Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photo Number Eighteen

Today I am sharing this photo, any idea what the hat is called or why it was worn?  He is very handsome, and seems to have a very commanding presence in this photo.  Do you suppose that this is a Father and a Mother and their children?  How about a year?  Before 1900?

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  1. I don't know what that hat is called, but I swear I have seen some young guys wearing something very similar now days. Did you notice the guy on the far right standing - he looks like Charlie Sheen in a way. The older guy really is handsome and distinguished looking too.. I wonder what their ethnic origin is. Maybe Greek or Italian???

  2. I love this photo. It must be a family - they all look like siblings to me. Can you imagine what those fabulous clothes would be worth today? Just beautiful. Also, it looks like the man with his hand on the back of Dads chair is holding a cigar.

  3. What a beautiful family. I am guessing turn of the century, maybe. I've seen a hat like that somewhere before but not sure where. I find it odd that only two of the seven subjects are looking at the camera--everyone else seems to be deep in thought and 'somewhere else'.

  4. I have seen a hat like that as well! Clearly they were pretty popular. :-) The one I saw was a smoking cap, and there was a pattern to stitch some fancy braid all 'round it. I could be completely wrong on that one. The dresses look to me to be of the latest Victorian or early Edwardian era, so somewhere right 'round the turn of the century. Bodices changed so much at that time, from the fitted pigeon breast to the more loose fitted fall front style. Notice the hairstyle of the woman at top left. It's quite intricate and probably took some time and assistance. Her lace blouse is also ornate. The younger women's hairstyles are early 1900s.

  5. Could the center man be a cleric? Based on collar? That is one fancy hair do.


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