Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Full Circle 153

This Full Circle began with a message that MJM left at Ancestry.

Soon after a comment appeared on the blog.

The Internet is an amazing place. The lady in the photo is my Great-Grandmother Rose Kristine. She was the sister of Methe who married Luther Mayre Ford. The Fords and the Rasmussen's / Rich's were very close. Rose married George Rich. I remember them both as a young child and used to sit on his lap to watch TV. This is a photo I haven't seen of her. By the way, my five year old daughter is named "Rose Kristine" after her Great-Great Grandmother. I have a nice photo album from the Ford family with lots of photos of Luther and Methe. He worked as a mailman while he attended law school. I think it was one of the Ivy league colleges back East. He passed the bar, worked for something like five years as a lawyer but quit and went back to being a mailman since he enjoyed it more. I am curious how you came to have a photo of Rose? Are you related to the family? Thanks so much for posting it. I have a similar photo that was taken right after her wedding to George Rich (by the way my six year-old son is named after him).
Best Regards,


Hi Scott, The photo came from a antique shop in California, a fellow by the name of Craig purchased them and then sent them on to me.

I am happy to send you this photo. Please contact me by email with your address. Click on the yellow flower and you will find it.
How wonderful that you ha
ve a little Rose that appreciated the photo!
Aunt Rose Luther M Ford Craigs Number 2491 (2)
Photo Number 2491  The photo was marked Aunt Rose

There was another name on the back.  Luther M Ford  (Luther’s wife Methe and Rose were sisters)

Scott contacted me by email:
Thanks again for making the photo of Rose available to the family. It is one of only two photos we have of her from that period. Her Great-Grand Daughter will be thrilled.

I mailed the photo.
Your package arrived without trouble and we are thrilled to welcome Rose back home to the family. This is now one of only two photos we have of her from this period of her life. Attached you'll find a photo of her namesake...little Rose Kristine who wore her rose decorated dress in honor of the photos arrival and is holding the photo of her G-G-Grandmother whom she is named after.
Thanks again for all your help bring her home after over 100 years apart. I will send you a letter in the mail this week.
Best Regards,
Rose G G Grandaughter of Rose in Photo 2491
Rose Kristine    Photo used with permission
I'm sorry for the delay in responding...I got tied up with affairs the last week. Sure you can use Rose's photo in your blog. She was really excited to see her Great-Great Grandmother...we really appreciate your pulling this all together. I still can't believe she traveled all this way and through so many hands to come home. She now sits next to her husbands photo in the cabinet.
Best Regards,

I think that this one of the loveliest Full Circles I have helped along.  It makes me very happy to return photos to family that really appreciate them. 

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I love full circles and especially that someone wants the photo. Those who have full families still living don't always understand the importance of these old photos. Thank you for what you do with this blog.

  2. An uplifting Full Circle post. I'm thrilled the world still has people who appreciate photos of their ancestors. Well done!

  3. Wonderful, so happy she is home with family and much love.

  4. Oh WOW! What an awesome story with a happy ending. Thank you for all the work you do with these old photos!

  5. I really needed to read something encouraging like that today! Thanks so much for sharing that whole story--and the precious photo of the young Rose Kristine! I remember reading that comment and thinking this has got to be your record for fastest connection on a Full Circle. What a wonderful post.


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