Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Number 722

This is another of Tulla’s photos from an antique shop.
New Hennipin Studio Photo from Tulla
This beautiful young lady has finger waves in her hair.  Finger waves are shaped with your fingers and a comb while your hair is wet.  Some styling gel helps.
She is wearing a frock that has a tier…the fabric must have flowed when she walked.

This photo was most likely taken in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s.  I could not find information on the New Hennepin Studio in Minneapolis Minnesota.  There are no other markings of any kind on the photo. 
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*** Recently when I got my hair cut and styled they asked me how I wanted it styled..I replied  “In finger waves.”   She replied “No one has ever asked for them before..but I can give it a whirl.”
Update from Futura:
this photo dates to 1929 or, less likely, 1930.... throughout much of the 1920s, fashion dictated a long, straight, tubular the middle of 1928, the waistline began to creep upward and skirts began to hug the hips ever so gently. While hemlines remained relatively short, panels of fabric were added to the sides or back of skirts to create the illusion of length, all this created a very breezy, feminine form. I like to think of 1928 - 1930 as the era when the flapper grew into a lady.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo Number 721

This is a photo from blog reader Tulla.
Lord boys from Tulla
Here is the back of the photo. The photo was most likely taken in 1901.
Lord boys back of photo from Tulla
I did find them in the 1910 Census. The parents of these boys were Ariston and Mary Lord who were both born in Maine.  In 1910 Ariston was a foreman of a lumber company.  I also found him in the 1880 census in Muskegon Michigan working in a mill.

The last time I can find the boys is the 1920 census, they are still living with their parents at 903 Beltrami Avenue in Bemidji Minnesota. Elbridge is listed as a railway laborer.  His name is spelled Albridge in some records and Elbridge in others.  His brother may be Harey or Harry.

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Update from Iggy:
Elbridge Kimball Lord (b. 26-Jan-1897 d. 23-Aug-1963 in Minnesota at the age of 66) and is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. He was a Private in the US Army in WWI.

I am much less certain about his brother, Harry Ariston Lord, I think he was (b. 26-Sep-1899 d. Mar-1973 in Florida at the age of 73)

Another Update from Iggy:
Elbridge married an Ella B. Lord (b. February 2, 1897 d. June 1, 1987 at age 90 years in Minneapolis, Hennepin County).

"Hovey A." married Edith Lord (b. 22 Jan 1899 d. Mar 1979 in Florida), "Hovey and Edith" are in the 1930 US census twice. They were counted in Minnesota and in Washington DC.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Photo Number 720

This week we will look at photographs from blog reader Tulla from Minnesota.  She bought the photos at an Antique Shop.  She is downsizing and hated to throw them out, so she mailed them to me.  I hope we can find some family for them.  Some have names,  some do not.

This is a very large photo, it measures 14 inches by 12 inches.

Corning Iowa Tingsley Studio Tullas photo

The photographer was Tinsley Studio in Corning Iowa. Apparently he went out of the studio to take photos.  I found a C. D. Tinsley in Corning Iowa in 1907.  I will guess that this photo was taken sometime between 1900 and 1910.  The house is lovely, how wonderful for it to appear in the photo.  It must have been important to the people in the photo..perhaps it was their childhood home?

Corning Iowa Tingsley Studio Tullas photo

Roff                          Tom      Charlie                          Will

Whoever marked names on the photo only knew a few of the names.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Full Circle 40

This photo stayed in Minnesota.

I sent it off to Red Wing Minnesota the end of December in 2010, eleven months ago to David a grandson of Minda Jellum.

minda and jena Hjellum


Minda and Gena postcard

Photo Number 406

It has been so long, that I will declare this one a full circle.  He didn’t seem real thrilled by my phone call to verify his address and his relationship to the gals on the postcard.

Abra found this info on these girls:

Minda Hansina and Gina Karina Jellum were born in Wanamingo, Goodhue Co., MN to Iver Jellum and Martha Jordahl. They were the youngest of 8 children. Three older sisters were Clara Justina(1884), Ida(1886), and Hannah(1888). Three older brothers were Emil(1891), Joseph(1893), and Martin(1896).
Minda was married to Oscar Pearson. According to a family tree, Minda & Oscar were married in March of 1926. They lived in Featherstone, Goodhue Co, MN in 1930, and had one son (I will not name here, as I believe he is still alive). The 1930 census transcript on lists him as age six, but when I look at the image, it is chicken-scratched, so I am not sure he was born then, or later. The family will have to verify, I believe. This son had 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys), and at least 2 grandchildren (who bear middle names of their great grandparents). I didn't follow all the children, as we will let the family tell some of their own story if we make contact. ;-) Minda passed away at the age of 88, on June 5, 1986.

Gina was married to John Edward Benson on October 16, 1926. They had 2 sons who died as infants:Robert Milo(12-28-1927 to 01-10-1928)& Leslie Everett (Jan 1932 to 8-19-1932). I didn't find a record of any other children. Gina passed away Aug 23 1991 at the age of 93. She is buried in Cannon Falls, MN.
I am not sure who Aunt Stina is--could be either side, but I didn't follow that up too closely, as that is something the family could tell us. (You will note that I included the middle name of the oldest daughter--Clara Justina--as I think she could/may be named after her aunt "Stina.") I think you are pretty accurate on the dating of this photo, as both girls were apparently married in 1926. It does look as if the seated girl is wearing a band (or two) on her left ring finger, so maybe this is around the time of one of their marriages? Who really knows? I could not find either girl in the Minnesota online marriage system, so I am thinking they married in a bordering state, perhaps. I could search further or once again allow those details for the family to share. I will send contact information to you shortly, Connie! ~Abra


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Full Circle 39

These photos went to California.
Elmer DL Antiques     Elmers sisters DL
Photo Number 490                      Photo Number 492
To Elmer  DL Antiques
I found some info on Elmer Westling and thought these photos were of his sisters and his sisters children.   Iggy helped with the research!   Nothing happened with these photos for quite some time then one day Annette found them on the blog.

She wrote:
Hi my name is Annette Thank you for finding these photos.My grandma Selma lived to be almost 101 and one of the children on the photo just turned 95 and we had a big family party today.  Again thank you so very much.

I heard from her again that she had received the photo.

( Her Grandmother was Selma one of Elmer Westlings sisters.)

I also heard from another relative, Darlene left a comment on the blog:

Hi. I am the great-granddaughter of Vernice Dubrall. Could I also get copies of these pictures as well

(Vernice is the middle child in the back row.)

I asked her to email me.  When I have already sent the photo to a relative the best I can do is off to send a copy on a CD..I did that..but have not heard anything.

In the meantime I found this photo at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
More than likely this is Selma Westling Dubrall. ( If this is not Selma then it is one of her sisters.) I contacted Annette again and asked her if she would like the photo..but I have gotten no response.

January 06, 2011  Edit: This is Freida Westling Davis younger sister of Selma. 

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Full Circle 38

This photo went to Minneapolis.

Runneborg sisters DL Antiques

Photo Number 516

After finding out that these were the Lunneborg sisters I sent out a message on Facebook to a possible relative.  And waited.  One day I received this email.

Photo 516 is a picture of four of my grandfather's (Nelmar Lunneborg) sisters. They lived on a farm in Milnor, North Dakota. There were 16 children born to Nels and Ellite. Nels has four surviving children including my father. Is there anyway I can obtain the photo?  Thanks Sandy

Later Sandy wrote:

I'm not sure which of the sisters they are but I will be checking with my dad and aunts to see if they may know. The family had a farm in Milnor, ND. Many of the kids stayed there or nearby. My grandfather moved to minneapolis, mn and worked as an auto mechanic. I will definely updateprovide an update on the site if I get more info. My niece was doing a search on my grandmother (emma lunneborg, nelmar's wife not his sister emma) and was directed to this sight.


I also got an email from Gail:

Those are my great aunts. My grandfather was Nelmer Lunneborg. I was so surprised to see the photo when I googled Donna Lunneborg (my Mother)images. Makes me think what a crazy tool this internet is. And I wonder how the photo ended up in an antique store in Detroit lakes. Thanks for what you do.

I did not hear if they got the photo or not.  I mailed it on July 26, 2011.

Sometimes I get discouraged when I don’t hear that a photo was received.  But I keep sending them out anyway. I usually wait to write the full circle post after the photo has been received and hopefully something about the photo has been shared.   In this case I was curious which four of the eight girls were in the photo.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Full Circle 37

This photo was mailed off to North Dakota.

Kenneth Ritchfield DL Antiques

Photo Number 589

Iggy located an address for Virginia, I sent her a copy of the blog and she sent me Dons address, she said he was the family historian!

I mailed off the photo to Don.

Don wrote:

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the picture you sent me a few weeks ago. The picture is of my father Kenneth Litchfield. He was born March 11, 1903 on his fathers farm SE of Gwinner, ND. My great grandfather Albert Litchfield moved from Massachusetts to the Truman Minnesota area about 1880. His son Roland (my grandfather) moved to ND in 1901 where he bought a quarter of land SE of Gwinner. Albert was a civil war veteran wounded at the battle of Balls Bluff, VA on Oct 21, 1861. I have a picture of his wife Annie, but do not have one of Albert. If you should ever run across on I would be happy to pay you for it. It may be possible to find one in an old Truman newspaper, but I would have to go there to research it.

Thanks again for the picture of my father. I have one also, but now I will have one for each of my sons.

Best regards


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am especially thankful for Iggy and Abra they are wonderful researchers.  If I am ever lost Iggy will be able to track me down!  Thank you to everyone who leaves comments in regard to translation, spellings, clothing and photographers information.  Every little bit of information is valuable!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Full Circle 36

Remember this one?

Harry Nordstrom Family Dassel MN

Photo Number 610

Iggy located a family members email address..and we found the family in no time at all! Cindy sent me her address.

Earl wrote a message on the blog post:

This is a photo of my dad and Earl 11 years, Jim 9 years Dean 7 years and Marlyn at 5 years. The picture was taken around 1942, about the time our mother passed away. It was taken in the barn door that my dad Harry and uncle Elmer farmed. The farm is south of Dassel Mn. on the east shore of Pigeon lake.

Then he emailed me:

I am Earl the one with the camera in the picture.  I am looking forward to seeing the picture that you have been in contact with Cindy. Good luck with your hobby Earl

I mailed the photo in August. In the early part of September I got a message from Cindy that the photo had been received.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full Circle 35

This was a very round about Full Circle.  One day I got an email from Mary. She found Forgotten Old Photos through an Internet search for her  Great Grandfather who was a photographer.  She is the Great Granddaughter of Ole Flaten.  Her Grandfather was Oscar Marius Flaten and her father was Oscar Miller Flaten.  Her father learned the photographic trade from Ole.

I gave her what info I had on Ole, and I told her if she would like one of the photographs that I had that was by him and it was unclaimed I would mail it to her.

Mary liked this one, and thought it somehow looked familiar to her. 

Flaten Photo three plain back DL Antiques1894 to 1895

Photo Number 560

Now I am going to send you off to a link.  It seems Ole’s brother was named Gilbert here is a photo of Gilbert.

This is what Mary wrote:

Hi, Connie-

I received the photo today. THANKS so much! I also sent the link of your posting of the photo to my brothers and cousin to see if they have a clue about who the happy couple might be! : - )

To me, the gentleman somewhat resembles my grandfather (Ole E. Flaten), especially the eyes and mouth. So, I am wondering if this might be his brother, Gilbert E. Flaten, who I learned from your site also was a professional photographer over in Fargo.

Check out this link: The gentleman in the photo you sent me & this one of Gilbert seem to have some resemblance. If this is correct, then the woman in the white wedding dress on the cabinet card would be Emma Voxland.

According to the above link, their wedding date was around 1891. It makes sense that Gilbert would have his brother Ole photograph them. However, the cabinet card lists Ole's studio locations as "Moorhead, Halstead, and Lake Park", although the MN historical society lists Ole's Halstead location beginning as of 1893... so, not quite sure about all this yet.

We will continue our family tree sleuthing. Thanks again for your wonderful help!


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Full Circle 34

This photo was returned to the Midbo family in August.

Tobias Midbo Barn Two Postcard

Photo Number 612

From information in a obituary, Iggy found an address for a family member.

I sent them a copy of the blog post.  This is what I heard from them:

I am writing to you because of the letter and the picture you sent. The photo is of a barn my Grandfather had near Hatton ND where my Dad grew up. I have a panoramic picture of what I believe is the same barn at a different angle. Thank you

On August 28 I got this email:

We received the photo today. Will be doing some research and talking to relatives. Unfortunately Tim's Dad is deceased and can't tell us anything. Will keep in touch.

This week I will have a number of full circles..seems appropriate the week of Thanksgiving.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Number 719

This is another CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Mrs A Odegard CdV from DL Antiques

This is an unusual photo treatment.  It is like it is a photo of a photo.  It is all one piece.

This lady may be Mrs. A. Odegard.

Mrs A Odegard CdV DL Antiques back

There are many notations. Mo 418, Minneapolis Tribune Co.  and Mrs. A. Odegard Cor. Chestnut Street  + 9th Ave.  Grand Forks, N. Dak. and JAJ 1.50 ( Johns mark and the price 1.50 for the card.)

The photographer was A. F. Burnham of Fairbault Minn. he was in business during the years 1878, 1884 and 1895.   I will pick 1895 for the date of this photo because North Dakota did not become a State until 1889… before that time it was known as the Dakota Territory.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Number 718

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Gunnar Aarstad Cd V DL Antiques
A young boy in knickers.
Gunnar Aarstad CdV DL Antiques back
Joh. Froling?  Fotograf  Brogadon ( edited to Brogaden) 8, Kristiania
and a name Gunnar Aarstad
So this is another CdV from Oslo Norway. Sometime after 1877.

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Update from Iggy:
This may be the Son or Grandson of Berte Karina Aarstad who was featured in Photo 626

Dr Jeff says Brogaden 8 is Bridge Street 8

Update from Anonymous:
Photographer: John Frøling (1865-1932). Born and trained in Sweden, came to Christiania in 1884. Started his company in Brogaden 8 in 1895, used a cheap "rubber stamp" with "Joh. Frøling" the first years. So the photo should be from after 1895, but not much.

Update From Liv:
Ole Olsen and Karine Nilsdatter Olsen have a son born 1859. His name is Nils Olsen. He is not listed above. He married Anette, they had three children Ole Carl Olsen/Aarstad, Gunnar Riis Olsen/ Aarstad b.1896( the boy in the picture) and Aggi Nanna Olsen Aarstad b 1901. That means Karine Nilsdatter is the Grandmother of this boy and my grandfather was his cousin. I have met his sister Aggi in Oslo many years ago.

April 24 2012, I mailed the photo to Liv in Norway
This photo went Full Circle 65 on November 21, 2012.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Number 717

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Karl Ingelson Favik 9 12 1894 CDV DL Antiques
This photo is marked Karl Ingelsen Favik 9/12 94.
L. Szacinski    1893  Eneberettiget
Karl Ingelson Favik 9 12 1894 CdV DL Antiques back
Fodt den ( Born in?) 24 April 1872
This is a CdV from Christiania (Oslo Norway) The photographer won lots of awards and proudly displays them on the back of his work.

I find it a little strange that this CdV has a name and a date on the front of the CdV.  Perhaps his family was wealthy..or famous or perhaps the card was used as a Funeral Card and sent to relatives in the United States.

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Update from Anonymous:
The photographer must be Ludwik Szacinski de Ravics, . Born in Poland, refugee after rebellion, trained in France, to Norway in 1865.

In Christiania from 1869. Became royal photographer in 1888, lots of medals.
He died in 1894, but it seems his widow continued his practice until 1916.

Karl Ingelsen is found in the Norwegian census from 1900, at the farm Fevik in Nannestad.

His father, Ingel Kristoffersen was married to Dortea Jensdatter, the daughter of Kari from yesterday. So Karl is probably Kari's grandson. Dorthea not listed in the census, and Ingel is listed as widower, so she is probably dead by then (in 1887, according to the link from yesterday).

It seems Karl (in 1900) is married to a Mina, and they have two children, Ingvald I. (1897) and Ivar K. (1899). The ancestry-link list only Ivar K.

It seems hard to find any of these names in the emigration records.

The name on the photo seems to be spelled with an "ash" - Karl Ingelsen Fævik.

Update November 20 2011

Tore in Canada knows Karls Grandchildren and will get the photo to them.  I will mail the photo on Monday November 21 2011

This photograph went Full Circle 43 on January 30, 2012

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo Number 716

This is a CdV from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Kari 1878 CdV DL
This lady looks awfully tiny to me..but her hands look very large. I wonder what her bonnet with the long ribbons is called? 
Kari 1878 Back DL Antiques
This is the back of the photograph.  Note the 8 with an x under it and then a 78.  I think this may mean that the photograph was taken in August of 1878.

Kari 1878 Back DL Antiques
Any help with a translation is appreciated.
Kari Knudsdatter ( Knud's daughter)   Llablison ( Slatten)
Nanston Norge  ( Nanston Norway)

The photographer was A. Havee  Kristiania which is now Oslo.

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Update from Anonymous:
The photographer is likely this one, although the spelling is slightly different:

It says that Auguste Havée was born and trained (with "the famous Professor M. A. Gaudin", Paris) in France. He practiced at the Norwegian west coast in 1859 (Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen), but moved to Christiania before 1865. He died 1880, which probably means that this photo is from between 1865 and 1880.

The spelling "Kristiania" rather that "Christiania" could indicate that the photo is from after 1877.

Knudsdatter = daughter of Knud

I read the last name as Slattum. There are two Slattum in Norway, both just north of Oslo:
Slattum, Nittedal
Slattum, Nannestad

One might read the lower left text as "Nanstad" (with much good will), which could mean Nannestad? 

Searching Norwegian census data (, I found the following inhabitants at the farm Slattum in Nannestad, in 1865:
Jens Hovals., husband, farmer
Kari Knudsd., wife
Dortea, daughter
Berte Marie, daughter

Kari was 62 in 1865, so born approx. 1803.

See also (which was instrumental in finding the above census record). Kari Knutsdatter, born 1803, death 1887.

"Hovals." above should probably be "Hovelsen".

Update from Dr Jeff:

Nannestad is often pronounced Nann'stad and that's probably it's spelled incorrectly.

Since she was born 1803, she also experienced the great Norwegian famine of 1809. That may explain the seemingly tiny body.

Update from Ancestry:
Her Father was Knut Larsen, Haga Holter Bidsler  born 1765
Her Mother was Berte Olsdatter, Holter  born in 1762
She married Jens Hovelsen, Slattumeie who was born in 1786

Married on November 01 1832 in Holter kirke, Nannestad
Children: Dortea Jensdatter, Slattum November 05 1831 and Berte Marie Jensdatter, Slattum September 28 1840

I located Kari's Great Great Grandson Tore in Canada.  I will be mailing the photo soon:) 

Mailed to Tore on November 21, 2011:)
This photo went Full Circle 43  on January 30, 2012 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Number 715

Another Cabinet Card from Solway Minnesota.

Nebraska lady sitting down Cabinet Card Solway

This young gals dress has a series of trims down the front, wide ribbons and many pleats.  She also has a large brooch of some sort. Her sleeves seem lifeless and sad.  I wonder if the papers she is holding or the papers on the stand have an real significance?

Pont Soderberg was the photographer in Sutton Nebraska.  I know he was there for sure in 1894 from a list of business's in Sutton .. he  might have been there from 1890 to 1905.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Number 714

This is another Cabinet Card from Solway Minnesota.

nebraska lady Cabinet Card Solway

The dress is somewhat severe with close fitting sleeves, with a row of buttons and many rows of trim down the front.  The back of the dress looks like it is may have had a bustle..I am not sure.  This young lady has a little style of her own..she has added a ribbon with scalloped edges that she tied around her neck.

The very ornate backdrop is spoiled a little by the straw looking matt on the floor.

Nebraska Lady back Cab card Solway

This is the back of the Cabinet Card. The photographer Ed Wiekhorst from Hooper Neb was in business there in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Number 713

This is a Cabinet Card from Solway Minnesota.

Lady from McIntosh Solway Antiques Cab Card

The photographer was O.K. Lee from McIntosh Minn.   Mr. Lee was in business there from 1896 to 1899.

The mutton sleeves, were reminiscent of a mutton chop on a bone, wide and puffy at the top and then becoming narrow and tight near the elbow.  This dress is a perfect example.

We also get a perfect view of the photographer’s fringed chair.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Number 712

Well I guess this will be the last of the soldier photos for awhile.  It has been a good series.  I still have about 30 misc photos that are not marked that are part of this group.
San Antonio 1946 Number 2
Two soldiers and one gal in a flannel shirt and jeans.  These were all taken in 1946 in San Antonio Texas.
San Antonio Tx 1946 grabbing the gal
Same gal…
San Antonio TX Grabbing the gal two
I wonder if they dropped her into the water?
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These photos went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo Number 711

This is another photo from San Antonio Texas in 1946.
7 up San Antionio TX 1946
In case you are is a bottle of 7 Up ! 
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This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 15 2015

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photo Number 710

This is a group of service men and their wives or girlfriends in 1946 at San Antonio Texas. All the men are in uniform and the women are in civilian clothing. 
Group photo San Antonio TX 1946
For now this group remains unknown.  Perhaps some day someone will wander by and identify them.
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If you are a Veteran..Thank you for your service and may God Bless You:)

This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo Number 709

Today we have a photo of a Soldier in San Antonio Texas in 1946.  There is a developing mark by Fox that is noted on the back of the photograph with the city and the year.
Soldier and nice car ML Photos
These photos were in the “ My life Margret Lundborg” group of photos that I purchased at an antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota. 

We can see for the first time the photographers shadowy head..but it still doesn’t give us a or woman photographer??

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My Dad says that the car is a 1939 Pontiac.

This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo Number 708

A good looking couple.
ML Photos Unknown Couple
The young lady is holding a white box of some sort, her handbag is under her arm and her fur coat is over her arm.  She is ready to go someplace.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo Number 707

Now there is a baby?
A baby ML Photos
They look so happy!  Their baby?  Probably not..but maybe a niece or a nephew.
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This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Number 706

A Soldier gets married. This was most likely after the war, I say that because most brides didn’t wear fancy white dresses during the war.  This bride wore a fingertip veil and her wedding frock had a train that she has gathered up in her hand.
A soldier and his bride  ML Photos
Soldier and his bride two
It wasn’t a summer wedding.  It looks like early spring to me..March or April.  I hope they were a happy couple and were married a really long time.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Number 705

This is the continuation of WWII era photos.  These are all taken in the United States.
A Soldier returns home to family.  There are many photos with different people..I chose this one because it shows a rural area.
ML Photos Family  with soldier
The Soldier has a gal.
Soldier and his gal
Soldier and his gal two
The photos were developed on Velox paper.  None of them are marked with a name or a date.
I think this Soldier may be the same soldier that we have seen several times..the one named “Gene”. What do you think?
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This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Photo Number 704

These are the last of the WWII photos that are marked with names that were taken in the hospital/clinic setting.
Group Photo Front
Group Photo Back
And here is one last photo of Gene.
Tomorrow we will follow a soldier home.  I think it is Gene..but none of the next photos are marked with names..some are marked with a developing date..1946.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Photo Number 703

This is a WWII  group.
Sumners sp Minn Gene Mpls Touson Oklahoma Pischke Chicago
Sumners ( Summers ??) Minn.
Gene Mpls
Townson ( Tounson ??) Oklahoma
Pischke  Chicago
I still believe that these were Gene’s photos or someone close to him.  We don’t have a last name for Gene…but I bet his sister or his wife was named Margaret whose last name was Lundborg..but that could be her married name not her maiden name.  
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 From Iggy
Margaret Elizabeth Larson nee Lundborg (b. July 4, 1915 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania d. April 30, 2010 at age of 94 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN) She was the daughter of Samuel (b. 1870 in Sweden d. Dec. 2 1942) and Selma Lundborg (b. 1876 in Sweden)

I found this Obituary for a Margaret Lundborg. 
Margaret Elizabeth Larson, 94, of Brainerd, died Friday, April 30, 2010, at Harmony House.

Services for Margaret will be 11 a.m., Friday, May 7, at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Nisswa. Interment will be at Evergreen Cemetery in Brainerd.

Margaret was born July 4, 1915, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Early in her life, Margaret moved with her family to the Brainerd lakes area. She was united in marriage to Harry Larson. Harry died in 1962. Margaret owned and operated Lundberg Jewelry in Brainerd for many years. She was a member of Lutheran Church of the Cross, Zonta, Eastern Star, and a 50-year member of the American Legion Auxiliary. She enjoyed the outdoors.

Margaret will be missed by her cousin, Ruth Maples, of Brainerd; and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Harry and her parents.

Update from Jacqi:
Here is a link that goes with this Margaret.

This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo Number 702

Another WW2 era photo.
Secretary Dorthy Row Chicago Ill ML Photos
Dorothy Row Chicago Ill
Assistant Secretarey ML Photos
Assistant Secretary
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo Number 701

WW2 era photo.
Red Aug 31 1945 ML Photos
This is “Red” and the photo was developed on August 31, 1945.
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This photo went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015