Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photo Number Fifteen

This is a copy of an old  photo...back in the 1980's it became very fashionable to take your old photos in and have copies made.  The first ones were not done very well..but it was a way to share an old photo of family members.  We have come a long with scanners and Photoshop we can create our own copies of old photos.
This photo was probably taken around 1900.
I love the long gown.  Boy or is anyones guess as both were dressed in these types of long gowns.   I thought that flowers we are pretty strange thing for this child to be holding??  Perhaps the flowers are being held from behind to help hold the child in place .
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  1. Sweet little baby. That baby would be over 100 now though. The flowers are odd aren't they? What a beautiful baby gown.

  2. I agree, the flowers really look out of place. That sure is a cute baby and I love that gown. It looks very intricate.

  3. What an adorable little baby!! I wonder how they got babies to sit so still back in the day, considering the long exposure time. I think you are probably pretty close on the date.

  4. Perhaps the flowers indicate this is a girl baby? The gown is gorgeous. I wonder if it's an heirloom or new one?

  5. I found a picture of my grandpa and his sister, circa 1908-1909 by my best guess (he 7-8, she 4-5). They were both holding bouquets, plus he also had a 'boater's hat,' very similar to the one your gentleman in photo 12 was wearing. ~Abra


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