Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photo Number Thirty-Six

I call this photo "Pajama Party".  Five gals sharing whatever was in a chafing dish and a pie plate. It looks to me like the curtains in the background were hung on springs. ( Lots of folks used them up here in place of a curtain rod..they were flexible and could be hung anywhere)  It looks like there are newspapers or advertisements hung on the wall..this could be insulation at it's finest!  I love the patterned robes and can only imagine their bright colors.  Oh I am not sure about a year?? 1920?

Happy Thanksgiving !  Stop by again:)


  1. Certainly some wild patterns going on in that photo! Kinda makes you dizzy!

  2. My mom used the springs but they were always drawn tight so that it looked like a rod was in there. That is an interesting picture that show more that we can probably ever understand.


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