Thursday, January 3, 2019

Full Circle 176

This Full Circle began with an email.
Hi there,
Your blog is so interesting. In my own way I have been reuniting old photos with descendants of the subjects. Good for you.
I would like to know if the photos can be purchased. A dear friend and cousin just found her birth family through DNA and I would like to send these photos of her great grandfather to her as a gift. She just completed her PhD while working full time and raising three children. She would be so grateful.
If you don’t sell the photos maybe a copy made from the original would work.
Thanks in advance for your help.
I explained that I had a number of Beaulieu photos
You have no idea how thrilled I am to find these photos.  I am going to get them framed and send them to Kim.  Her mother was a out of wedlock child of Helen Elizabeth Killian who was put up for adoption.  Kim has been welcomed with open arms into the Killian family and has even been blessed to spend time with Lena’s (her grandmother youngest brother and her grand uncle, Gerald Killian, sho will be 98 on January 1st. 
They met for the first time at the  Killian reunion that I hosted in County Longford Ireland in May 2017.  Attached is the backstory of the Killian Homeplace.  There is no one on this earth who will cherish receiving any memento of her family history more than Kim.  She is a wonderful human being.
If you could send the 793 portrait of Her great grandparents, Alex and his wife and the 983 photo of the ladies in the hats.  I’m not sure how the other Beaulieu girls are related to her but they’re certainly the same family.  If you would like to send the one of the (973) three ladies as well, I’m sure she would love to have it.  But I don’t want to take advantage of your generous offer.  Whateveryou send will be amazing.
Thank you in advance for this wonderful gift.  You are an angel!
PS if you ever go to Ireland you will always be welcome at the Killian Homeplace
I mailed off the photos.
Alex Beaulieu DL Antiques Number 793
Alex Beaulieu  Photo Number 793
Six gils hats Number 983
Six Girls in Hats DL Antiques back Number 983
Schoolroom DL Antiques Number 973
Schoolroom DL Antiques back Number 973
Millie Hart Moorhead Ant Number 1310 (2)
Millie Hart Photo Number 1310
Little boy Dl ant Number 2905 (2)
Little boy Dl ant back Number 2905 (2)
Little Boy and family Photo Number 2905
Joan got the photos, I had mailed them in a empty chocolate box.
Hi Connie,
Your beautiful chocolate box full of treasures arrived today. Again, I can’t thank you enough.  I’m going to turn them around and send them out to Alex’s great, great granddaughter, Kim Pickett in South Carolina.  Once she gets them, I will do the full circle comments and I assume (hopefully) that she will do the same.  I will also drop you a note with my contribution to your overhead.
Thanks again, Connie…you’re wonderful
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those are some wonderful photos and how awesome that they are in the hands of family again.

  2. So when are you going to Ireland?!?!

    What a wonderful story to go along with this collection of family photos. It seems every Full Circle story gets better than the last. What will you do for an encore???

  3. Hi,

    I am Grace Beaulieu’s Grant Granddaughter.... do you still have these photos? I live in Minnesota and can tell you everything about her and what happened to her children. I’m afraid you might have sent these photos to someone who is not actually connected to Grace.

    1. I mailed them off to the person representing a great Granddaughter


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