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Full Circle 166

This Full Circle began when I contact Vivian the family historian.


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While Jack and Florence don't tie into my direct line (Florence is my 8th cousin 3x removed), I'd love to have it and put it on my website (I'm working on a major update now).  If anyone directly related to them contacts me, I would be happy to pass it along to them.

Jack Gudbaur Craigs Number 2506 Full Circle 166

Jack Gudbaur  Photo Number 2506

Jack Gudbaum Craigs back Number 2506

The young boy in the picture is Jack Allen Gudbaur, who appears to be about 6 months old in the picture, putting the date of the picture as Saturday, November 25, 1916 (he was born April 3rd of the same year). Jack grew to join the Army Air Corps during WWII and lived in a number of states.� He married twice (that I know of), divorcing both times. Jack had two sisters and a brother, all of whom outlived him. In fact, one of his sisters and his brother married siblings from another family Jack died at the age of 77 in Oregon

His mother, Florence Arvilla Lombard, who married his father Leo Ross Gudbaur approximately a year before Jack's birth, is the one who sent the postcard  From what she wrote, it sounds like she may have been visiting her parents in Sandpoint, Idaho when the picture was taken - perhaps for the Thanksgiving holiday. She and Leo lived in Sagle, Idaho at the time, not far from Sandpoint. She was also several months pregnant with Jack's sister, which may have been another reason for the visit "home" - to tell her family.

The Lombard side of Florence's family can be traced back to when they arrived in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630.   Her line moved to Barnstable, then Truro, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod) for a few generations, then north to Maine for a couple more generations, before beginning to move west to Portage County, Wisconsin, where Florence was born. Her parents moved the family to Idaho when she was a young girl.

The postcard was addressed to Leo's father, Alfred Fremont Gudbaur and Leo's stepmother, Ellen Bradley. They married about 15 years prior, when Leo was a young teenager, and lived in Copeland, Idaho at the time - about 55 miles from Florence, Leo and Jack. Ellen died on Halloween in 1925, when a train hit her automobile at a railroad crossing. Alfred also died in an automobile accident 9 years later when he ended up in a ditch with a skull fracture from the crash. Sadly, Leo's only brother also died an accidental death when he was 32 years old (about 8 months after Ellen's death) and broke his neck in a fall.

Jack's father, Leo, died in 1952 at the age of 65. His mother, Florence, died in 1973 at the age of 79.

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  1. Well, eighth cousin three times removed isn't exactly a close relative, but it sure is a good thing that this photo will now go on a website specific to Gudbaur researchers and that the researcher is willing to forward the photo to a closer relative. No matter which way it turns out, making these old photographic memories available to as many family members as possible is a priceless gift from the past!


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