Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Number Eleven

Uncle Ed 

This is Edwin F Morgan and this photo was taken by Linquist, Superior, Wis.   Along with this info someone wrote Uncle Ed 1904  on the back of one of the photos... Yes, I have two of of which has a ghost like impression of another photograph on the back of this heavy duty large card.. I suppose they were stored where it was warm. 

I cannot make out his pin on his lapel..he is very well dressed..I wonder if he was a Lawyer..or a Banker?? 
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*** Abra found him in a census at Duluth, Minnesota..he was a railroad clerk.  


  1. He does look very professional. Lawyer or banker may be a good guess. Perhaps a doctor also. He was a nice looking gentleman.

  2. That outfit looks very dapper - I would bet banker/lawyer too.

  3. I found an Edwin F. Morgan in the 1900 Minnesota census in Duluth, which fits location proximity of photograher. Of course, I can't be sure it is the same person, as there are many people with that sam e name. The age in 1900 was 21, so in 1904, would have been 25, which appears to be almost fitting with that photo, at least in my opinion. The Edwin F. Morgan I found was a railroad clerk at that time, which might fit, but he could have changed careers from 1900 to 1904. Do you think the pin could designate some type of railroad membership? I checked back, and found more census records. If I get time later, I'll try to do some more research, to see if we can figure out if this is the guy. I suppose there is no way to know for sure, unless at some point, a family member claims him. :-) ~Abra

  4. Abra, great info!! The pin appears to have a light colored background.. it is just too fuzzy to make a positive is of no help.:(

  5. Edwin Freman (Fremon?) Morgan, born in 1879 in Duluth, MN to Mary Morgan (Widowed as of 1900) with sister Annie R Morgan (39, single as of 1900) moved to Los Angeles, CA sometime before 1910 (when he was still single and 31 yo). As an aside, the railroads reached LA in about 1890. By 1905 there were trains and trolleys of all types there.

    Pondering: If Edwin was an "real uncle" his sister must of either married late and had a child or had one that wasn't legitimate or perhaps his mother remarried.

    I have a number of "honorary uncles" though. Also, I don't know if Edwin's (unnamed) father had brothers and sisters in the states with him.


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