Saturday, December 29, 2018

Full Circle 173

This Full Circle began with comments left on the blog.

From Edith:

What a wonderful surprise to find photo number 2036 during a random search on my family today. I had to send you my thanks. . I have the same postcard sent to my grandmother by “Susie” but there was no reference to the name of the baby and I didn't know which one it was until I read it on your site. Ruby Loretta was my 1st cousin 1x removed. The actual children in this family were Richard Stuart, Rena May, Pearl Amanda, Thelma Katherine, Robert Leonard, and Ruby Loretta. I knew Richard Stuart, a favorite cousin of my Dads and I have met Robert Leonard's son. Arthur, Rebecca, Mary and Will were siblings of the children's father, my great Uncle Dick, Susie's husband. Rebecca was my grandmother. Your wonderful act of sharing these photographs has brought a happy surprise to me and my family. Thank You so much.

Ruby Loretta DL ant NUmber 2036 (2)

Ruby Loretta DL ant back Number 2036 (2)

Ruby Loretta Casteel  Photo Number 2036

Thank You so much. I have emails in to my sisters to see if they would like the photo. Actually, I sometimes correspond with Suzie's grandson and will also check to see if he would like it. Otherwise, there's me. There's a chance I will meet others from this family connection. I don't think the last generation were in touch like they were in Suzie's day.

I mailed the photo.

Thanks for stopping by.


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