Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo Number 1180

This is a photo from the flea market in Wadena Minnesota.

Two, little gals with hats Wadena Flea Market

Kind of a strange photo.  A man standing beside some piece of steam powered machinery and two little girls showing off their hats in bare feet.

Two, little gals with hats Wadena Flea Market

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Happy Easter! :)

Easter Postcard

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Photo Number 1179

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota. CdV Gal in big hat DL Antiques

CdV Gal in big hat DL Antiques back

Tromso is a city in Norway.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Number 1178

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway.

Children with hats by river Solway

Seven children all in hats..most likely all girls.  Do you suppose those are twins in the pram?  Every time I see this photo the hymn “Shall we gather at the river” starts playing in my head.

It was a beautiful setting for a spring photo.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Number 1177

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  It is an Azo Postcard from 1904 to 1918. Estelle from Portland ND Postcard DL Antiques
Estelle from Portland ND Postcard DL Antiques back
The postcard was addressed to a Miss Nora Grimson of Portland N. Dak.

Dear Nora, Was so glad to receive a card from you. I’ll forgive you this time for not coming over to see me. I was gone so that’s a good excuse isn’t it? Ha Ha!  How do you like to go to school in Portland?   Miss Fladeland teaches music and drawing and we all like her real well. Estella

PS Don’t get scared when you look at the other side. It was taken last winter.  Answer soon.

Now be good and study hard. Hazel C went to Fargo last Friday to see the Doctor haven’t heard how she is getting along.

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Update from Iggy:
I suspect Miss Fladeland was a May Fladeland who died in Portland, Traill, North Dakota. She was born on 10 May 1890 and died in Apr 1976. She is listed as a public school teacher in 1910, 1920 and 1930. She never married.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo Number 1176

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Hat and Muff photo winter PR Antiques

This photo of a lady with a hat and a muff  must have been taken in the late 1910’s or early 1920’s.  The skirt length is still long.  This photo looks a bit strange..she has her hands in a muff and the fur trim of her coat is hanging down. Very elegant!

I have several muffs in the museum.  The little girls that visited the museum were always intrigued.  I decided I needed one for a hands on display and asked our members to find one.  Later that week I found a plastic bag stuffed in the back of a cabinet..filled with wool socks and you guessed it.. a fur muff.   So now all the school kids can try out the muff.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo Number 1175

This week we will look at some ladies in hats.
Rose Stone and friend Brainerd Antiques
Two ladies in cloche hats and fur trimmed or fur coats.  Most likely from the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.  Fur coats were warm, durable and a sign of wealth or social status.
Rose Stone and friend Brainerd Antiques back
Rose Stone and Friend. 
I paid a dollar for this snapshot at  the antique store in Brainerd Minnesota.
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Update from Iggy:
Rose Rischall nee' Stone was born 27 Feb 1910 in Minnesota and died 4 Jul 1992 in Los Angeles, CA

The kicker? the house in the photo very closely matches the one in google street view for their home in 1930, 724 Hague Avenue, Saint Paul.

Further Update from Tina:
Rose Rischall (Stone being her maiden name) was my grandmother. Her father's name was not Morris, it was Issac. Rose was born in St. Paul Minnesota in 1910, and died in Los Angeles county California in 1992. The signature you have here, is a match to my grandmothers.


Rose's parents were Issac and Bessie and her siblings were Mildred and Walter according to the 1930 Census.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Full Circle 68

This photo found it’s way to Texas.  I am pleased that it went Full Circle!
Ole and Carrie Flea Market
This photo was in a frame and I kept it all intact.
Mary found the photo and a mystery was solved.
Mary Wrote:
I received the picture you sent of Carrie and Ole Engebretson, my great great grandparents yesterday.  Once again thank you so much for the ‘labor of love’ you spend so much time and effort with.  I hope you get many letters of appreciation from others who have ‘found’ their ancestors through your efforts.  The picture is wonderful to have, and it won’t be ‘forgotten’ again.
Ole Engebretson was born in Voss, Hordaland, Norway on April 5, 1835.  Voss is located in the western mountains of Norway.  Carrie Brynildsdtr, his wife, was also born there on August 21, 1831.  Much of the information we have found on them and their family Much of the information we found on them was from baptism records.  The next generation back was Ingebrigt Olsen, Ole’s father and his mother Martha Eriksdr, who was born in 1778.  Ole Haldorsen born in 1755 who was Ingebrigt’s father, and Inger Knudsdr, his mother.  One generation further back was Haldor Ingebrigson, Ole Haldorsen’s father.  You can see how the names carried on from one generation to the next, and we soon realized that the ‘dtr’ or ‘dr’ at the end of the females names’ names meant daughter.
Ole and Carrie had two children while still living in Norway.  They are a puzzle we’re still looking for the answer to, as there is no mention of them on census records once the parents immigrated to the US in 1857.  They moved to Decorah, IA area and had five children while living there, including my great grandmother Martha Christine on March 4, 1858.  Their last three children were born in Medo, Blue Earth, MN starting in 1869 and the last born in 1873.
Martha Christine married Nels Tobias Hoverson in 1878, and they had five children all born in Medo. MN, including my grandfather Hilmer Hoverson, who was born in 1879.  The Hoverson family also originated in Norway.  Nels Tobias was the son of Hover Sibianson, thus became Hoverson (Hover’s son).  Once the families were in the US their last names remained the same from one generation to the next.
Again, many thanks for the rewarding work you do.  We didn’t even know Carrie’s first name, (which we’ve now found listed as Caroline, Caren, Kari and Kary), before we found their picture on your site.  You can see how just that bit of information has helped us to find out so much more.
Sincerely, Mary
She also wrote that she does not know where Carrie and Ole are buried..possibly Janesville, MN. but they have not located a listing for them there.
She also speaks very highly of  Salt Lake City, UT and the family research center in Temple Square.
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Mary heard from another relative (Darla) who shared this:
In 1867, 7 wagons left Decorah (?) Iowa for Wisconsin. They were driven 
by Ole Engebritson, Lars Severson, Peter Haug (e), Lars Falkadahl, Eli 
or John Germo, Barney Oleson and Ingebrigt Oleson who according to my 
grandmother was Ole's half brother. The cooked in a communal pot, hunted 
game for food, the whole "pioneer" thing. After reaching WI, Albert, my 
great grandfather, age 5, wondered off to check out the home stead and 
was left behind. It must have been some time before they counted noses 
and realized he was missing. They sent a rider back on horseback, where 
he found Albert sitting on a rock, in tears. When the gang, who I call 
the Medo 7, heard about land in Medo, they head there. I have no idea ; 
how long they were in Wi, but since Martha Christina was the oldest, she 
must have been born in Iowa. But where???? All we have for Albert is 
Iowa.  Ole and Thron Hoverson, your other great grandfather, we movers 
and shakers in Medo. Holding many positions (Ole was a postmaster) 
while building the town. When my great grandmother Nettie came to 
American  from Norway, she was working as a maid for Marshall Fields, 
when she got a letter from her brother saying, "There is a family here 
looking dfor a wife for their son, so get your ___ here ASAP." Ahh, 
romance...aint it great.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photo Number 1174

These are the last of the photos of Hazel.

Hazel 1908 18 years old

Hazel Ferguson 1908 she would have been 18 years old.

Hazel 1908 18 years old back

Then the photos  stop for a long time.

Twenty years later.

Hazel December 1928  38 years old

December 1928 Hazel would have been 38 years old.

Hazel 41 years old in September 1931

Almost three years later. Hazel in September of 1931.

Hazel 41 years old in September 1931back

At 3215 Cutter Way Sacramento Calif  September 1931.

What do we know about Hazel?

Hazel was born in April of 1890 to J. H. Ferguson and Emma Waldron Ferguson.

Hazel Ferguson married Phillip Farley.  Then she was married to Lloyd Rackerby.

Jim H. Ferguson ( Hazels Father) died  March 4, 1914 in Sacramento California.

Death Notice (unknown paper)
FERGUSON - In this city, March 4, 1914, James H. Ferguson, husband of Emma J. Ferguson; father of Hazel Farley; a native of Virginia, aged 63 years 8 months. He is buried in Sacramento California at the Oddfellows Lawn Cemetery.

Hazel Rackerby nee Ferguson (b. 28 Apr 1890 in California d. 8 Jan 1961) Hazel lived to be 71 years old.

I cannot find a grave for Hazel.


What do we know of Emma?

She was born in Maine in 1853 and came to California when she was ten years old.  She married Solomon Haslam in 1868 when she was 15 years old. 

Sol married Anna sometime around 1880.  Their first child Herbert was born in 1881, their second in 1882 and Maud in 1886.  Sol died in 1886 he is buried with his brother. During 1885/1886 he shot a man named Ruben Brooks in self defense and shortly after that court case he died.  His wife Anna inherited his claim, she quickly remarried in 1888.

I  can speculate that Emma divorced Sol when she was somewhere between 19 and 29 ..remember that one photo that says she was unmarried when she was 28 or 29 in 1881/1882?

She married J.H. Ferguson sometime before 1890 when Hazel was born. They lived at 610 O Street in Sacramento California. James H. Ferguson died in 1914.

Emma Jane Ferguson shares a burial plot with her husband James in Oddfellows Cemetery in Sacramento California.  She died  on October 25, 1945.  She would have been 92 years old. ( Can you imagine the stories that she could have told??)

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photo Number 1173

We continue on with photos of Hazel Ferguson, she is the daughter of J. H. Ferguson and Emma Waldren Ferguson of Sacramento California. Friends of Hazels  unknown year

Hazel Ferguson, Leslie Bruner, Laura Machlar, Fredia Bruter and Florence Switzer

I found info on one of the girls.  Leslie Bruner lived at 911 O street with her parents Elwood and Lillian, she was 11 years old in the 1900 census.  Her father was a Lawyer.  She had sisters named Edna, Gladys and Bernice.

From The 1900 census information I found that Hazel was an only child at the time of the 1900 census.  Her father J. H. Ferguson is listed as being a Machinist.

Hazel 13 years old 1903

Hazel in 1903  Age 13

Hazel  School Days 1905 15 years old

1905 Age 15

Hazel 1905 15 years old

Age 15.  She must have graduated from the 8th grade.

Hazel 1905 15 years old back

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Number 1172

Yesterday we had a postcard from J.H. Ferguson to Miss Hazel Ferguson.
It was addressed to 610 O ST Sacramento Cal
610 House in  Sacramento California
The photo is not marked.  Clearly there are a woman, child and a man standing in front of the residence.  My guess is that it is Emma, Hazel and J. H. (James) Ferguson.
Lets go back just a bit.
Hazel  6 months old in 1890Hazel  6 months old in 1890 back
Hazel Aged 6 months  must have been taken in 1890.
Hazel 1892Hazel 1892 Back
Mrs. Ferguson 610 O St Sac
Culbirth ?? ( most likely a photographers notation)
2 years old
Hazel and Lelia 1894Hazel and Lelia 1894 back
Hazel 4 yrs. 5 mo.
Lelia 4 years 3 mo.
Update from Iggy: 
Leila Waldron niece of Ashby T Waldron (Emma J.'s father) married to Chas. Leon Shepard at Sacramento on Nov. 19, 1916. Leila might have been Hazel's cousin!
This must have been taken in September of 1894.
It looks like someone colored on this photo with a magic marker.
Hazel 5 years old in 1895Hazel 5 years old in 1895 back
Mrs E. ?  Ferguson  610 O St Sacramento Cal.
Age five years.  Must have been taken in 1895.
The house at 610  Sibyl Beedee Age 6 Hazel Age 8  1898
The house at 610  Sibyl Beedee Age 6 Hazel Age 8  1898 back
The house at 610 O Street.  This time there are some kind of paintings or banners in the windows featuring a girl and a boy.
Sibyl  Beedee age 6
Hazel Age 8
The year would have been 1898.
Hazel was born in April of 1890.

This is a treasure trove of old photos to help complete a family history..if there is a family out there.  Right now they look like true Forgottens.  Obviously from the holes in most of the photos they were in an album of some kind and someone took them out of the album and sold them separately.  It is important to keep family photos in an album together…every photo provides more clues to the identity of the family.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Number 1171

We continue on with the Hazel/Emma/Vene story in photographs.
Vene age 37 Carl maybe 2 years six months.  Date of photo 1889
Vene and Carl?? Pearl ?? (Gotta love that hair)
From Iggy: Emma Waldren had a sister named Lavena\Lavina  Alvena (b. 1853 and about a year older than Emma)
Vene age 37 Carl maybe 2 years six months.  Date of photo 1889 back
Vene Alvena was born in 1852 so the year this photo was taken should be around 1889.  That means her child was born in 1887 or 1886.
Back to Emma.
36 years old after hazels birth.  1889
The year  was about 1889.  Perhaps she and Alvena went to the photographer the same day..perhaps together.
36 years old after hazels birth.  1889 back
36 years old
Hair had just grown out, after being bald, after Hazel was born.
Ok lets back up.  Emma was supposedly married to Sol Haslam in 1868.  Moved to Sacramento in 1872.  Was unmarried ( divorced ?) In 1881 or 1882 we had the not married photo.  Now she has given birth to Hazel in..1889..How about April of 1890.
(Thanks Iggy)
Hazel Rackerby nee Ferguson (b. 28 Apr 1890 in California d. 8 Jan 1961) mother appears to have been Emma J Ferguson nee Waldren. There are "hints" that Emma was married Solomon Haslam. I'm thinking Solomon was married more than once - once to Emma and once to Anna.
Emma must have married J. H Ferguson… First name is James (Thanks Jacqi)
J H Ferguson
J.H. Ferguson unknown year.
J H Ferguson Back
He sent Hazel a Postcard from New York 1907 I think.
Ben Wilson and J H Ferguson

Ben Wilson and J H Ferguson Postcard back to Hazel
It was postmarked Washington DC September 9  at 8PM   07.
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Update from Iggy: 
Ah. A breakthrough. Lavina's name was mis-recorded in a number of census. Her name was Alvena. Alvena married a Henry McCausland and was soon widowed. In 1910 she and Pearl were living with her parents Ashby Thomas and Elizabeth Waldren/Waldron.

Pearl married Roy Bratton (b. abt 1889 in Kentucky) and Alvena lived with them in 1920. Roy and Pearl had Elaine (1916), Nadeen and Zelpha (twins 1917).

Pearl was born 17 Jul 1888 and died 4 Jan 1953 in Sacramento.

Zelpha Orion Bratton born August 5 1918 died August 23 1944.

Nadeen Bratton died on 10 Sep 2011. 

Info for Ben Wilson:
There is a Ben S Wilson born 1857 living in Tuolumne County, California in 1898 and in 1900 in Sacramento. He is listed as single in 1900.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photo Number 1170

We continue with a photo  from the Emma/Hazel group. Not married age about 28 or 29  1881 or 1882
Not married age about 28 or 29  1881 or 1882 back
Not married.  Age about 28 or 29.  Black Satin dress trimmed with black jet fringe.  She made it.
The year would have been 1881 or 1882
NOT Married.  What is up with that?  Is this the gal we call Emma??  It sure looks like her. Could it be her sister?  The photo was taken in Sacramento, Cal
Lets add another name. Vene.
vene age 27  1879vene age 27  1879 back
Vene born 1852  Age about 27 ..that would make the year 1879

Vene was born one year before Emma.  They sure look like sisters.

Both photos today are Cabinet Cards.

The more I look at these photos the more confused I get. 

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From Iggy:
Emma Waldren had a sister named Lavena\Lavina (b. 1853 and about a year older than Emma)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Number 1169

The story continues.  We now know that Emma and Sol (Solomon) were married in about 1868.
We know that she came to California from Maine when she was ten years old..about 1863.
We continue to the next photograph.
Age 19 Sonora CalAge 19 Sonora Cal back
Sol Haslam gave her all the jewelry which was gold and the best.  Sonora Cal Age 19  
Age 21 Taken about 1874Age 21 Taken about 1874 back
Age about 21  Taken about 1874.  Ma born 1853.  Moved to Sacramento when 19 years old in 1872.
This is one of those strange photos..which looks to be part photo and part drawing. 
In my opinion this was written by her daughter..(Ma born in 1853)..a daughter would write that.
Age about 23Age about 23 back
Age about 23 the year would have been  1876.
In the information I found about Solomon is correct ..he was married to an Anna R.  could it have been a clerks error..Anna ..Emma..they could sound alike?   Anna R. and Solomon had three children Herbert, Clarence and Maude who was born in 1886.  Sol would die sometime between 1886 when Maude was born and 1888 when Annie ( Emma ) would remarry.

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Update: Anna and Emma were two different "wives" ..Emma may have been a kept woman..or a second wife I am not sure we will ever know for sure. 

Update from Iggy:
Anna R. inherited the claim and the mine that Solomon owned - so Emma was either before Anna's marriage (or concurrent, as the Haslam family is associated with the Mormons). California would not have recognized a bigamous marriage (I don't think). Solomon died not long after his court cause filtered through the so-called justice system. He claims to have shot a man named Ruben Brooks in self-defense. Susan Ruben (his wife?) appealed the lower courts finding and a finding was overturned (not being a lawyer, I don't understand what exactly was overturned) This took place in 1885-6.