Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photo Number 1889

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Mellie Laden Craigs
Lies’ is the photographer  10 & 12 Sixth St.  Pittsburgh, PA.
A young gal with fairly curly hair.  She wears a patterned gown with a high neck and very full sleeves.  This photo was most likely taken about 1895.
Mellie Laden Craigs back
Mellie Laden Craigs back
Nellie Laden
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Update from Iggy:
I think this is Nellie Clark nee Leyden (1876-1926)  She was widowed at a very young age and lived with her parents with son Howard A Clark.

She was the daughter of Peter J Leyden and Jennie (1841-1920+)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo Number 1888

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Mrs CF Avery Craigs
The photographer is Nussbaumer at 512 Main Street Buffalo
Notice this photo was called Ivoryette.  This is the first time I have seen the very white backgrounds called anything.
This gal is showing lots of neck area for a photo from around 1885-1895.
Mrs CF Avery Craigs back
Mrs. C. H. Avery  Buffalo N.Y.
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Update from Iggy:
I think this is Phoebe A Avery (1855 - 1918)
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, Erie County, New York

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo Number 1887

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Ida Stone Craigs

A lovely young lady.

The Photographer is Bacon at 60 Dominick Street  Rome N.Y.

Ida Stone Craigs back

Ida Stone  brother Aldens daughter

Ida E. Gifford

Ida Stone Craigs back

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I did a quick search at Find A Grave:

Ida E.Gifford Stone (1864-1931) Buried in Knoxboro-Augusta Cemetery Augusta NY.

Her parents were Alden Gifford and Sarah J. Gifford.  Ida married Emory I. Stone 1858-1933.

They had at least one child S. Lucille Stone Henty (1885-1960)  she married Albert C. Henty They had at least three children Alberta, Ora and Alden.  Alden Henty (1927-2008)  Alden had four sons.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Photo Number 1886

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

F D Corse Craigs

The Photographer was G.P. Huestad of Sandy Creek New York

F D Corse Craigs back

F D Corse Craigs back

Mrs. F.D. Corse

I will guess that this photo was taken about 1895.

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I think this may be Ella Bernice Corse  April 11 1863 to April 29 1897.  She was the daughter of John L. Nichols and Married F. Dudley Corse on October 4 1888.  She and F. Dudley had one son, Spencer 1897 –1912  his Mother, Ella Bernice died in childbirth.

F. Dudley Corse (1859 to 1929) was a well known business man and owner of the Corse Press in Sandy Creek.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Photo Number 1885

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Senora Snoe Craigs
This photo is smaller: it is 3 1/4 inch by 5 inches. 
A beautiful young lady.  Those huge sleeves give the date of the photo away.
Senora Snoe Craigs back
Senore Soew ?  Soen?  Sven? Svew?  Lenore Loew Aged 16 years  1895
There is no photographers imprint. 
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Update from MJM:
I think that she might be Lenore Loew. If so, she was born in Wisconsin to Henry and Emma Loew. On the 1900 census they, along with brother Percy lived in Milwaukee WI. By 1910 the family lived in Portland, OR. Emma is shown as widowed and Lenore single. A niece, Alma Keuheke also lived with them. In 1920 the same three women are living together in Portland, OR, although Alma's name is spelled Kueneke.
From MJM's info:
 I could not find Lenore.  I did find her parents Emma 1856-1927 and Henry J Loew (1852-1905) both buried in La Belle Cemetery Wisconsin.  I also found Lenore's brother Percy (1876-1950)  His wife was Ella (1880-1958)  They had at least one child Roger C. (1901-1965) and Roger had a daughter Eleanore Loew Merten (1920-1998) all of Percy's bunch is buried in Forest Home Cemetery Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Full Circle 116

This photo was featured on May 9, 2010.  Almost five years ago.  Once in a great while, someone recognizes a photo that does not have a name.

Mom and BabyPhoto Number 189

Photo Number 189

April 15, 2015  Melanie left a message on the blog:

I realize this is an old post. I just found this picture. This is my mom and one of my older cousins. Do you remember where you got it? She was from the Alexandria MN area.

I replied:

I do not remember where I got the photo, mostly likely in antique shop in Park Rapids or Detroit Lakes. If you would like the photo I am happy to return it to you, please contact me by email with your address. My email can be :found by clicking near the yellow flower or on Far Side of Fifty...the email is in my profile.

Melanie emailed me this information.


Thank you for getting back to me. I was so surprised to see that photo. I haven’t figured out who the baby is yet, but as the keeper of the photos I know I have seen that baby before. I will keep digging.

My Mother was Edna Viola Frisell Milam. She was born in Starbuck MN on December 7, 1922, to Carl and Britha (Berglund, Peterson) Frisell. She had three brothers and two sisters and since both of my grandparents had been married before, she also had four half-brothers and two half-sisters. She was a telephone operator during the war in San Diego CA. She was living with her older sister and it was there she met my father, John Milam. He was in the Navy with her brother Ed. They married and had 4 children. They divorced after about 11 years. After the divorce we children and Mom moved back to Alexandria. She was a telephone operator there too. There were no dials on the phones then. I remember picking up the receiver and telling the operator that I wanted to talk to my Aunt Carol, and they would put me right through. She had decided to go to college to be a teacher, so we moved into the old family farm for a year to save up. (No running water, a pump on the kitchen sink and an outhouse. Baths in Lake Le Homme Dieu with Ivory soap because it floats and in the winter, in a tub on the kitchen floor with water heated on the stove.) When I was nine years old. We moved  to St. Cloud and she got her degree. We moved to Fargo in 1966 and she taught high school English. After she retired she moved back to Alexandria for a few years and then to St. Cloud. She died in St. Cloud on September 23, 2003. She was an amazing progressive woman who raised us all on her own and somehow managed to turn out four well adjusted, thoughtful, civic-minded, (now old) kids. The last of her siblings , Aunt Carol, died in February in Seattle. She was 98 years old.

My Mom looks to be in her early 20s in the picture. I can’t place the area. Even the church doesn’t look familiar. Perhaps Little Falls? She had brothers and sisters in the area.  I would love to have the picture.


Hi Melanie,  I will search for the photo this morning and hopefully get it in the mail this afternoon.  IF I were you as time permits you should start at the beginning of my blog and look at all the photos, there may be more photos of your Mom or her family.  Since I started I have presented over 1700 photos so after awhile everyone looks familiar to me.  BUT I have a feeling that there are more photos of your Mom..  I also have about 3,000 photos here that have not been presented yet.   When I have time I will go back to my original scan, I used to keep them in folders from where they came from and they are all on my Simple Save Backup.  Connie

April 16, 2015 Hi Melanie, I mailed the photo today.  I found it in my archived photos but apparently I never noted where it was from.  Could have been Park Rapids, DL, Perham  or Motley.  Connie

April 23, 2015 I received the photo. Thank you so much. You may use any of my words in your blog. I am so proud of my mother for what she achieved in her life. She was the greatest mom ever.



Thank you Melanie for sharing about your Mother the beautiful smiling woman in the photograph.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Full Circle 115

This Full Circle was helped along by Iggy leaving a message for Theresa at Ancestry.

Emma Stennes DL Number 1820

Emma Stennes DL back Number 1820

Photo Number 1820


She replied:

February 10

I would love to have this picture of Arnold and Mildred. They are related to my husband. Let me know what I need to do.

Thank You!

Hi Theresa, I will need your address and I will get the photo off in the mail.  Is there anything you can share?  Do you know of the Emma Stennes who is in the photo with the unknown man.  The photo was taken by Mildred and sent to Emma.    Connie

I haven’t tied in Emma Stennes as of yet. Her family  was from Norway also. I just don’t know yet if she was family or just a friend. I will work on this and see what I can come up with.


I mailed the photo February 11 2015

I didn’t hear anything for the longest time.

March 7

Hi Theresa, Did the photo arrive safely?  I would like to write the Full Circle post.  Thanks Connie


Sorry I haven’t written back. Yes they arrived. I lost the letter part of the letter so forgot what to do.


March 9  Do you have any thing to share about the people in the photo?  Thanks Connie

I can add information whenever it arrives.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Full Circle 114

This was a fast Full Circle as Full Circles go!  Susanna Rosalie and Sue Thomas made this full circle possible. Sue located the photographer and Susanna figured out Emma's name. What they did was remarkable!
Iggy left a message at Ancestry for Barbara.
Emma w Craigs Number 1874
Photo Number 1874  Emma Wicklund
I heard from Barbara:
I'm contacting you about the photo you posted of Emma...she is my grandmother.  Her son Kermit is my father. I would love to have the photo....where did you find it? If in a shop  in North Bend/Coos Bay it has been just around the corner for years. We live in Coos Bay.
To fill out your knowledge some....My dad was killed in a logging accident in 1943, when I was 3 yrs old. After the war Mom remarried to Wilmer Northup of Myrtle Point [just down the road]. They had 2 girls.
I also left a message on your blog, but don't have much experience with messaging that way and am more comfortable with old fashioned email.
See you down the road

Hi Barbara,  A fellow by the name of Craig sent me a whole box of photos a few years ago.  I have been featuring them from time to time on the blog.  He purchased them from different antique shops in California and placed many with relatives.  He then decided he was through with the project and mailed them to me.
I am happy to send the photo to you.  I will need your address.  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos
BTW you live in a beautiful area of Oregon!

Barbara replied:
It's interesting that he purchased them in Calif.
Emma only lived for a short time in Long Beach Ca.  I think the families first settled in that area because of the fishing industry. Not sure why/how they got to Oregon, except that fishing was  a big industry here also.  I found a cousin of my dad's that remembered playing with him during those couple Calif years. Emma came back to Coos Bay in 1921 , married Alfred Gunnell, a widower with several children and lived on a dairy farm for the rest of her life. She died in 1954.
We spent most of our working years in Calif and spent many vacations here in the Coos Bay area visiting my family. When we retired my Mom and step-dad were also retired to here so it was easy to settle in this area. I brought my husband [a city boy] to the country and he loves it. Doesn't miss Calif where he grew up.
That you so much for doing this....

I sent the photo off in the mail.

The photo has arrived...thank you very much.
You can post what I originally sent with this added:
Emma was born 1876 in Finland, daughter of Axel Kova and Britta Yxfaste. The 1920 census says she arrived in the US 1900. She married Albert Wicklund 1907 in Marshfield, Ore. [It was later changed to Coos Bay]  Albert died in 1916. Sometime before 1920 she went back to her family in Long Beach Calif where she is during the 1920 census. By 1921 she has returned to Marshfield and married Alfred Gunnell.
Hope this helps with you Full Circle post.
See you down the road
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photo Number 1884

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Maude and Johnie  Craigs
This is a small photo.  It measures 3” x 3 1/2”.
The photo was taken in 1903.
Maude and Johnie  Craigs back
June 1903 Maud Gudworth Cudworth Johnie Myrtel Lindersmith Lindesmith
The photo is of Johnnie and Myrtle Lindesmith it was most likely sent to Maud Cudworth.  It is Johnnies' hand writing on the back of the photo

I wonder what ever happened to Maud and Johnie?
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Update from Iggy:
In 1910, Maud Cudworth lived in Richland, Douglas, Missouri with her husband Charles. Johnnie and his wife Myrtle Lindesmith, lived nearby in Brush Creek, Douglas, Missouri.

This Johnnie was John Ira Lindesmith.

From the obit I found out that Johnnie was born in 1878 and died in 1924.  He married Myrtle Nora Pease in 1899.  They had three children; Maymie Joyce, Eva Bea and Lyle Jasper.
Johnnie was a teacher.

This photo went Full Circle 117 on May 2 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photo Number 1883

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
George Craigs
The photographer is W.R. Gray of the St. John Art Studio St. John Kans
George Craigs back
George Strickland  St John Ks
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Update from Iggy:
George Francis Strickland (abt 1883 in Missouri) is living in St John, Stafford, Kansas with his wife Cora Strickland nee Miller in 1910. By 1920, they moved to St Aubert, Callaway, Missouri.
They had two daughters, Maxine and Helen.  Maxine never married.

We had another Stickland from Craig's Collection
Mary Elizabeth Arrington Strickland  Photo Number 1876

Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo Number 1882

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
EJ Gilbert Craigs
This is a smaller card  it measures 3 1/2” X 5 1/4” .  The photographer is J.H. Kent Rochester NY
EJ Gilbert Craigs back
The delightful E. T. Gilbert  April 6 97’
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Update from Iggy:
Edgar T Gilbert (1867 - 1908)
President of the E. T. Gilbert Manufacturing Co.

Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Monroe County, New York

This photo is Full Circle 165

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photo Number 1881

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Marie and Ora Craigs
The Photographer was A. H.  Yoost  from Oneida NY
This is a smaller card it measures  3” x 5”.
Marie and Ora Craigs back
Marie Cook Roe ( Someone crossed out Cook…was it an error? or a maiden name?)
Ora Cook
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Update from Iggy:
Ora E. Cook (b. abt 1873)
Home in 1880: Augusta, Oneida, New York
Father's name: James E. Cook
Mother's name: Alice Cook

Marie R Cook was Marie R Ro[w?]e (b. abt 1874) 
Home in 1900: Utica, Oneida, New York
Spouse: Seth Mattison Cook (b. 24 Feb 1875)

Seth Mattison was Ora E.'s younger brother.

The photographer was Andrew H. Yoost (1848 - 1909) 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photo Number 1880

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Someone Booker Robinson Craigs
Someone cut this photo in an oval.  It is a tinted photograph.
Some of the information is still on the back.Someone Booker Robinson Craigs back
???sa Booker Robinso….. Robinson  Maria Louisa Booker Robinson    Age 58  Louisville, Ky  
Chautauqua Branch of the Notman Photo Company.   Then it says that the photo was made in 1892.

So we are looking for someone born about 1834.
Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:
Maria Louisa Robinson
[Maria Louisa Booker] 
Death Date: 1 Jun 1921
Death Location: Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
Age: 87
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1834
Birth Location: Kentucky
Father's name: Judge Paul C Booker
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother's name: Lotelia W Reed
Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky

Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Number 1879

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mrs Robert Craigs
The photographer was Sweet in the Cramer Block in North Baltimore.
The lady in the photo is Mrs. Robert Gable.
I will guess that this photo was taken in about 1890-1895 before 1888
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Update from Iggy:

This might be Lydia Gable, the wife of Robert Gable both born about 1818. Robert was a "Tavern Keeper."
 Lydia was buried on 02/08/1888.
  Robert was buried on 12/21/1896.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photo Number 1878

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mildred peterson Florines sister  Craigs
Mildred Peterson  Florine’s sister
Looks to me like a photo from the 1910’s to 1920’s.
Mildred peterson Florines sister  Craigs
The photographer remains illusive.  The Imprint starts with a C   my best guess is Conard.
Thanks for stopping by.

We had another Peterson Family earlier from Craig’s Collection Photo Number 1520 featured Mr and Mrs Andreas Peterson and daughters Agnes and Jennie

Update from Iggy:
Perhaps this is the daughter of Erick W Peterson (abt 1875 in Finland - ?) and Mary Peterson. The family lived in Menominee, Michigan in 1920.

Erick was a Machinist for an Iron Mine.

At the time of the 1920 US Census, Mildred Peterson was 22 years old and her sisters, Marie Peterson, 20 and Florine Peterson was 10. They had a baby brother named Alfred Peterson, age 7.

This Mildred (abt 1898 in Wisconsin) was a stenographer. I don't know what happened to either her or Florine

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photo Number 1877

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mrs FE Gladden Craigs
This might be a three generation photo.  Then again it might be a couple and a grandchild child  Although the man looks younger to me.
The Photographer was J. P. Austin in Cedar Falls IA
Mrs FE Gladden Craigs back
Mrs F.E. Gladden 1215 M Ave 56
Asa or As is?
This was most likely taken about 1900….give or take a few years.
Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:
Frank Eugene Gladden (Jan. 8, 1866 - Jun. 18, 1944 : Find A Grave Memorial# 85408836) a house painter and his wife Rachel Gladden (1865 - Aug. 25, 1931 : Find A Grave Memorial# 118452400) are with their daughter, Esther E Gladden (8 Mar 1911 in Minnesota - 2 Nov 1991 in Orange, California).

The family moved to California before the 1920 US Census. Esther married Thomas J Lucatorto (11 Feb 1901 - 9 Apr 1971) who was a bank teller

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photo Number 1876

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mary Elizabeth Craigs
N.C. White was the photographer at Gainesville, GA
Mary Elizabeth Craigs back
Feb 14 1910  Mary Elizabeth Arnington Stukland Arrington Strickland
She might be about 20 years old in 1910.
Thanks for stopping by.
Update from Sallysmom:
"Mary Elizabeth Arrington Strickland, wife of Fred Strickland, was 32 when this portrait was made. She was a native of Hurtsboro, Alabama, and moved to Anderson with her husband when he was a manager at a mill. She died within a few years of the date of this photo. "

Elizabeth Arrington
Birth March 18, 1878 in Hurtsboro, Russell, Alabama, USA 
Death May 12, 1915 in Anderson County, South Carolina, USA 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Full Circle 113

This was a photo featured around Christmas time.

Iggy found an address to send a copy of the blog post.

Merry Christmas from Rev and family  DL Antiques Number 1778

Photo Number 1778

Merry Christmas from Rev and family  DL Antiques back Number 1778


Dear Connie,

I received the copy of the photo which was our family picture (Christmas postcard) in 1941.  Although I have the picture, I didn't know it had been used as our Christmas card.  My mother, Agnes Masted, never married again and lived until she was 94, dying in 2008.

I would like to find out more.  Do you have other pictures of my dad, Rev. Walter L. Masted?


Hello Carol.   I purchased the Christmas Card in an Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  Your father was a Pastor in the Detroit Lakes area and no doubt they had many friends in the area.   I have not run across any more photos of your family that I am aware of.  On the blog there is a search field off to the left side.

When photos end up in an antique shop you never can be sure where they come from.

I am happy to return the photo to you if you wish. It was nice to hear from you!

  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

I wouldn't mind having it seeing it has my Dad's handwriting on it.  I will send you a check covering costs.  Please let me know about how much.  By the way, I'm the baby in the picture.  Yvonne is the older one.



Hi Connie,

I put a check in the mail for you today.  Thanks for sending the picture.  Carol

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Photo Number 1875

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Grace Esther Merril  Craigs
A woman sitting on some rocks by a stream.
Grace Esther Merril  Craigs back
Grace Esther Merrill   Mar 30, 1901
Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:
I think this is her:

Grace Merrell Moore
Birth: Nov. 24, 1879 Clyde, Wayne County, New York
Death: Oct. 20, 1954 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

She had a Ph.D from Syracuse University. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Photo Number 1874

This is a photograph from Craig’s Collection.
Emma w Craigs
Emma w Craigs back
Emma w Craigs back
J.W. Riggs  in  Marshfield Oregon
I think the gals name is Emma Wielelend ? Wickland or Wicklund
These on the diagonal photos were popular from 1895 to 1905.
Thanks for stopping by.
Update from Iggy:
In Ancestry, the best fit (of several) appears to be:

Emma Wicklund
Age in 1910: 34
Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Finland
Home in 1910: North Bend, Coos, Oregon
Race: White
Gender: Female
Immigration Year: 1900
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Albert Wicklund
Father's Birthplace: Finland
Mother's Birthplace: Finland

This Emma appears to have been widowed by 1920 and moved to Los Angeles with her son, Kermit. She was then a Dressmaker.

In 1930, the son is listed as a step-son to Alfred Gunnell as Emma remarried. The family is back in Coos County, Oregon.

This photo went Full Circle 114 on April 23, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Photo Number 1873

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Robert Degendorfin Craigs
The photographer was Anderson in Morris and Starbuck Minn
Robert Degendorfin Craigs back
Robert Degenderfin ?? Degendorfer
I found the Photographer Anderson at the Minnesota Historical Society, but there is no info on what years Anderson was in Starbuck/Morris. There is also no first name for him.
Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:
The photographer would appear to be Joseph B Anderson (c. 1872 in Sweden) living in Morris, Stevens, Minnesota immigrated in 1893 and lived in Morris 1900 and 1910 before moving to Eugene, Oregon.

Robert Henry Degendorfer (Apr. 27, 1875 - Sep. 30, 1967) is buried in Summit Cemetery, Morris, Stevens County, Minnesota. 
He had about 10 brothers and sisters.

Robert and his wife Maggie had a lot of daughters.

Mildred M Degendorfer 16
Lillian H Degendorfer 13
Alice R Degendorfer 11
Grace I Degendorfer 8
Myrtle M Degendorfer 6
Jessie M Degendorfer 4
Robert J Degendorfer 1 I think this is his only son.

1930 lists two more
Gwendolyn Degendorfer 8
Junita Degendorfer 6

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Photo Number 1872

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Emma and Alice Craigs
Emma and Alice Craigs
Andrews Bergusans ??  Studio
Emma and Alice Craigs back
Emma Seeba + Alice
This is a small heavy card ( 4 X 6 1/2 inches)  The photo is glued onto the card. 
I will guess from the slightly pigeon breasted blouses that this is from around 1910.
Thanks for stopping by.

Stuart from Full Circle 112 sent me a photo of his Grandfather and another Railroad Card Scan.

Update from Iggy:
Mother Emma nee' Wenstrom Seeba (Feb. 6, 1876 - Jan. 14, 1957) the wife of John H Seeba and daughter is Alice Seeba Bolinder (Nov. 18, 1891 in Otter Tail County, Minnesota - Jan. 17, 1980 in Fergus Falls)

John and Emma are Alice's parents.  Emma became the step mother of Johns' children.  Fred Carl 1881-1965, Herman August 1882-1956, Mary 1884-1959, Amelia August Seeba Clodfelter 1889-1987, and Henry unknown birth and death.

Alice married Elmer Bolinder in 1918
This photo went Full Circle 118 on May 5, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photo Number 1871

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
HH Spooner Craigs
HH Spooner Craigs
The Photographer is Wise Smith Co.  Hartford
HH Spooner Craigs back
H H Spooner
I will guess this gentleman is 30-40 years old and the photo was taken about 1910-1920.
Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:
I found an Henry H Spooner (c. 1853 - 1921) living in Kensington, Hartford, Connecticut has a leading member of the Connecticut Temperance Union. Given the photo was taken in Hartford (CT) - I'm pretty sure this is him.

"Mr HH Spooner had likewise been a member of the Board of Managers of the National Temperance Society for many years and secretary of the Connecticut Temperance Union Mr Spooner was a man of conviction broad sympathy and tolerant spirit He was devoted to temperance work and gave much of his time and thought in furthering the same through various organizations He was neat in his dress clear in his thinking and circumspect in his conduct Too few gentlemen of his character give themselves to public service "

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Full Circle 112

This Full Circle began when Iggy left a message at Ancestry with the tree holder for E.E. Rittenhouse.

Hello -

What a pleasant surprise and kind offer. Yes, I would greatly appreciate having Elmer's photo. Please advise me how to receive it and what 'out of pocket' costs may be reimbursed. Again, thanks so much.


EE Rittenhouse Craigs Number 1848

Photo Number 1848   E.E. Rittenhouse

Hello George I am happy to mail you the photo.  I hope you will share something about Elmer after you have received the photo. I will get it ready to mail out tomorrow or Monday.

Thanks for the interest in the photo! Connie at Forgotten Old Photos


George wrote:

Hello Connie

Thank you very much for sending along the photo of  E.E. Rittenhouse #1848.

I have just sent it to Stuart who is the Grandson of  E.E. R. I included your letter and would expect that he will respond to you.

This is a wonderful task you have taken on!  Just think of the many families who have ‘recovered’ an ancestor!

I assume you do not receive responses from everyone, so I am enclosing a check in excess of what you suggested to cover your costs. 

Again Thank You and Iggy too!


Hi George, I received your letter and most generous check today, thank you very much!  ( I will rescue a few more photos!) I look forward to hearing from Stuart, I will write a Full Circle Post after I have heard from him.  Thank you for your assistance getting this photo home to family!  Connie

A few days later I heard from Stuart:

Dear Connie,

I write to thank you for the photo of Elmer E. Rittenhouse that you sent to my cousin George, who forwarded it to me.  I am Stuart and Elmer E. Rittenhouse was my maternal grandfather.

Elmer died before I was born so I never knew him personally but we have a lot of family history about him.  He had an early career in the years around 1900 in Colorado Springs, where the photo was taken, as a railroad telegrapher.  Later he moved his family to Montclair, NJ and built a successful career in New York in the insurance business, before his untimely death in 1920 at the age of fifty-eight.

During World War I he was an early advocate of getting the U.S. to join the Allies in defeating Germany.  The New York newspapers published a number of letters about the war, under the pseudonym ‘Ammi Wright.’

Thanks again,


He included copies of Railroad Passes that belonged to his Grandfather.

EE Rittenhouse papers

He also included a check.

Hello Stuart, I received your letter and check this week.  Thank you so much for the Railroad History and the scans of the old cards are wonderful!   I will include them in the Full Circle Post I will write this next week. 

I will use the check to rescue more old photos! 

Thanks again! 

Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Thanks for stopping by.

George sent me some more photos.  Thank you George!

Rittenhouse RR passes 2 (2)

Adelaide, Elmer Rittenhouse, Gerard R driving, 1913

Adelaide and Elmer in the backseat, Gordon(their son) driving 1913