Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Number 1474

This may be our last clue for the California photos.The Tollmans
The Tallman’s July 1952
The Tollmans back
I have been shuffling theses old photos back and forth and forth and back trying to find more connections.  The above photo was with the others.
In a red leather photo books these were tucked inside with no identification.
Family maybe
I think that Clara Crozier and Anna St. Clair are in this photo with Mr and Mrs Tallman.(Sterling and Delores?)
Family maybe with Edna
Perhaps Edna St. Clair Walther joins the group.
Edna and her Mom maybe
Anna or Clara with Edna  ?? Maybe
Clara and Anna or vice a versa
Sister with boy
Clara or Anna and a boy
Girl with dog
A girl and a beautiful dog
Could these children be the Tallman children? Leon and Dianna?
  Yes, the above photo would have been taken 6 to 8 years after the 1952 photo.
The Tollmans
I will make one more round through the photos, maybe I have missed something.
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* I have more photos taken the same day a number of them with the girl and the dog.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Number 1473

These are the last of the party photos from California.

1473 A.


Ann Xitco – Assistant Cashier of the Calif Bank

Ann back

Photo 1473 B.

Dr Tiva

Dr. Tiva

Dr Tiva back

Dr. Primitiva Demandante

Tiva we call her, and the sweetest + smartest one.  Born +r aised in Manila.  Graduated from College there + over here too.  She has only been a citizen 2 years.  The happiest day of her life.

Photo 1473 C.

Hazel Whedon

Hazel Whedon

Hazel Whedon back

The Dean of Women at Harbor Jr. College

1473 D

Ywca lady

?, Daisy, Gene Wilson

Ywca lady back

Don’t know the first one.

Daisy – Picture Woman

Gene Wilson – Mgr of YWCA.  Our friends when we were going to buy the lots.  She wasn’t dressed – she had another meeting to go to.  Not a good picture.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photo Number 1472

Some more California Party Photos.  From what was written on some of them the party took place at a Day Care Center.  I think they are are dressed as babies or small children..or most of them are…and why was it held in a daycare? 

Photo 1472 A

Edna Whitlow

Edna Whitlow

Edna Whitlow back

Edna Whitlow – Book Store  + isn’t that a cute pose.  Look at her patched knees for effect only.

beulah edna and Ernastine

Beulah, Edna (Whitlow) and Earnestyne

beulah edna and Ernastine back

Photo 1472 B

Cecil Lusby

Cecil Lusby

Cecil Lusby back

Photo Number 1472 C

Margaret Marie and Edith

Margaret Herron,  Marie Katich  and Edith Ennis

Margaret Marie and Edith back

Margaret Herron – Owns Nursery (one of my farmers here in Gardena)

On a side note Edith Ennis was in the Soroptimist Group.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photo Number 1471

There was a party in California.  Many women were present.  I suspect that some of them were Soroptimists like Edna St. Clair Walther.

It was some kind of a costume party..I think.

Photo 1471 A.

Myrtle Klagas and Dr

Myrtle Klagas and Dr back

Myrtle ( Klagas) + Dr. Guidinger

Look at the freckels she painted on.  She is the one that said “I knew that Eddie would come like this” and just howled.  Va. (Dr. Virginia Tyler) + I crawled in like real babies.

Photo 1471 B

Virginia and eddie

I will guess that this is them with Eddie (Edna Walther) on the left and  Dr. Virginia Tyler on the right…I think. 

Photo 1471 C

Edna etc

Lenore Strumm,  Edna Clayson, Myrtle Klagas

Lenore edna and Myrtle Back

The back of the photo tells us that Lenore Strumm was a Manager at a dress shop S. A or is that an F for S.F.

Edna Clayson again

Myrtle Klagas Owned a Beauty Shop

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo Number 1470

Perhaps some of Edna St. Clair Walther’s friends have the answers.

In 1956 Edna became a Past President of The Torrence/Gardena Chapter of the Soroptimist Club.  The ceremony was held in a Torrance Restaurant.  Margaret Neff was the incoming President.  Murial Morse from Los Angeles and Past President of Soroptimists International was the installing officer.

Soroptimists are a global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

June 1956 Soroptimists

Muriel Morse, me (Edna Walther), Winona (most likely Winona Ellis). Mary Pajac, Margaret (Most likely Margaret Neff)

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photo Number 1469

Maybe another clue or two about the California photos.
California House
16803 something my guess is Gardena California in 1955 (16803 Halldale Avenue)
California House back
In 1956 they get company.
Edna and Martie 1956
Edna and Martie
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo Number 1468

Maybe one more hint concerning the California photos.

Paul and Hank

Paul and Henry.  Just a thought could they be brothers?  Hairline and foreheads are similar..and height.

Paul and Hank back

Edna in her garden


Edna in her garden back


I wonder what Paul drove?

1950 Studebaker CommanderMaybe a Studebaker Commander from 1950?  It looks like it has a California License Plate.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Number 1467

These are more California photos.

Edna at Knotts Berry Farm

This is marked Knotts Berry Farm. I believe this is Edna.

Martha Walther

Martha Walther ( I believe this is Henry’s Mother)

Martha Walther back

Hank and the shed

Hank and the shed back

This is Hank with nails in his mouth fixing up the wood shed for the rabbit house. We’ll send you a picture later of the finished product.  Do you have one of the shack it was?

Some of these photo may be photos that Edna and Hank sent to his Mother Martha? or some other relative?

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo Number 1466

Edna St. Clair married Henry (Hank) Walther someplace along the line.  They visited/moved to California in 1952.Just arrove

Hank, Sterling, me ( Edna), Dianna and the children in front are Leon and Deloris

Just arrove June 8, 1952

Just arrove back

Henry and Edna

Henry (Hank) and Edna

Henry and Edna back

Most likely Henry and Edna

On the back of this she noted to look at the huge 4 o’clocks behind them.

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