Friday, September 17, 2010

Photo Number 314

James Photographer C dV

This is a Cdv.  This lady looks very regal to she was very confident and proud. This photo was most likely taken before 1880. Her lacey collar is very different from the jabots that we saw in other photos this week. 

James Photographer two James was the Photographer at 413 and 415 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa.  I struck out while looking for him. I didn’t come up with any info.  This photo is not marked in anyway..except of course with the seventy-five cents that it cost me.  This week is turning into a ladies week..I did not plan it that way, it was just how the week unfolded.

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  1. I agree, she is quite regal. The "ruff" style collar is interesting, though not necessarily flattering for all. Small earrings, some kind of pin. Lovely contrast on her dress.


  2. I found this, "Peirce's New Photograph Rooms, 413 and 415 Walnut Street, opposite the Kirkwood Hotel, was open in Des Moines by Stepber 2, 1879." in "Pioneer photographers from the Mississippi to the continental divide: a ... By Peter E. Palmquist, Thomas R. Kailbourn" Page 481.

    "New" would imply he (Peirce) bought the "old" ones from someone.

  3. James, Tom, photographer, over 413 and 415 W Walnut; 672 W 14th, Des Moines, IA (1889-1891)

    Des Moines has the following James active as photographers: Thomas L. 1880–1891, Charles F. 1892+. and Thomas C., 1893–1897. It appears that it was Thomas L. who produced stereographs. Thomas James is the brother of William James who was a photographer and stereographer in Iowa City. Views by James are rare.


  4. I am very familiar with walnut street, what is left of it that is. It was probably a small narrow brick building with walk up stairs to enter the building.


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