Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Number Twenty-Eight

This is "Lovelingly Albina 45"  I have two of these photos from a local antique shop, one is a 5x7 size and signed the other is smaller and unsigned. Perhaps they were sent to Grandparents and a favorite Aunt or Uncle.  I imagine the dress as being bright red!  I only know of an Inglewood California..I suppose that there are other Inglewoods.  I totally struck out trying to find the photographer Charles Bower. What do you think?  Graduation Photo?  I like the photos that are marked with the year..this one being 1945.  I was curious..Albina is a Russian name..I have never heard of that name before.

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  1. I imagine her hair as red too.

  2. I think there's an Inglewood in Colorado too.

  3. Oh God. I can't look at her. LOL She looks like my ex- sister-in-law - the witch.
    My grandson was born in Inglewood Colorado so there are at least two Inglewoods.

  4. She had great teeth and it must have took hours to get her hair so wavy. And just look at those appliques on her dress! I bet they were handmade and handsewn on it.

  5. There is an Inglewood in:
    Minnesota -
    Tennessee -
    Canada -
    Washington -
    Australia -

  6. Charles K Bower photographers existed in the UK
    and Inglewood is in the UK

  7. Charles K Bowers: Photographer is in UK

    There is an Inglewood in the UK

    Lovely photo.

  8. I have an exact photo of this woman, she was a friend of my late mother who died in 1972. My mother was a life long resident of Inglewood California. I think the womans name was Cocker.

  9. states the Charles Bower studio was in California.

  10. My photo, taken when I was about two years old, was taken by this same Charles Bower and he had his studio in Inglewood, California. At least he did around 1953-54 when my photo was taken.


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