Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Full Circle Eleven

Zearaths BVA

I have to interrupt hat week for a Full Circle!  Photo Number 305. It was returned to to Loretta’s daughter Darlene.

( Loretta is the little girl with the big bow in her hair).

Here is what Darlene shared with me:

Thanks for your response regarding the picture of my grandmother and mother.  My grandmothers name was actually Mary and I believe my great grandmother was Martha.  My mother died at 78 which was way too young, and I still think of her so often.  She was very vital as was my grandmother and always full of energy and mischief.

My grandmother, Mary Zeroth was a great person.  Mostly, she had a wonderful sense of humor.  She loved to play little tricks on us and when my parents went away, she would stay with us.  She, as well as my mother and her sisters, loved to play cards.  Mostly 500, and when they did, you would think it was for a million dollars.  All these women were hard workers and I especially remember my mother, as we scraped for a living on our 80 acre farm.  I have five siblings and it was hard times for us, but always, we had lots to eat, a roof over our heads and lots of love.  The trait of hard work was passed on to all of us and it is something I personally, thank my parents for.  My mother had seven siblings but two of them died at a young age.  I still have one aunt and one uncle that are my mothers sister and brother.

Thanks again Connie and I will keep in touch,

Many thanks to Abra and Iggy for their help in researching this photo. Abra was able to piece this puzzle together,  this was our first locate using Facebook. 

It is another fine day on the Forgotten Old Photo Blog:)


  1. :) Abra made the find and the connection. Way to go Abra!

    That's a wonderful story Darlene has to tell - and it answers so much about what is going on in the picture. Her "thousands words" are worth as much as a picture. Three generations of Zeroth women in it!

  2. Fantastic news, well done all involved. I also love the picture Darlene painted with her words. Great stuff! :-)

  3. That is so wonderful!! Way to go Abra & Iggy!


  4. Wonderful news, great job everyone !

  5. This was an interesting one for me, as I grew up in Stearns County, where this family was, and many of the extended family names that I searched are very familiar to me. I'll have to search a little furher to determine if Darlene's 3GGGrandfather is the same Peter Rausch that is my husbands'GGG-Grandfather, and whether her grandmother-Mary Lommel Zerath is related to my 2nd cousin Bob Lommel. Fun stuff and so glad this went full circle!!


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