Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Number 326

Paul Aurzada
Another baby in a chair..this one is pretty fancy and he seems propped up against one of the arms of the chair.  The card for this one is different and the photo itself has the strange white shaped frame that goes around the actual must have been a new process..early Photoshop?!  I will date this photo in the 1920’s…it has that silver look to it that most photos from the 1920’s have. Corrected to 1915.
Paul Aurzada twojpg   This is the name on the back of the photo.  Paul Aurzada.
Thanks for stopping by, do come again.  I did find some great photos in one Antique Shop today..I find myself looking for old wedding photos..I found two..and strange or interesting photos that make you go huh? We will get to them all sooner or later.  There is a little action happening with Photo Number 324..Abra has been sleuthing again! :)

Update: Info from Iggy 
There is a record of Aurzada, Paul Joseph dying in Wadena County on 21-Jun-1993. And another showing him born in Wadena in 20-Jan-1915.

Iggy also found out that Pauls brother Leonard died recently in nearby Park Rapids, MN ..and he also sent me the name and address of a relative.  I will mail them a copy of this blog, perhaps through them we can find out if Paul has any living relatives. 
Thanks Iggy! :) 

This photo went Full Circle 109 on March 10, 2015 


  1. This one should be easy. There is a record of Aurzada, Paul Joseph dying in Waldena County on 21-Jun-1993. And another showing him born in Wadena in 20-Jan-1915.

  2. Excellent detective work.
    When you find a family member do they ever explain how a family photo ends up in an antique shop. Kinda sad.

  3. Hi Maybelline, Most of the time they have no idea how the photos end up there. However we have found out that many times at the end of an estate one wants them and they are bought by Antique Shops. Years ago, photography was new and exciting and very popular..affordable too! People sent photos to their relatives in different States or even overseas. It was a way to keep in touch with someone who you had not seen in a long time. Many times these were old friends or distant relatives..and if they weren't one knew who they were..that is the part that I find sad..unmarked photos:(

  4. I am mailing this photo to Chad and Missy in Minnesota in the morning. Paul is a brother to Chads grandmother Marie in photo number 245 and Full Circle 100

  5. That is my grandfather. Is there any way of getting ahold of this photo?

    1. Hi Mike in Austin, I mailed the original photo to Chad an Missy back in 2014. Contact me by email that you can find by clicking on the yellow flower and I will give you Chads info.


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