Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Number 318

Hat looking prim an d proper
This is a CdV and it is foreign..Norwegian I think.  She has a lovely warm looking hat with mittens to match. Now for the big question..are those some kind of skates that she has over her shoulder?  Interesting!
Hat looking two
Trondheim or Trondhjem is a city in Norway.
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Update: From Jo: The photo is from around 1910. 


  1. Yes they look like skate runners you would attach to a pair of boots rather than permanent skating boots.

  2. Very interesting and unique photo Connie.

  3. I wonder who's thumb print is on the picture? :)

    Those skate blades are really long, they look like speed skates to me. She looks like she might be rather muscular in the legs.

  4. I find the fingerprints on the photo interesting. Do you think they are the photographers?

  5. Nancy and Iggy, Yes, I think the finger prints are the Photographers or his messy assistant!
    Alan..Skate runners..thanks for the input, I had a pair when I was younger..but the blades were not nearly as long as these:)

  6. Yes they are skate blades. It is an interesting shot with her in her winter garb.

  7. the photagrapher worked in trondheim around 1910.
    found a swedish site with referance to the Photographers name.
    maybe the fingerprints are the same ;)

  8. Thanks Jo ! Your input is appreciated! :)

  9. same photagrapher on this postcard....

    Im Norwegian by the way ;)

  10. Thanks Jo! I edited the original post with the date you gave me!
    Yes the same guy..interesting countryside scene! :)


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