Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Number 317

Elizabeths Birthday Sept 17

How about a hat week! This is a Real Photo Postcard.  These two gals are sporting some great hats!  I love the dresses too, they are so similar in cut, but with very different necklines that makes them look different and individual.  I would love to see Elizabeth’s gloves, but they are hidden behind her back.

Elizabeths Birthday Two

Elizabeth(friend) & Edna  Two Jolly Bums

There were two of these Real Photo Postcards at an Antique Shop near Nevis.  I purchased this one..the other one said Elizabeth’s Birthday Sept 17.  This is an Azo Postcard with the Triangles going it is from 1904 to 1918.  In a further search for the photographer, George F. Coan I found he was at 499 Wabasha Street in St Paul in 1910.  He was from Lexington, Kentucky.

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  1. Fine picture - and yes, let's have a hat week.

  2. I'll salute, with my cap, a hat week!

  3. Spectacular hats and clothing. Don't you know they were thrilled to have this photo made?

  4. I would love to know the colors of everything back then. Once I get my time machine out of the shop and I travel to this time, will everything still be in sepia tones?

  5. You should have a fine collection. They are so full of history and you have your own personal museum.


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