a beautiful handkerchief at her neckline held under the lacy collar with a long pin. Late 1890’s is my best guess on this one.  The card is blank on the back.

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Photo Number 433

This Real Photo Postcard was found in-between pages 28 and 29.

Page 28 to 29 inbtween Uncle Sams two oldest

Page 28 to 29 Inbetween Back of Sams two oldest

Ok we have to break this postcard down into parts to understand it all.

I will assume that this was written by Mrs. Samuel Parks (Olive) and that it was sent to Nettie and Wesley Parks.  With one of Nettie’s daughters  writing in pen and and copying over part of the writing in pencil.

In Pencil: As I don’t know when we will get to see one another will send this to you.  You probably have seen someone it looks like.  August 18th 1910  From Elma + Howard To Their Little Cousins.

In Pen:  Samuel T Parks ( Theodore I think)  referring to Samuels Middle name.  Then a clarification about the children : Uncle Sam’s  2 oldest at Carson..and then Parks. Samuel T. Parks and his wife Olive’s two oldest children were Elma born around 1906 and Howard born sometime in 1908-1909.  That would make Elma about 4 and Howard about 2 when this photo was taken.

These two are just as cute as they can be, Elma with the big bows in her hair and Howard with his cap.


John W Parks and Elizabeth Cusick had a number of children.

Wesley (b. 1871 in New Jersey) Wesley married Nettie L Crandal Feb 13, 1896
Samuel Park (b. 1874 in Iowa) Samuel married Olive M. Debolt on  Oct 26, 1904

Harry (Mar 1883)
Thomas (Jan 1887)
Charles (Jan 1887) Charles married Viola Walker Parks June 17, 1914


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Photo Number 432

This photo was found tucked in between page number 28 and 29.
Page 28 and 29 between Charlie and Viola Parks A photo, which may be from the 1920’s. Page 28 to 29 inbetween Charlie and Viola Parks back Charlie M. Parks and Viola Walker Parks.  Brother and sister? ( Edited : They are husband and wife) 

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Update from Iggy:
Charles Morris Parks (b. 1887 in Macedonia, Iowa) was 27 years old when he married 21 year old Viola Walker (b. 1893 in Henderson, Iowa) on June 17 1914 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. The groom's parents are shown as John W. Parks and Elizabeth Cusick and the brides parents as Chas Walker and Cora Adkins on the marriage record.

John W Parks and Elizabeth Cusick had a number of children. 
Wesley (b. 1871 in New Jersey) Wesley married Nettie L Crandal Feb 13, 1896
Samuel Park (b. 1874 in Iowa)
Harry (Mar 1883)
Thomas (Jan 1887)
Charles (Jan 1887) Charles married Viola Walker Parks June 17, 1914 

So this photo is Netties husbands younger brother and his wife.  Now we have a connection:)

Update from djsheri:
John Wesley Park Sr., b. 7 May 1839, Mendham, Morris Co., New Jersey, m. Elizabeth Cusick 2 Nov. 1876, Peapack, New Jersey. They came to Macedonia, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa in 1874 with his parents Peter Park & Harriet E. Bowman. 

John Wesley Park Sr. & Elizabeth Cusick had children:
John Wesley Park, Jr (aka Wesley Park/s
Samuel Theodore Park/s
Harry Kenneth Park/s
Twins - Charles Morris Park/s & Thomas Bowman Parks

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Photo Number 431

In between pages 28 and 29 there were a few odd photographs, A High School Graduation Program, a invitation and even a fancy advertisement.


Lets look at this photo first

Page 28 to 29 Inbetween Mamas Couisn This is one of those square cards where the photo was put on the diagonal. It is weird.  She is lovely..young I think and the front of her dress is very different.  She is Mama’s Cousin.

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween Mamas cousin back

Then we can revisit Elton L. Taylor and his High School Graduation  May 14 of 1924.

Page 28 and 29 inbetween HS Grad

Page 28 and 29 HS Grad front of

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween Program HS

There were only thirteen in this class. Their class motto was “Impossible is un-American”

Now for that fancy ad.

Page 28 and 29 inbetween General Ed F Jones

Page 28 and 29 Inbetween General Ed F Jones back

This ad is on thinner paper..but it is meant to look like a Cabinet Card, and perhaps something that people would hang onto..and apparently they did.  He sold scales to farmers.

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Photo Number 430

This is page 29 in the Nettie Parks Album.
Page 29 Kids and Quilt
A beautiful photo of two children.  The child on the right is a boy, his hair is parted on the side. The baby could be either a girl or a boy.  Someone made a very beautiful quilt, and included it in the photo.
Page 29 Back of Kids and quilt H. H. Stich of Malvern Iowa was the photographer. The back of this cabinet card is almost a piece of artwork all by itself. The card has notched edges, they were popular from 1894 to 1900.
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 Update from Iggy:
Harry L. Summitt was born in October 2, 1887 to Gilbert and Luanna Summitt. His brothers and sisters were Alta (Jan 1890), Roy G (Mar 1892), Lena B (Jul 1893), and James M Summitt (May 1895).
I have placed the photos side by side for comparison…since Alta was born in 1890, and Harry in 1887. Todays photo could indeed be them. The little boys sure do look alike.
Page 24 Harry Summit Page 29 Kids and Quilt
Photo Number 425

Update from Kaitlyn: 
Found your great site through some web searches! I'm a descendant of Harry and Alta's half brother, James. Just wanted to add some more details for you and any readers :)

Harry and Alta were the children of Gilbert Henry Summitt and his first wife, Maude Rayburn. Gilbert remarried following the death of Maude, who died in childbirth. He married his housekeeper at the time, Luemma (Emma) Hancock, and had another three children: Roy, Lena and James. Gilbert and Luemma eventually divorced - and Luemma remarried Wilson Waugh later in life, while Gilbert remained unmarried until his death.

Hope those details help to add context a little bit! The two children pictured are Harry and Alta Jean. 

I have an update on Photo Number 413, the photo of Josiah and Jane Reese.  A relative by the name of Nancy sent me photos of the couple when they were older.  Thanks Nancy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo Number 429

Page Number 28 in the Nettie Parks Album.
The word Parmly ( which I believe to be Parmley) is written on the page.
Page 28 Parmly bunch
Silas, Clive, Howard, Mate and Aunt Ell.  I believe this is two families..but I am not sure how they are split up yet.
I believe that this photo may have been taken around 1890.
IMG_0753 Now if we go back to the first page in the album..this must be Mate Parmley..not Nate Parmley..and we know they lived near Grandpa Crandalls farm..up hill south the 2nd house.  Neighbors?  Cousins? Were Nettie Crandall Parks and Mate Parmley of about the same age and good friends?  Nettie was born in 1871 and married in 1896 when she was 25 years old.  I think that Mate was about 19 or 20 years old in the above it fits. It is also fitting that Nettie’s best friend or cousin was the first photo that was placed in the album.
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Update from Jim: Thanks Jim! 
this is the family of silas and lillian jane (neff) parmley. he was a civil war veteran

silas (augustus, truman, joshua, jehiel, joshua, john, john) was born 1 apr 1839 at toledo, ohio.

he married anna powell on 29 sep 1959 at houston, minn. they had five children: henry l., warren s., david h., clara m., and michael, all born between 1859 and 1865. anna, who was born about 1840 in pa, died 28 sep 1869 at wells, minn.

he then married lillian on 4 sep 1877 at shelden, minn. their children were:

--mary elizabeth, born 7 aug 1878, at macedonia, iowa, married william m. booton on 16 jan 1900.

--clive erwin, born 13 apr 1882, at henderson, iowa, married about 1902 to ella mae horback. their children were lizzie e (m ), dora m (m), and clivene e (m). clive's wwi draft card shows he was a motorman for the city trolley cars in los angeles. died 15 apr 1932 at los angeles; ella then lived with daughter clivene.

--arthur lorenzo, born 14 feb 1892 at macedonia, married bessie peska on 11 apr 1913. in 1955 he was living in oakland, calif. they had one child, william r.e. who married clara deitrich.

silas enlisted on 4 nov 1861 as a private for co. k, 46th illinois infantry, and mustered out 29 dec 1864. widow lillian filed for a pension.
he died 26 jan 1911 in council bluffs and was buried there.

my best guess is that "mate" is a nickname for daughter mary ... and howard sitting front and center is silas' son from his first marriage, david h -- the h standing for howard.

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Photo Number 428

Page number 27 is blank..but this photograph was tucked in-between pages 26 and 27.
Is it possible that these two unknowns are closely related..perhaps..then again someone could have just stuffed the odd photo someplace in the album. We will probably never know.
Page 26 and 27 In between
This gentleman’s coat seems to be heavier than most suit coats.. perhaps it was winter.  He had a very wild tie!
This photo might have been taken right around 1900.
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Update from djsheri:
He is probably John Wesley Park/s Jr. I have pictures of his father John Wesley Park Sr. & mother Elizabeth Cusick. The Park family was Scot-Irish and Presbyterian and Methodist. Elizabeth Cusick was Irish and Catholic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo Number 427

Page 26 of the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 26 Unknown Man An unknown gentleman, who had his photo taken by B E Goldsberry in Red Oak Iowa.  It is a cabinet card with the most exquisite border of tree branches and birds.  I have not seen one quite like this one before.

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Photo Number 426

Page 25 in the Nettie Parks Album.
Page 25 Mc Gee This is a cabinet card marked Mc Gee.
Page 25 Back of Mc Gee Aunt Belle
The photographer was H. G. Parcell of Kirksville and La Plata.  I had to look those towns up, they are in Missouri.

This must have been a photo that was meant for his Aunt Belle.  I will tentatively date this Cabinet Card in the 1880’s.

Do you suppose he was a music teacher?  At first glance I thought perhaps this was a foreign Cabinet Card…his hat and the baton in his hand made him look Swiss to me for some reason..( I read Heidi as a child and I have an overactive imagination! )  
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Photo Number 425

Page 24 of the Nettie Parks album.
Page 24 Harry Summit
Little Harry Summit standing in a chair.  I wonder if he is related to Gilbert and Lueanna ( Lu Emma) Summit? We did not have any photos of them..but their photographs were in this album at one time..empty pages 10 and 11.

This is a cabinet card from  Hooton’s Studio  Macedonia, Ia. and Carson, Iowa. I will guess that this photograph was taken in the 1890’s. ( Update: Harry was born in 1887.. If he was two in this photo the year would be 1889)

A reader by the name of Star asked this question:
How much did it cost to have these cabinet photos taken? How much would it have cost to have one's portrait painted by a various range of painters (local/naive, talented/unknown, known/famous)? What was the average yearly wage of a range of people shown in the photos? Obviously, photography made portraits available to a much wider range of people, while the cost of a lady's dress in a Sear's catalogue of the turn of the century continually pops back into my mind (if I'm not remembering incorrectly, it was something like $6!!!). I'd like to be able to put all these marvelous photos in perspective. Do you, or your readers, have some hard facts (and reliable sources) that will help me?

I responded that Tintypes were a penny a piece..they were the photograph that was readily available to everyday people and Tintypists were often traveling photographers in the late 1800’s.   Real Photo Postcards were a penny each in the early 1900’s, and they cost another penny to mail.

Does anyone know what a sitting fee was to have a cabinet card made, or the cost of the individual cards? Update: Iggy found an article that said that Cabinet Cards were about 6 dollars a dozen or 50 cents each. 

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Update from Iggy: 
Harry L. Summitt was born in October 2, 1887 to Gilbert and Luanna Summitt. His brothers and sisters were Alta (Jan 1890), Roy G (Mar 1892), Lena B (Jul 1893), and James M Summitt (May 1895).

He married Oliva Belle Wigginton (b. 1893 in Macedonia, Iowa) on 30 May 1917. At that time, his mother's name is given as Maud Rayburn. In the 1910 US census, Harry is shown living alone with with sister Alta and "widowed" Elizabeth Rayburn (b. abt 1833 in Illinois). Olive's parents were listed on the marriage record as Chas. W. Wigginton and Isadore E. Jackson.

Harry died August 1964 apparently still in Iowa.

Update January 04, 2012 from anonymous relative
yes, that is Harry Summitt, and more than likely the other is of Alta Jean Summitt (Loving). my Great Grandfather was Gilbert Summitt, and Harry would have been one of his sons. if anyone has any info on his sister Lena Summitt, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Photo Number 424

This is page number 23 in the Nettie Parks Album.
IMG_0770Louie Stennett was the name written on part of the trim that was then glued to the side of the decorative frame.
Page 23 Louie Stennett  The photographer Whitley was at the 303 RR Address in Elmira, NY in 1886.  This is a Cabinet Card.
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Update from Iggy:
Lucius E. Stennett (b. 1870 in Red Oak, Iowa) married at the age of 29, Mary J. Inick (b. 1875 in Macedonia, Iowa) who was 24 years old on when she married on 30 Sep 1899 in Red Oak, Montgomery, Iowa.

Lucius' parents were Chas. Stennett and Louisa Lowe. The bride's were Abram D. Inick and Elizabeth Reynolds.

The married couple moved to Ashland, Oregon with the groom's parents shortly after the wedding. By 1910, they had one son and three daughters, Arthur 9yrs, Edna Stennett 7yrs, Ellaleen Stennett 4yrs and Opal Stennett 1 yr.

Lucius grandfather, Wayne Stennett was one of the original settlers of Montgomery County, Iowa, moved there from Illinios around 1848.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo Number 423

Page 22 in the Nettie Parks Album
Page 22 Fannie Goit
Meet Fannie Goit…from Pennsylvania.   The photographer is Spencer from Troy, PA.  It is a  Cabinet Card. There is no imprint on the back of this card.

We had two photos the other day that had the same photographer..Mary Gould ( Netties Aunt)  and her husband, Jehiel Gould.  Could this be another relative?

The dress has puffed sleeves..and seems to have a pleated bodice, with a very high neck.  I will guess that this photo was taken sometime between  1886 -1900..since those are known years that the photographer was in Troy.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Number 422

Page 20 in the album is blank.
Page 21..IMG_0768
Cousin can’t recall  name
Page 21 Cousin cant recall her name
This is a Cabinet Card, the photographer was Linder at South Chicago, ILL. I just don’t know about a date on this one 1886?  It looks like she has a bustle of some sort.  The dress looks to me like it is velvet. She appears to be holding some long stemmed roses, she has some kind of fru fru netting around her neck and in the front area of her gown. ..I have not seen anything quite like it.  She is wearing a necklace (I think), earrings, bracelet and perhaps a watch chain which is peeking out of her dress.  Page 21 Cousin cant recall her name
Page 21 Back of photo
This is the back of the cabinet card.
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Update from Norkio: 
She is wearing a small bustle, and the square neckline of her dress was popular during both bustle periods. The net in her neckline is called a fischu and was used to fill the open area. It could be removed for an evening engagement when more skin could be shown, such as at a dinner party.

I'm inclined to think this is from the late bustle period based on the back of the cabinet card. The more elaborate the design on the back, the later in the time frame when they were popular. They peaked in popularity between 1870-1895. I'd say that 1886 or so is a good date for this photo. This lady could be easing away from the natural form and into the later bustle period, or could just prefer a smaller bustle than the "haut couture" demanded.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Number 421

Pages 17 and 18
IMG_0767 Think this is Aunt Mary Gould……. + her husban Gould

Page 18 Think this is Aunt Mary Gould

Page 19 and her husband Gould

Page 18 and 19 Back
This is the back of both cards.

This are both Cabinet Cards..of Mary and her husband from Troy, PA. These photos were probably taken at the same time..I will guess around 1890.( Update from Al:  1886-1900  are the years F M Spencer was in Troy)   Relatives from back east?

Update from Iggy : Mr. Jehiel and Mary A Gould lived in Troy, PA in 1880 (US Census) with parent Sarah Crandall. Sarah Crandall would be Nettie Crandall Parks Grandmother. 
Mary Maude (nee Crandall) Gould was Nettie's aunt (her father's baby sister).

These are items that were tucked in these pages.
Page 18 and 19 Elton Taylor Card and carnation
A pressed carnation with a red bow and a card that says: Elton L. Taylor.
Update from Iggy: 
Elton Lavern Taylor was born September 29, 1905, Macedonia, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; the 5th children of 14 born to Orval Oscar and Louise Tabitha (Osler) Taylor; his siblings being: Ora Lee Taylor, Earl Clifford Taylor, Florence Opal Taylor, Lawrence Floyd Taylor, Saloma Itol Taylor, Harold O. Taylor, Kenneth Osler Taylor, Alberta Lucille Taylor, Louie Francis Taylor, John Westerfield Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Kathryn J. Taylor, and Wilma G. Taylor.

He was united in marriage to Mildred Eunice Phillips on December 27, 1927 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. To this union 4 known children were born: Orval Doran Taylor, Ronald Elton Taylor, John Duane Taylor, and Keith Harley Taylor.

Elton answered the call to the spirit world on July 16, 1968 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas at the age of 62y, 9m, 17d. 

Page 18 and 19 between photo  A poorly framed photograph..of two women who might be related and a guy with his head chopped off.  The lady on the left looks pregnant to me. This is a much later photograph.
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