Thursday, December 27, 2018

Full Circle 171

This Full Circle began with an email.


I am a descendant of the Hans and Kari Hanson family that you show in your Photo #2907 on Forgotten Old Photos.  Hans and Kari are my great great grandparents and their son Hans is my great grandfather.

I was very excited to see the photo and would love to purchase it if it is available.  Please let me know.

Thank you,  Cheryl

I mailed the photo to Cheryl.

Hanson GRoup Number 2907 (2)

Hanson Family  Photo Number 2907

Hanson group DL ant back Number 2907 (2)

Cheryl wrote back;

I was thrilled to recieve your package and actually hold the portrait of the Hanson Family in my hands!  What a wonderful piece of family history!  I will treasure it as I am sure my children will one day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for sending along your research notes as well there are a few middle names and dates I had not seen before so I can really use the info.

I included facts I have learned about Hans Hanson and Kari in the last email I sent. ( I was reading it when it just disappeared from my computer screen)  Most of the recollections I sent were passed down from their son Peter.  There is no direct information set down by the couple and my great grandfather Hans Jr  died before I was born.  Hans Jr wife Inger was still alive when I was a small child, though she also came over from Norway (1886), age 17 but she did not speak English so I did not know her well.

I am sending you a small compensation for your time and trouble, though it is nothing compared all the happiness you spread.  I will check back on your blog from time to time to see what’s new.  There are some very nice stories from your grateful families. Thank you again for everything.  Sincerely Cheryl

I sent Cheryl an email copy of Mrs. Chris Milsten  Photo Number 2002 and Full Circle Number 156  and she was sure that she is in the photo second row center.  Cheryl hopes to identify all the family members in the group photo.

Mrs Chris Milstin DL antNumber 2002 (2) Full Circle 156

Mrs Chris Milsten

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  1. Wonderful picture. Also great that someone wants this. Love when family recognizes the value of an old picture.

  2. What a wonderful family photo. This is a great story. I hope she can share it with other descendants

  3. Interesting how some of the photos you've found connect with people in the other photos you have...


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