Friday, February 12, 2021

Full Circle 184

 This Full Circle began when Mark left a comment on the blog.  His Grandmother was in the photo. 

Photo Number 2390

Mark shared some family information. 

 Thank you for contacting me.

The oldest one in the photo is Lavern Solum.  She is my grandmother.  She married Ed Fingalson and had one child, Violette.  
She passed away when my mother was 8 so obviously I never new her.  My grandfather Ed Fingalson also passed before I was born.
The youngest in the photo is Blanch Solum, but she was not he youngest child.  That would be Arnold.  He never married and passed away in 2014.
Arnold was a Korean vet and I knew him to be an excellent carpenter.  He was a good guy, too bad he isnt on the photo.  
Blanch married Roy Englund and had one son Richard.
Although I met Alvina and Blanch I never really got to know them very well.
I managed to meet Lawrence about 3 - 4 years before he passed.  
I never any of the rest of them.
Their parents were Knute and Esther Solum.  Esther Solum's maiden name was Leegard.
Blanch and Arnold lived in Detroit Lakes, MN.  (also where I grew up).

I mailed the postcard and it was received. 
Thanks for stopping by.