Sunday, August 18, 2019

Full Circle 179

This Full Circle began when Karen left a comment on the blog.

Inez Nelson (Regan) was my mother. She and my father, Eugene Regan 
had 5 kids, Steve, Mare, Mike, Cath and Karen. Everyone’s info was quite correct about
Inez’s parents and date of birth and death. The card was sent to Iver’s Sister, my mother’s aunt.
I couldn’t believe that I stubbled on to this website, it has been a gift that these postcards were saved,
so we can see a part of our family history. By the way, intense guy thought maybe Ralphie may
want the photograph, Ralphie was our dad’s orange tabby cat. Karen

... and sent me an email.

My name is Karen , the youngest of 5 kids of Inez and Gene Regan.
I had responded to your website about the postcard of my mother’s 
baptismal picture. I couldn’t believe that she was on your website, she would
be in shock if she were still here. You mentioned that you could send it and if
you still have it, I would love it! I will pay the postage. I love that you got all
these photos and put them online, and it’s such a shame that others just
clean out their family’s homes and dump family history. I hope I am talking to
the right person. Thanks, Karen

I mailed the postcard.

Photo Number 971  Inez Viola Nelson

Karen sent a lovely card 
Thanks for sending the postcard of my mother from 1917 in her baptismal gown.  I can't believe how new the card looks from over 100 years ago..  Thanks for collecting all these cool cards and starting up such a great website, it means a lot to me to have this postcard in my hand! I threw in a few extra dollars for those who may not have the money to have a card sent to them.  Thanks for such a great service!  Karen


  1. Such a rewarding feeling to know that photo will be so appreciated! What a wonderful Full Circle.

  2. Yay! And laughs... Ralphie was a cat - oh well..!

  3. So happy to see another full circle!


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