Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo Number 307

Sailor Suit Lake Park Antique shop

This is a photo from an Antique Shop near Lake Park, Minnesota.  There are no names on this photo and no photographers info, it could be from anyplace.   I do like the sailor is pretty cute.  I find the covering on the chair odd…perhaps someone is being covered up while hanging onto that baby.  This photo is most likely from around 1920.

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  1. Such beautiful children. Too bad someone's family does not have these for their memories. The "blanket" over the chair is pretty ragged looking - like it was a last minute thing...probably just as you said, to hide the person hanging on to the baby. Their clothes are gorgeous.

  2. I like how the boy that is standing up appears to be leaning into a wind. Do you think they were tied to the chair with the rope concealed? Or perhaps someone is reaching over with one arm? I know people were skinny back then - but it seems like hardly enough room for someone to be under the blanket. :)

  3. I can't see anywhere that a person could hide. It wasn't uncommon for an adult to steady a child and I have a great photo of a child sitting in a black draped chair and it's obvious the parent is sitting under that black drape. The backdrop isn't wrinkled at the bottom because of someone being in the way.

    I think there is a pad under the blanket, holding the baby up. See how the baby's feet jut out from the edge of the chair rather stiffly? Children are pretty floppy at that age and would be unlikely to hold their legs out stiffly like that. Yes, I'm going with "some sort of pad", final answer. ;-)

  4. about a board or a pad the child is strapped his/her legs stick out..I can see that. Do you suppose they tied the child to the board/pad under that dress? :)


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