Friday, December 28, 2018

Full Circle 172

This Full Circle began with a comment left on the blog by Chris.

Hi Folks - I stumbled across this page by accident during a web search and am glad I did! I am related to the Aanund Flaat pictured here. MJM and LarsI are correct about his identity and emigration from Evje in Norway to Bygland, MN. I am not sure about the connection with the Knutsons - I am not aware of a family connection but maybe there was a business connection or they were just friends.
I am in contact with a descendant of Aanund Flaat who may be interested in the physical photograph

Ben Knudsen and a Float JG Number 2469 (2)

Ben Knutson and Aamund Flaat and a unknown Photo Number 2469

Chris put me in touch with his relative Nate and the photo was mailed off.

Hi Connie,

I looked and I do not actually have that particular photo.  If you could send it to me that would be great!



Thanks for stopping by.  If a relative of Bens comes by I can email them a copy.


  1. That's the beauty of having scanned copies of these old treasures! By now, many of these people would have many descendants--sometimes into the hundreds, depending on how large a family they once had.


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