Sunday, August 18, 2019

Full Circle 180

This Full Circle began with a comment left on the blog.

Hello, and thank you so much for your kindness in posting these old forgotten photos online for families to find. Yes, this is indeed Robert Bower Eckles, born Apr. 11, 1910 in York, York, NE. and died Jan. 22, 1993 in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX. I am writing on behalf of his daughter, Sarah, who would love to have this photo!
How can we make this happen?

Photo Number 2949 Robert Bowers Eckles

I mailed off the card.  Chloe had lots of information to share. 

Robert Bower Eckles, born 1910 in York, Nebraska, was the son of Dr. & Mrs. Warren Eckles.  (Dr. Eckles was an optician and an Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist.)
Robert graduated Harvard with magna cum laude honors. He was elected President of the Harvard Debating Council and was member of the Harvard Dramatic Club, the Hasty Pudding club and the Fifty-Four club. He was instrumental in putting the first international college debate over the radio, when Harvard debated Oxford in 1931.
During the summer of his Junior year, he taught modern history at York college in Nebraska.
After graduation, he attended Queen’s College at Oxford  University in England  working towards a PH.D. in history and earned a Doctorate in Philosophy from Harvard.
In 1935, he married Rachel Burhans Miller, teacher at the Bishop Lee Dramatic School in Boston, Massachusetts.
He was hired as head of the department of English history at Stephens College in Missouri, then taught at Culver Military Academy in Indiana and Ohio University, Athens, OH. before accepting a faculty appointment teaching European History and Western Civilization at Purdue University in 1945.
He published several articles, a textbook and two books: ‘The Dean: A Biography of A. A. Potter’ and ‘Purdue Pharmacy: The First Century.’ 
In addition, Robert served as a Fellow in the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain and a chair member of  the American Historical Association's Committee on Microfilming. He took a three year leave of absence from Purdue University to direct the Indiana Historical Society's Natural History Gas Project. He later became the president of the American Microform Academy in Boston, became the co-founder of the Midwest Conference on British History, and served as executive secretary and chair of the Advisory Committee on the Franklin J. Matchette Foundation.
Robert’s daughter, Sarah, remembers that her father was a bon vivant who was full of humor and cheer and could hold court almost anywhere.  He did a spot-on Truman Capote imitation, and had a fabulous sense of humor.  He was absolutely appreciated and adored by his students for all those years he taught.  He had a lust for knowledge, travel, books, brilliant conversation and fine food.  Sarah and her sister, Alison, used to joke that he was like an English country Squire, a refined gentleman and a fabulous host.  They remember him as being very generous and having a great spirit for helping others whenever he could.

Chloe also send some photos.
And a photo of Robert's daughter Sarah
Sarah sent me a lovely Thank you note.  

Dear Connie, Thank you so much for finding my fathers Robert Bower Eckles photo with his little drum!  Your generous gift to me and my friend Chloe is so wonderful  Sincerely Sarah


  1. I love a happy ending!! So happy for the family.

  2. Hooray! A great full circle!

  3. That is an awesome full circle story!

  4. Oh, wonderful! Not just to see another Full Circle report, but also to learn so much about the young boy in the photo you found. What a fascinating biography!

  5. I love this blog of old photos! As a genealogist and family historian myself, I find this so wonderful that you are doing this and that it often comes full circle! Bless you, Connie! ♥


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