Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photo Number 1865

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Will Batdorf  Craigs
There is no photographers mark.  Possibly part of the card has been cut away.
Will Batdorf  Craigs back
Mr.  Will T. Batdorf
He has fairly long sideburns and a nicely trimmed moustache.  I am not certain if his tie is the style they call Octagon it was popular during the 1860’s.  The Octagon  had four tabs and somehow the tabs were covered up by a tie pin.  It might also be an Ascot…or perhaps he made his own fashion.
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William Till Batdorf
Birth 23 Dec 1856 in Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA 
Death 8 Apr 1937 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo Number 1864

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Anna Akin CRaigs
Anna Akin
Anna Akin CRaigs back
Anna Akin CRaigs
This photo was most likely taken in about 1895.  She has quite large wings on those shoulders.
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This photo went Full Circle 154 on April 9 2017

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Photo Number 1863

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Homer Kincaid Craigs

The photographer was Silver Lake Gallery in New Brighton Pa

Homer Kincaid Craigs back

Homer Kincaid

North Braddock Pa  211 Franklin Street

I will guess this is a graduation photo, he would be about 18 years old.  Possibly the photo was taken 1895 to 1905.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Photo Number 1862

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Grandma Hibbard Craigs

AM Rothschild and Co. were the photographers in Chicago.

Grandma Hibbard Craigs back

I will guess this was taken about 1890 and she looks to be 60 years old +

Too bad Grandma didn’t have a first name.


Fellow Blogger and Old Photo Collector Who Were They has some info on AM Rothschild.

A.M. Rothschild was a Department Store in Chicago and it opened in 1881.  AM Rothschild would commit suicide  according to the July 29 1902 NY Times.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Photo Number 1861

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
CL Harpham Craigs

Gowdy’s Studio was the photographer. In an unknown town. Ann Arbor Michigan
CL Harpham Craigs back
I know it is hard to see it is written in pencil .  It says C.L. Harpham
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Update from Iggy:
Charles Leroy Harpham (Dec. 23, 1875 in Michigan - Dec. 15, 1951 in Albany, NY)

Educated at the University of Michigan AB 1904; WWI Army major, Ordinance; Investments; Manager of F.C. Huyck & Sons Woolen Mills 1920; lived in Londonsville, Albany County, N.Y. 1930.

He and his wife Shirlee Beatrice Wheeler Harpman (1882 - 1955) had one child.
 Their son, Joseph W Harpham (Jun 28, 1918 - Nov 28, 2003) attended Dartmouth College (Class of 1938). He was an airline pilot in the mid-1950s for Colonial Airlines, later Eastern Airlines. He died in Kennett Square, PA (actually, not far from me). I think his wife's name was Esteri. They had four children.

Photo Studio Update : Albert Grant Gowdy, a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Photo Number 1860

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Etta Smith  Craigs
The photographer was Geo. L. Lamson at LaFargeville N.Y.
Etta Smith is how the photo is marked.
I will guess that it was taken around 1890 and that she was 30 years old.
We had another Smith in this collection Number 1847 was Anna V. Smith they may be related…who knows.
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Update from Iggy:
The 1880 United States Federal Census shows an Etta Francilia Smith, age 23, born abt 1857 in New York living in Orleans, Jefferson, New York, with her parents Simeon Smith and Electa nee Priest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo Number 1859

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Eleanor henry Craigs

Robinson and Roe at 77 Clark St. were the photographers in Chicago.

Eleanor henry Craigs

Eleanor Henry

I bet she had the most beautiful eyes.  She must have had naturally wavy hair or had a way with styling hair well before finger waves became popular.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Full Circle 110

This Full Circle began when Karla left a comment on the blog that Rena was a relative.

Rena Ensby DL Ant Number 1573 (2)

Rena Ensby  Photo Number 1573

Karla wrote:

I am very interested to find out about the photo 1573. My great-great grandmother was Berti Simonsdatter Ensby born 1850. Her sister was Ronnog Simsonsdatter Ensby born 1854- the Rena Ensby in the picture I believe.  Where did it come from? Do you have others? How can I get a copy? I have attached a photo of Berti to this email. It is a picture of Berti with her husband Teodore Mathisen and two children, Frank and Pete.

Thank you so much! Karla

Here is the photo she emailed me.

berti (2)

Berti (Ensby) with her husband Teodore Mathisen and two children, Frank and Pete.

I answered her questions, the photo came from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  I am unsure about others.  Although Photo Number 1572 is wearing the same dress as Rena in Photo Number 1573.   They must have been  friends or the dress was store bought and it is a coincidence that they wore the same dress.

Karla wrote:

Thank you so much!  I am so excited!  And that other photo 1572 certainly looks like the exact same person- but I don't know about the info printed there. I will certainly get looking into that!  Again thank you so much!!

I sent off Rena’s photo to Karla.

She wrote back:

Mar 8

Yes! The photo arrived and it is beautiful! I apologize that it has taken me so long to respond. The truth is I have spent many hours of research trying to find out more about her!! My searching is far from over, but this is what I do know:

Ronnog Simensdatter Ensby was born in Oslo, Oppland, Norway on 17 February 1854 to Simen Iversen and Ingebor Larsdatter. Her siblings:

Ane: born 1841

Agnete: born 1844

Iver: born 1846

Lisabet: born 1848

Berti: born 1850

Sicil: born 1856

Anna: born 1859

Pauline: born 1862

Ronnog (or Rena) emigrated 15 May 1885. She was living in Spokane Washington at 1207 Riverside as a "domestic" in 1890. I have not been able to find any marriage record or death record or anything else about her really... But I will continue searching and would love input from anyone who might know something else!

I would love to get the picture of Ana Ensby too! I don't know too much about her either: Ana was born 15 March 1859 in Oslo, Oppland, Norway as well. She is found on the Ensby farm in the 1865 and 1875 census. Then I found a naturalization intention record for her 1888-1907 in Swift County, Minnesota. She also is listed in the Spokane Washington directories from 1892-1907 as a domestic. I cannot find any marriage or death record on Ana.

Berti is my great great grandmother- I have quite a bit of information on her if anyone is interested. Thank you so much, Karla

P.S. I have sent a check to thank you and cover postage for sending the picture of Rena Ensby (and the one for Ana if that is possible!)  Thank you again so much!

I mailed off Anna Ensby’s photo also.

Anna Onsby DL Ant Number 1575 (2)

Anna Ensby  Photo Number 1575

March 21 Thanks! I got the picture of Ana today! I am beyond thrilled!! Thank you for this great service you do! Karla

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Photo Number 1858

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Ellen Sanderson Craigs

Mrs. Ellen Sanderson

This photo is most likely from the late 1910’s-1920’s.  She looks about 40 –50 years old?

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photo Number 1857

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Cousin Julia Craigs

Cousin Julia Craigs back

Cousin Julia

Now Mrs Milton Erickson

There is no photographers mark.  The photo folder is quite large it is 5 inches x 11 inches.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Photo Number 1856

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Johnny Baitsell Craigs
Johnny Baitsell Craigs back
Johnny Baitsell
A youngster perhaps about 12-13 years old.  I see shadows in the photo like the boy was cropped out of a group photo.   The photo was probably taken about 1900 to 1905 and the photographer was Packwood….in an unknown town. Mahaska Iowa
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Update from Iggy:
John Merrill Baitsell - Born in Mahaska, Iowa, USA on 4 Jul 1889 to John Albert Baitsell and Amanda Clammer. He passed away on 21 Apr 1905.

Johnny died of quick consumption ( Tuberculosis) when he was 15 years old. 
He had three siblings.
Earle McCoy (Half brother)  1879 - 1905
Bessie 1887-1887
Karl  1891- 1959

Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Number 1855

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Emma Backus Craigs

Erler was the Photographer at the Sunbeam Gallery 1216 S. Adams Street Peoria, ILL. I found out that he was at the Sunbeam Gallery from 1883 to 1898.

Emma Backus Craigs back


Emma Backus Craigs back

Emma Backus

I will guess that Emma is 20  years old give or take a few years and that this photo was taken about 1890.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Photo Number 1854

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Gertrude Jones and son Craigs
Jake Jones wife + baby
Gertrude and Mervin?
Carlson in Ogden IA was the photographer.
Gertrude seems to be wearing Pince Nez glasses.  The chain you see going into her hair was most likely attached to an ear hook that went partially around her ear.   Other methods of attachment of that chain were by hair pin, or a brooch worn on a dress or apron that retracted the ribbon or chain when not in use.  Men’s  Pince Nez might be tied to a buttonhole or lapel.

Funny thing I have a friend by the last name of Carlson that still lives in Ogden Iowa.  I wonder if they are related to the photographer.
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Update from Iggy:
I think this is Gertrude Sarah "Gertie" nee' Conn Jones (1887 - May 21, 1964  and her son, Mervin Dale Jones (Feb. 9, 1917 - Dec. 19, 1987
"Gertie"'s husband was Jacob "Jake" Albert Jones 

From the obituaries Mervin married Dorothy and they had a son and a daughter.  Mervin was an Auctioneer. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Photo Number 1853

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

John Pitts Children

Mould Studio is the Photographer in Dubuque IA

I will guess it is a girl and a boy.  The girls hair is parted very near the center, and the boys hair is parted off to the side.   Many women followed this tradition with their children for many years. The ringlets are adorable!

John Pitts Children back

John Pitts Children

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photo Number 1852

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Edith Arnold Craigs

A gal with glasses a large bow in her hair and a corsage, it must have been a special day.  There is no photographers mark on this photo.

Edith Arnold Craigs back

Edith Arnold or Arvold is the name on the back of the photo.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Photo Number 1851

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Charles Muttark Craigs
Harry L. Plummer was the photographer at the Journal Bldg Lewiston ME
Charles Muttark Craigs back
1907  Charles R. Muttart 
West Woolwich ME
I bet this is a Graduation Photo.
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Update from Iggy:
Charles Rae Muttart (1887-1968) lived in Maine but moved to Orillia, King, Washington.
He married Pauline Alberta Hemphill on 24 May 1919.

He and Pauline had sons Charles Jr. (c. 1923) and George Earle (1 Aug 1926 - 6 Feb 2004) 

This photo went Full Circle 120 on July 3, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photo Number 1850

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Bennit Craigs
Geo  F Riel was the photographer at 339 W. Madison St.  Chicago
He was a photographer at this address from 1891 to 1900.
Bennit Craigs back
Bennit Craigs back
Chas. E. Bennit  346 South E. St.  Gold Hill  Nev
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photo Number 1849

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Clarence Bailey Craigs

McMillan Photography but no idea where?

Clarence Bailey Craigs back

Clarence Bailey  Born 1884

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Number 1848

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
EE Rittenhouse Craigs
The photographer was C.E. Emery  Colorado Springs, Colo
EE Rittenhouse Craigs back
E.E. Rittenhouse
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Update from Iggy:
Elmer Elsworth Rittenhouse was born in June, 1861 in New York. He died January 2, 1920 in New Jersey.

"Elmer E. Rittenhouse, Assistant Secretary of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, died at 1:30 yesterday morning in the Mountainside Hospital, Glen Ridge, N.J., of blood poisoning caused by an infected tooth. He was 58 years old and lived at 22 Prospect Terrace, Montclair.

As a young man Mr. Rittenhouse worked as a telegraph operator and became Superintendent of the telegraph system of the Colorado Midland Railway. In 1898 he went to Korea to build railroads and did not return until 1902, when he entered upon three years of editorship of The Daily Telegraph of Colorado Springs. His appointment as Deputy Commissioner of Insurance of Colorado followed.

In 1907 he was elected President of the Provident Savings Life Assurance Society, resigning in 1911 to become Conservation Commissioner of the Equitable. During 1914 and 1915 he was active in the formation of the Life Extension Institute, of which he was a Director.

Source: New York Times, Saturday, January 3, 1920

At Montclair, NJ, Jan 2, 1920, Elmer Ellsworth Rittenhouse, in his 59th year Services at his residence, 22 Prospect Terrace, Monday, Jan 5, at 2:30 o'clock. Train leaves Hoboken, D L & W 1:39 P.M. It is requested no flowers be sent."

Source: New York Times, Sunday, January 4, 1920

Elmer Elsworth Rittenhouse married Adelaide Helper, they had three children.  Eleanor 1888, Gerald 1891, Ruth 1892 -1986

This photo went Full Circle 112 on April 7, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Photo Number 1847

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Anna V Smith Craigs
Shoemaker was the photographer in Beardstown, ILL
The huge sleeves indicate this photo was taken around 1895.
So I think we are looking for someone born around 1878 to1880.  She looks 15-18 years old to me.
Anna V Smith Craigs back
Compliments of Anna V. Smith
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Update from Iggy:
Anna V. Smith (26 Jan 1878 in Illinois - 12 Nov 1961 in Los Angeles, California) married Edgar Ellis Nicholson. They had three daughters, Jane Nicholson (1905 – ?), Virginia Nicholson (1908 – 1909) and Marion Nicholson (1910 – ?)

They lived in Beardstown, IL according to the 1900 - 1930 US Censuses.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photo Number 1846

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Ernest Tweet Craigs
The photographer is Elmer Carlson  Morris ILL.
Ernest Tweet Craigs  back
Ernest Gerhard Tweet  15 years old
Dec.9, 1911
From that information he must have been born in 1896 or thereabouts.
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I had time too look a bit.  At Find A Grave:
Ernest Gerhard Tweet  Born Dec 9 1895  Illinois  Died May 7 1917 in Iowa.  He is buried in Lost Island Lutheran Cemetery.  His parents were Henry Tweet 1862 –1931 and Anna Holland Tweet 1865-1944. 
Ernest had one sister Agnes P. Tweet Gould  1898-1987
I wonder why he died so young? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Full Circle 109

This Full Circle goes hand in hand with Full Circle 100.  That photo was of Marie Aurzada.

This is her brother Paul.

Paul Aurzada

Photo Number 326  Paul Aurzada

I mailed this photo to Chad and Missy shorty after having lunch with them back in December.   They don’t have any information about Paul to share at this time.  Perhaps later.  They were thrilled to get another family photograph.

This is what I know about Paul :

Alta M Livingston Aurzada (July 23, 1882 in Floyd County, Iowa - Oct. 17, 1973 in Wadena County, Minnesota) was the wife of John Peter Aurzada (1880 - 1925)  They had three children.  Paul Aurzada January 20 1915 – June 21 1993.  He served in the United States Navy during WWII.   Leonard John Aurzada 1916 –2010 and Marie Alice Aurzada Sinkler  1919-1998.

Paul married Ida Emma Schimmel.

My theory about how these two photos ended up in an antique shop.  Paul and Marie’s brother Leonard died in a Park Rapids Minnesota Nursing Home and some of his belongings ended up in an antique shop.  Previously I tried to locate his children to see if they wanted the photo of their Uncle Paul and I received no answer.   If nothing else this goes to show you that one part of the family may not want old photo but other parts of the same family are thrilled to get them.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Full Circle 108

I sent a copy of this blog photo off to North Dakota back in December.  In early February I heard from Keith.  Yes he wanted the photo of his mother.  He wrote “My Mom made the best butterscotch pie.  She would make them for my birthday Thank you.”

Ellen L and her tree Grand Forks ND Number 1774

Photo Number 1774

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photo Number 1845

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Family in snow DL ant

A family facing into the sun for an obligatory photograph.  I wonder why the Dad? is dressed  in a coat and hat whilst everyone else is in a sweater?   I bet he is the Dad they are standing comfortably together as a group.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Photo Number 1844

This is a  snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  This snapshot is 2 3/4 X 4 inches.

Unknow gals in snow DL ANt

A couple of girls standing next to a log building someplace.  Perhaps a ski lodge.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Photo Number 1843

Snow removal seems to be a huge topic of discussion in the recent weeks…especially for people who hardly ever get snow.


Snow and tractor Moorhead ant

This is a snapshot from the antique mall in Moorhead Minnesota.

The tractor looks to be one from the 1940’s.  Possibly a Case…I only say that because we have one very similar to this.  It could very well be some other make of tractor.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Photo Number 1842

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Two gals near snowbank DL ant

Two gals sitting next to a snowbank someplace.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photo Number 1841

These are snapshots from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Feb 1937 Roads  two DL ant

Feb 1937 Roads DL ant

The photos are marked on the back Feb 1937.

My Dad says the automobile is a Model A but he couldn’t tell the make or year.

Years ago many country roads were only plowed once a year in the spring before the spring thaw.   My Dad remembers those days.  His brothers often accompanied the breaking snow plow and would help shovel when the snow was too deep or too hard for the snowplow to break the drifts.