Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Full Circle 175

This Full Circle began with an email.


With respect to the Leithe pictures on your website:

I am Matthew Paul Sullivan, great-grandson of Myrtle Leithe, or as I and the rest of my generation called her "Gram"


Matthew Sullivan < Rebecca Peterson < Lorraine Weltzein < Myrtle Leithe

Anyways, perhaps some of the following is of interest to you:

In addition to the 4 listed on your webpage, Even Leithe and Bertina Myhre had one other child, Knut Even  who along with Konow died in childhood.

Mabel died before I was born.

Myrtle and Evelyn lived together in Minneapolis after the the death of Myrtle's husband Oscar,

When I was young we would visit them, or vice versa at least once a week, they did most of the babysitting for my parents as well, so I have many good memories of both of them.

Myrtle was the only of her siblings to have children, both of whom you mention on your blog.

Both Ruth and Lorraine are still living though neither is in good health.

Lorraine and her husband Earl are living in the Good Samaritan nursing home in Battle Lake MN

Anyhow, if you are willing to part with them I would like the Leithe photos and cards, and am willing to compensate you for them within reason



Mrs Evan Leithe Funeral Card Eliz ant Number 2322 (2)

                                                      Funeral Card  Photo Number 2322

Myrtle and Evelyn Eliz ant Number 2323 (2)

Myrtle and Evelyn Leithe Eliz ant Number 2323 (2)

Myrtle and Evelyn Leithe  Photos Number 2323

Myrtle Leithe Dlant Number 2532 (2) 

Myrtle Leithe  Photo Number 2532

Hopefully the photos arrived safely.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's been fun to see these Full Circle posts and know that someone is receiving a treasured piece of their family history. Well done!

  2. A great slice of your family's history! Thanks.

  3. Oh my! Oh my! What a wonderful collection, all grouped together and going to the same place. You hit the jackpot with this one!


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