Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photo Number Ten

This is a good example of exposure times and what happens when the people "sitting" for the photograph move, the smallest child, the Mom holding the baby..note the rattle may be laying on the floor.  The little girl is holding a fuzzy doll in  her right hand..and the kitty on the floor.  Yes.. the kitty must have moved too!   This appears to have been taken in a house..I love the wall paper..perhaps it is a Grandma and Grandpa with their daughters and grandchildren.   I have no idea on the year.. any suggestions?   This photo is 3 1/2 inches square on a grey backing that is 5 inches square.  It has no marks or notations of any kind.

*** Abra, Pam and Norkio all date this photo as 1890. 


  1. The first thing I noticed was the wallpaper! The second thing was how cumbersome those dresses look! I'm thinking this must be really old.

  2. Thank goodness times have changed. In this day of instant everything there would be very few photos if people had to sit for more than a few seconds.
    I can't tell if that is a man in the very far right background or not - if so he has on some frilly stuff.

  3. I would guess somewhere in the 1890s. It seems the puffy sleeves were pretty common then, as well as high collars. I like the way this photo demonstrates what happened when the subjects moved during the exposure time. I have heard that many photos taken with pets back in the old days were blurry for this reason. ~Abra

  4. Rae, I can't tell if that person in the back is a man or a woman..the shirt is really frilly.
    Mildred, Not exactly the kind of dress you want to wear everyday!
    Abra, Thanks ..for the 1890 could be.
    For those of you who like old photo I found another blog yesterday called Old Picture of the Day..there is a link off to the left! I found it very interesting:)

  5. I'd put it in the 1890s as well. The sleeve on the person at top right looks to be of a popular 1890s "Belle Epoch" style. The dresses of the other women also look to be 1890s style. The woman with the puffed sleeve is probably younger than the others, my guess.


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