Monday, November 30, 2015

Photo Number 2085

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.
Warner kids 1957 March Moorhead ant
David, Ruth and Peggy Warner   March 1957
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Photo Number 2084

This is a photo from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.
Joseph and Marcella Moorhead ant
Joseph and Marcella Moorhead ant back
Marcella Engel  Joseph  Doude   1934 
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Photo Number 2083

This is a photo from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.
Richard Bartle Moorhead ant
Richard Bartle Moorhead ant back
Richard Bartle
Probably a photo taken in the 1940 plus or minus a few years.
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Photo Number 2082

These are snapshots from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Mr Jones and GEo two DL ant

Mr Jones and GEo two DL ant back

Mr Jones and Ezra

Geo’s calf

Mr Jones and GEo DL ant

Mr Jones and GEo DL ant back

Mr Jones + Geo.

Calf and Buster (the dog)

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Photo Number 2081

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

First ducks 1926 DL ant

My first ducks 1926

First ducks 1926 DL ant back

My first ducks 1926  Got eggs from Mrs. Ole Engebretson

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo Number 2080

This is Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.

Unknown baby with quilt Brainerd ant

Louis Rudolph was the photographer at 957 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago

This Cabinet Card is not marked. 

I could not see leaving this photo at the antique shop, the baby in a beautiful hand made lace gown and a quilt as the back drop…so I bought it.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Photo Number 2079

This is a Real Photo postcard from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
Hilma Christman Crookston ant
Hilma Christmen Wilma Chrisman related to Florence Egge sister of Marie Johnson Glasrud Glaserud
Hilma Christman Crookston ant back
This is an Azo postcard used from 1904 to 1918.  This particular card is also marked with the photographer F.A. Owen Publishing Co. (Art Dept.) Danville New York
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Update from Iggy:
The baby appears in the 1910 US Census (born 1908) with the James and Margaret Chrisman

Christmen should be Chrisman - and Glasrud should be Glaserud.

Florence, Margaret and Marie were all sisters.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Photo Number 2078

This is  photo from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
Einar Mc Vey Crookston ant
The photographer was Packwood from Ottumwa Iowa
Einar Mc Vey Crookston ant back
Elmar/Elmer  Elma McVey and family
I think this photo was taken right around 1900.
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Update from Iggy:
I think this is Elma McVey and her husband Centenial T McVey with their children, Hazel (b. 1906) and Harry (b. 1908) Both are buried at Abel Cemetery Keokuk County Iowa

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Photo Number 2077

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
E Hoglund more children Crookston ant
Olson from Fertile was the photographer.
E Hoglund more children Crookston ant back

Eric (Erick) Hoglund Family
Ema baby
This photo was probably taken about 10-11 years after this one.
Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant
Erick G.O.Hoglund  with Christine and children  (Victor) Hugo and Hulda  1887
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I believe the children in the photo taken in about 1899 are:
Victor born 1885 age 14
Olga born in 1889 age 10
Mathilda or "Tillie" born 1891 age 8
Arthur Vihelm born 1892 age 7
Gustaf born 1896 age 3
Emma born 1899 

I believe Victor married Magda A. and they had a child named Emma C.
Gustaf died when he was 36  He was born Jan 30 1897 and died July 11 1933.  He is buried near his parents.
Arthur may have changed the spelling of his last name.  It might be Hoaglund, if so he was born August 27 1893 and died May 23 1977 in Orange County California.

Erick and Christine would have three more children.  Ellis born about 1902. Nora born about 1904 and Elvira born about 1909.  So they had ten children.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photo Number 2076

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
Eric G O Hogland Crooston ant
E.G.O. Hoglund
Eric G O Hogland Crooston ant back
E.G.O. Hoglund taken in Sweden 1873.   22 yrs   4  ------   Herbert Larsons
Erick G.O. Hoglund was born March 1, 1851 and Died Jan 28, 1941  He is buried at St. Johns Cemetery Norman County Minnesota.
This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.

Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant
Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant back
Eric (Erick) G. O.  Christine   1887 not sure
Victor (in pencil)  Hugo + Hulda  died at 12
Olsons Photo Studio in Fertile Minnesota.
Erick married Christine  born Feb 8 1863 and died December 20, 1945.  She is also buried at St Johns Cemetery in Norman County Minnesota.
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Update: From the 1895 Census. The name is misspelled Hoglun
Erik Hoglun 44 born in Sweden is living in Polk County Garfield Township. 
Christine age 32 born in Sweden
Victor Hugo Hoglun 10y born about 1885
Hulda Hoglun 8y born about 1887

There are more children, I have a photo of them tomorrow.  But this is the photo that has Hulda in it.

I also found out that Victor Hugo was a merchant that sold furniture and he lived in Polk County Garfield Township in 1930.  He was married to Magda A. Hoglund and they had a daughter Emma C. Hoglund  age 8y in 1930. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Photo Number 2075

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
Thoreson family Crookston ant
The photographer is Schofield in Spring Valley Minnesota.
According to the Minnesota Historical Society Lucius M. Schofield was in business from 1889 to 1894 in Spring Valley.
Thoreson family Crookston ant back
Mr and Mrs Christian Thoreson
Henry and Anna
My Aunt -----
Henry and Annie
Mrs Phipps Heartland Minn
Christ Thoreson
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Update from Iggy:
In 1920 - 
Christian Thoreson Age: 76
Birth Year: abt 1844
Birthplace: Norway
Home in 1920: Beaver, Fillmore, Minnesota
Immigration Year: 1861
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Oleana Thoreson
Father's Birthplace: Norway
Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Native Tongue: Norwegian

Update from Jacqi:
Henry and Annie are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Thoreson. As Iggy mentioned, there is a marriage record on Ancestry indicating the marriage, in Fillmore MN, of a Francis E. Phipps, Jr., and Anne Thoreson on November 18, 1899--almost exactly 116 years ago. I found this couple in the 1910 and 1920 census--in 1910, living with Francis' father, also a Francis Phipps. I didn't see any indication of children in either census record.

The MN state census from 1895 shows a Christian and Oleana Thoreson in Fillmore County, with children Henry, age 19, and Anne, age 21.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Photo Number 2074

This is the last of the hunting photographs.  This one is from the antique shop in Pequot Lakes Minnesota.

Hunting skunks Pequot Lakes ant

Looks like a stinky hunt to me.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photo Number 2073

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Hunting DL ant

This was probably taken in November of 1958 and developed in Feb 1959.

When I was growing up, this was a normal scene, cars with deer on top…maybe people didn’t have as many pick up trucks back then.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photo Number 2072

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Pequot Lakes Minnesota.

Hunting  Pequot Lakes ant

The hunter and the hunted.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Photo Number 2071

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.

Group of Hunters Moorhead ant

Looks like at least two of these hunters filled their deer tag.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photo Number 2070

We will look at a few hunting photos.  Deer Hunting Season is just winding up here in Minnesota.  This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

FRank Hunting PR ant


Looks like Frank is resting after a successful hunt, looks like he bagged a rabbit and a pheasant.

That might be one of those Stormy Kromer hats from Michigan.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Full Circle 133

This Full Circle began with an email after a search.

Hi, I just came across this picture. Estelle is my Mother!!!

What a surprise to see this! Breen is my Mom's older brother. From the date listed, Mom was 13 and Breen 15. They grew up in a wonderful family in Bismarck. Breen passed away a few years ago but his wife Bev and grown children all still live in Bismarck/Mandan area. Estelle and her two sisters are still living. Royann, the eldest (age 90) is still in Bismarck. My mom lives in Chandler AZ, near my sister and me who both live in nearby Casa Grande. She is 85 and doing well. She was married to my wonderful father Don Shirley until he died of cancer at age 50 when I was 16 (Mom was 45). Mom never remarried. They had moved to Great Falls, Mt in 1963 where my dad started/owned a gift shop - The Curiosity Shop - in the mall. I was 4. Before that we lived in Arnegard, ND where my dad was from.

Mom has never owned a computer and will be surprised when I show her this! I will forward the link to my 5 brothers and sisters and to Breen's children to see. They will all be so surprised.

How fun! Thank you so much for picking it up. Mom comes from a close family so it is hard to believe the photo was at an antique store. Since the ages were left blank, I'm assuming it was taken by someone more distant - maybe a family friend. The handwriting looks like an older person's so could have been a great aunt or uncle...

If you'd like to know any more about Estelle and Breen, just let me know. It is great fun at my end to see it - a moment in time of my Mom's life, but I know it must be fun at your end also to finally find out who these mystery teens are!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Estelle and Breen 1943 Moorhead Ant NUmber 1284 (2)

Photo Number 1284  Estelle and Breen Kennely

I located the photo and sent it off in the mail.

Hello! I received the photo of Estelle and Breen. Thanks so much! 

I will gladly send you shipping and handling money. Is $10 okay?

How many photos do you purchase a year and how many do you find homes for a year? I am so curious!

We will all enjoy the photo and the story behind it. I will be seeing Mom on Sunday and it will be fun to give it to her along with your letter.

Thanks again. 


Hi Patti, Whatever you send is just fine, I use the money to buy more photos.  I have placed about 250 photos so far but the number is rising rapidly last week I sent off 103 photos to a from their family during WW2 and before!   There are lots of photos out there that are not marked but one time I did return a photo that was not marked.   So anything is possible! 

Thank you for the reply and the stories you shared.  I will write the Full Circle Post after November 11.  I will send you a link to the post when it is up.  

Oh yes, I have no idea how many photos I purchase in a year...I never keep track!  Hundreds I suppose!  I might be an old photo hoarder!   Connie

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Full Circle 132

This is a Full Circle that began with an email.


I happened to stumble on your site, more specifically on photo number 1530 posted on March 31, 2014.  I noticed that you try to return photos to family members.  I'm hoping you still have this photo as I am interested in acquiring it.  The names written on the back, Mr. and Mrs. Yoder, are my 3x great grandparents.  The picture is most likely of their daughter in law who was married to their son Grant who lived in Waterloo, IA.  My 3x great grandfather died in Waterloo while on a visit to his son.  I hope to hear back from you!

- Seth

Hi Seth, Yes I still have the photo.  I am most happy to mail it to you.  I will need your mailing address.

Is there anything you can share about the daughter in law in the photo?   My readers love any little info that can be shared!  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos.

I have a two other Yoder Photos out there on the blog  Elda V Yoder Johnstown PA  #1515, Mrs Enoch (Aunt Sarah)  Yoder Berne IN #1529

I may have more that have not been featured yet.


At the moment I am unaware what her name would have been.  I'll have to talk to my cousin to see if he knows.  I'll attach a copy of a newsletter that reprinted an article about Tobias Yoder and his life.  He has an amazing story.  I'm sure it may be of some interest. 

I'm not familiar with the other two Yoder names, but I'll ask my cousin about them as well.

I thank you so much for sending me the picture.  I am looking forward to sharing it with my family! Seth


I was doing some research on the name on the back of photo 1515, Elda J. Alwine Yoder.  Her husband's 3x great grandfather is my 6x great grandfather, a man named Schweitzer Christian Yoder.  He is one of the main people to bring the last name Yoder, or Joder, to America.  I still haven't put a name to picture 1530 though.

- Seth

If you would like I can mail that photo also?   Sounds like you have some great family history!! :)  Connie

yes, you could send it to me.  I could try and find a direct relative then to hand those pictures over to.

- Seth

I mailed off the photos.  I didn’t hear anything for a while so I emailed Seth and asked him if he got the photos.

Yes i did.  Thank you again for sending them.  I apologize for not letting you know.  In regards to the picture that Mr. And Mrs. Tobias Yoder written back, i don't believe it was their daughter in law.  She would have only been 26 or 27 at the time the photo may have been taken. 

There is a very slim possibility that it could be one of the daughters of the Yoders.  I've figured out that the Yoder's son Grant would've lived in Waterloo from at least 1896 or 1897 until sometime between 1901-1910.  I got the 1896 date from the 1900 census which lists Grant's youngest son as being born in PA in 1896, which shows he moved sometime after the birth and before his father's death in 1897.  He appears in the 1900 census as living in Iowa and the 1910 census shows he is back in PA.  Although there are no records of who went with Tobias to Iowa to visit his son, it's possible that one of his daughters went.  If one did, the picture may be of daughter Sarah, who would have been around 36 at the time.

Again, thanks for sending the pictures,

Yoders two names CP Number 1530

Photo Number 1530 marked on the back Mr and Mrs Tobias Yoder

Elda v. Yoder CPNumber 1515

Photos Number 1515  marked Elda J Alwine Yoder

Elda v. Yoder two CP Number 1515

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Here is a link to the Yoder Newsletter

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Full Circle 131

This is a huge Full Circle.   Huge in numbers of photos returned to a Nephew.

I wrote a letter to two brothers Allen and Doug….one in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin.

A few years ago in an Antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.  I found and purchased a number of old photographs.   I have reason to believe that there are many photos of Emeline Moline Lilienthal and Eugene Lilienthal when he was in the service.  There is also a partially filled out Wedding book with photos where I discovered a photo of Lloyd...which lead me to you...Allen and Doug from your brother John's obituary...    Hoping that one of you will want the photos.
I believe some of the photos are of  Ben and Katie Lilienthal.   I think that I have a photo of Lloyd when he married Violet...he is in a Navy Uniform.   Turned out to be Lawrence and Angie
I thought about contacting your Dad  but since  he lives in Isle perhaps it was him that donated them or tossed them??  One never knows.
I cannot find any place where Emeline and Eugene had children?   If you know of any could you please contact them and give them my phone number or email? They had no children.
If  your sister Lois is at all interested that would be great too...I gave up trying to find her married name.
Who ever is the history keeper in your family would be thrilled to get these photos. 
Some of the service related photos have already been presented online.  I write a blog that features an old photo everyday. 
My phone number is ----and my email is captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom
Some of the photos can be found at Forgotten Old Photos.  In November of 2011 I featured a number of photos.


One day my phone rang and it was Allen in Minnesota and he was very interested in receiving the photos.


I just spoke with you on the phone and wanted to again thank you for reaching out with the information of the pictures. I look forward to seeing more of them and I will show them to my Dad and Elmer who should know more about them than I do and share the info I find out with you.

Thank you


I mailed the photos 71 snapshots, 18 large photos and 14 snapshots in a Wedding Book.  For a total of 103 photos.

Connie, Thank you the pictures did arrive and that I know several people in the pictures and I hope to get more information when I show them to my Dad (Lloyd) and Elmer Koch who was Cousin Vera Lilienthal's husband. They are the last people I know who were around then.


Allen sent me a check to cover my expenses and a little more to rescue more photos!

Hello Allen, I received your check today!  Thank you it was most generous, yes I will rescue more photos!   I am anxious to hear what you Dad had to say.  I bet it brought back many memories for him.  Connie 

Your welcome I hope it helps.

My dad saw the pictures over the weekend and helped with quite a few of the pictures. He thinks the base/Hospital was Fort Snelling which was the last place Uncle Gene got rehabilitation after he was injured by rocket or mortar fire in Okinawa. He apparently spent quite a bit of time there since it was close to home. I am still going to show pictures to Elmer to get more info the wedding photo dad thought was Lawrence & Angie Lilienthal which is brother to Vera Lilienthal who Elmer was married to for 30 or so years.

This is just a sample of things I found out. Again thank you. None of this would be possible if you hadn't taken the time to look and reach out.

Thank you


96th at Leyte Group photo NUmber 691Photo 3 I think Okinawa Number 692

Photo Number 691  at Leyte                              Photo Number 692 Okinawa

Photo 4 I think  Okinawa Number 693Photo 2 marked Okinawa note the caves in the ridge Number 692

Photo Number 693                                           Photo Number 692 Caves on the ridge Okinawa

Photo Number 1 Okinawa I think NUmber 693Miss Nuss ML Photos Number 694

Photo Number 693                                         Photo Number 694 Miss Nuss

Miss Nuss second LT nurse Green Bay Wisc ML Photos Number 694Shorty and Miss Nuss Nurses Green Bay Wisc Number 694

Photo Number 694 Miss Nuss Green Bay WI and Shorty

Scotty Schosum Ward Boy ML Photos Number 695Scotty Schosum Ward Boy Number 695

Photo Number 695 Scotty Schosum

Robert Bainsworth St Paul Sept 05 1945 ML Photos Number 696Robert Baisworth and Scotty Schosum Aug 31 1945 ML Photos Number 696

Photo Number 696 Robert Bainsworth and Scotty Schosum

Robert BainesworthST Paul WAAC Red from Calif Aug 31 1945 ML Photos Number 697Scotty and Red Number 697

Photo Number 697 Robert Bainsworth and Red, Scotty and Red

Charles Eubanks Little Rock Ark ML Photos Number 698Charles Eubanks Gene ML PhotosNumbewr 698

Photo Number 698 Charles Eubanks,  Charles Eubanks and Gene Lilienthal

fergerson Tex George C Fergerson Number 699Lars Larson Mpls ML Photos NUmber 700

Photo Number 699 “Tex” George C Fergerson     Photo Number 700  Lars Larson

Red Aug 31 1945 ML Photos Number 701Secretary Dorthy Row Chicago Ill ML Photos Number 702Assistant Secretarey ML Photos Number 702

Photo Number 701  Red               Photo Number 702  Dorothy Row,   Assistant Secretary

Sumners sp Minn Gene Mpls Touson Oklahoma Pischke Chicago Number 703Gene Number 704Group Photo Front Number 704

Photo Number 703                     Photo Number 704  Gene Lilienthal        Group Photo

Soldier and his gal Number 705ML Photos Family  with soldier Number 705Soldier and his gal two Number 705

Photo Number 705  Gene and Emeline,  Gene and Emeline with family


A soldier and his bride  ML Photos Number 706Soldier and his bride two Munber 706

Photo Number 706  Eugene Wallace Lilienthal and his bride Emeline Moline April 15 1944

I found this exact photo in a Wedding Book that Emeline kept.   It was that book that spurred me on to do the research.  Emeline Moline was born July 13, 1925 to Paul and Emma Moline.  She married Eugene Lilienthal  born August 7, 1925 he died Feb 10 1989.  Emeline married Donald Moline on August 20 1990.   Emeline died at the age of 82 on May 23 2008.  Allen and I think that the people that cleaned out her home most likely donated all the personal possessions like photos or sold them as an estate.  Going through obituaries I was able to find Gene’s nephews.

A baby ML Photos Number 707ML Photos Unknown Couple Number 708

Photo Number 707   Photo Number 708  I believe both of these photos are Gene and Emeline

Soldier and nice car ML Photos Number 709Group photo San Antonio TX 1946 Number 710

Photo 709 Unknown                            Photo Number 710  Group San Antonio TX in 1946

7 up San Antionio TX 1946 Number 711

Photo Number 711

San Antonio 1946 Number 2 Number 712San Antonio Tx 1946 grabbing the gal Number 712San Antonio TX Grabbing the gal two Number 712

Photo Number 712

All of the snapshots were in a plastic bag marked  Margaret Lundborg My Life 1930.  Apparently is was a plastic bag that was reused.  So far no connection to Margaret has been found.

I was very pleased to return these photos to Gene and Emeline’s nephew Allen.  Allen seemed very kind and was very appreciative of the photos.

Thank you for stopping by.