Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Number Forty

On the back of this photo this writing appears  " Just before moving on to beach"   Note it does not say to the beach as in a place to swim.  I know that there is a town called Beach in North Dakota.. so possibly there are others as well.
I like that almost everyone has a head covering..what do you call those caps..Driving Caps? Newsboy Caps?   I will guess that this photo was taken in the early 1940's.  It looks like they enjoyed quite a picnic.. remember those days..the blanket spread on the grass..we don't do that anymore..but perhaps we should!
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  1. I always call those "driving hats." I remember picnics like that when I was a kid - so much fun.

  2. That truly is a snapshot in time. I really like this one. It captures life as it was actually happening instead of posing still. Interesting clothing and outfits too.

  3. I think more 1920, but what do I know I am new at this guessing game.

  4. It is almost weird, with the expressions on their faces. I guess some look ok, but maybe they were looking into the sun. It is an unusual photo.

  5. Those are FLAT caps and their history goes back to medevial Europe. Worn by the working class

  6. It's a neat photo of a time that must have provided some fond memories. Considering the girls' hats, the photo was probably taken in the mid-to-late-1920s.


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