Friday, January 4, 2019

Full Circle 177

These are “The VanSickel Photos”  I believe it began by contacting a relative on Facebook in May of 2018.
I believe I mailed the photos in May…I hope I did…usually I make a note saying Photos mailed and the date.  I have tried to contact Carol…but she was having computer problems.  I searched through all my photos and could not find them so I think I may have mailed them in May.
Hi Connie
I would be very interested in the VanSickel photos.  2932 - 2936
The younger Henry VS was my Grandfather and Sanford and older Henry were Gr. & Gr. Gr. Grandfather's.
Thank you,
Hilton Van Sickel one Peq Lake Number 2932
Hilton Van Sickle two p L ant Number 2932
Hilton Van Sickle three p L ant Number 2932
Hilton Van Sickle three p L ant back Number 2932
Hilton VanSickel Photos Number 2932
Laura Blake Van Sickel Peq Lks ant Number 2933
Laura Blake VanSickel  Photo Number 2933
Great Grandopa Van Sickle PL antNumber 2934
Great Grandopa Van Sickle PL ant back Number 2934
Most likely Great Grandpa Henry Watson instead of VanSickel  Photo Number 2934
Sanford Van Sickel Peq Laks ant Number 2935
Uncle Sanford VanSickel  Photo Number 2935
Henry and Hilton Van Sickel Peq Lks ant Number 2936
Henry and Hilton VanSickel  Photo Number 2936
Hilton Van Sickel Obit
Hilton VanSickel Obituary from Carol a family member.

More info from Carol.

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  1. That'a a lot of photos in this Full Circle!

  2. What a wonderful set of photos. Let's hope you did mail them all in May! I would be overjoyed if someone sent me a package with that many family photos! And...hooray for Facebook connections (although it always makes me nervous to reach out to a stranger that way!).


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