Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photo Number 315

scan0038 copy

This is a tinted photo, my Mother has one similar to this from the late 1940’s.  Just a little bit of color makes a big difference. This photo has no markings.

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  1. My brother's graduation portrait (1955) was also color tinted. It had such soft colors and looked like a painting.

  2. Love your header, it's gorgeous.

    My Mom and Dad, had a hand tinted wedding photo. I was always fascinated by it when I was young.
    Maybe that's a reason for my love of photography.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. This reminds me so of my dad's army picture.

  4. It must have been something... the day when the world turned color...

  5. I was given a tinting kit when I was young but I never understood how to use it. My grandfather was so sweet, but an engineer, and so everything was practical for him. I wasn't practical and our photographs were color, so it didn't make sense to me to tint them. I was too young. Sadly, I have no idea now what happened to the tinting kit. Now that I understand it, I'd love to have it!

  6. I am suppose to get a copy of a tinted photo of my Grandmother done in the 40's. I am hope it is color when I get it but I bet it will be a black and white copy. I have one tinted copy of my brothers when they were young that I have never share. It is unusual.


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