Saturday, March 21, 2020

Full Circle 182

This Full Circle started with an email.

Hello, I’ve bought a farm and house with original buildings that I live in and am restoring. I’ve been researching the property and found the original owner/builder’s name and a plot map showing what he owned. I live in Delavan WI near sugar creek.  Photo 1112 is the man who built my home and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to try and hang that in my home could you help? Aaron

Photo Number 1112  H B Coleman

I mailed the photo.

Sorry for delay! Hope you’re staying healthy.  I got the photo, thank you so much.  I bought this house which is a very old farm. Original barn burnt down in the 30’s and a new barn was built shortly after. The house has a lot of original stuff and I have found clues all over property of what once was. I found a land owner map from 1875 with my property marked as a working farm owned by h. Coleman.  The adjacent property was owned by E.s Coleman. H. Coleman had a son so he must have given him the property. The was another H Coleman I found in Wisconsin, but it was early 1900s when he was young. This picture has to be my original homeowner. All the family is buried together just up the Road from here.  

Always nice to send a photo "home"  this time to a place...I was happy with that! 
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  1. Happy you’re still having Full Circles for the photos.

  2. What a great full circle! Wonderful that someone treasures the history of his home.

  3. How wonderful that someone is restoring that old home and farm. I can certainly identify with that wish to hang the photo in the home; when someone bought my great-grandfather's home and rehabbed it, he contacted me with the same request (although unfortunately I didn't have any photographs to send him then). Glad Mr. Coleman will be reunited with his former property.

  4. Oh, my, I missed this post. How very wonderful!

  5. I am glad I found this blog. I love family history and old photos. You have given me some good ideas. Thanks.


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