Monday, July 31, 2017

Full Circle 158

This was a Full Circle I expected a long time ago.  There were so many names!  This photo was found in an Eagles Club. Nancy a blogger and friend mailed it to me in hopes it would find a home!

Nancy wrote: A friend found this photo in the disbanded Eagles Club. I will gladly send it to you for your Forgotten Old Photographs blog.  All the soldiers are identified but the place & year are mysteries.
Hopefully it can find a good home.

Soldiers fron Nancy Photo Number 1912 (2)

Photo Number 1912

Lisa left a message on the blog post.  She contacted me by email.  The photo was mailed to her.

Connie –

I wanted to let you know that I received the photo and to thank you for taking the time to send it.

I’m happy to tell you a little about my grandfather, Chester (Chet) E. Swencki, who is in the #8 position, back row:  He was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin.  He enlisted on March 31, 1942 and would’ve been 28 in this photo.  He was processed through Fort Sheridan (IL) but his boot camp was at Camp Roberts (CA).  We actually believe that Camp Roberts is where this photo was taken, as this appears to be a basic training photo. From Camp Roberts, he was deployed to Africa and then spent time in Italy, as well.  He was discharged on December 1, 1945, ultimately married my grandmother (whom I understand he met before he enlisted) and had 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  He died in 1984.

I’ll happily send a note to the friend that found this picture – I’m really curious how it got to Wyoming!

Thanks again for  sending this to me – I’m really excited to have it!



I was very happy to see this photo go Full Circle!    If someone else would like a copy of this photo I can email it to them.

Thank you Chester E Swencki for your service to our country!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for helping the photo find a new home!

  2. I'm glad the photo found a home. Unfortunately I have no idea how it got to Riverton,Wyoming. We didn't recognize any of the names.

    1. Thank you Sue, I suppose that will remain a mystery :(

  3. So wonderful to see this photograph find a home. With all the names documented on the back, I'm surprised this one didn't make it home sooner--or with multiple requests!


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