Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Number 306

Mable larson

This is Mabel Larson, she has beautiful eyes.  The cut of the dress seems simple and stark.  This may have been her graduation photo?  How old do you think she is?  17 or 18 is my guess, and this photo was probably taken around 1920.

mabel Larson two To Anna B from Mabel Larson

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  1. Speaking for us guys - she's a beauty. I love that smuggish smile too. I think you are right about the age. :)

    There are over 20 possible Mabel Larson's listing in SSN records - I'm going to just go with thinking she is frozen in time and smiling at us.

  2. I remember writing out a small note on my class pictures and I have a photo that was given to my Gram by her best friend with a similar inscription on the Pat, love Mad. :-)


  3. kind of a Mona Lisa in a square neck line

  4. Her eyes remind me of Elizabeth Taylor's - very pretty!

  5. That square neckline keeps coming back.


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