Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo Number Twenty

Clarence Nesgoda, I found several of them in Minnesota. .   At any rate he was in the Army during WW II and this photograph was taken by Louis Morrison of 10 Donegall Place in Belfast.  There is  a stamped oval on the back of the photo.   The photographer also signed this photo in pencil.   This photograph was taken sometime between  1939 and 1945. I believe it to be a 1942 photograph, that coincides with the time that Clarence D spent in Northern Ireland.    I wonder what the occasion of the photo was..and to whom did he send it..his Mom or his sweetheart?  If he is the fellow that I think he is..he did make it home and lived until September 20,  2000.

 I have found the address of his step-son in Duluth, Minnesota.. I will be sending him a note..perhaps they would like the photograph??  I will see what happens, and I will let y'all know if and when I hear something.
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Update from Iggy : Info from a website 
Clarence D. Nesgoda was a member of the Minnesota National Guard in the 125th Field Artillery Battalion of the 34th Infantry Division, He was called to federal service February 10, 1941.
Following basic training, he was shipped to North Ireland in 1942, and was stationed there until shipped to North Africa in December of 1942.
He campaigned in North Africa, and Tunisia, and was then shipped to Italy and was in Anzio D-plus-3. When the war ended, he returned to the United States and served in the Minnesota National Guard until January of 1946.


  1. I anxiously await to see if they respond. This is so interesting.

    Hope you have a great day Connie.

  2. Great information. I hope you are able to contact his family. It will be nice to hear about his history. If your information is correct he served in Ireland the same time as my dad did.

  3. Wow, would this be the first photo to be claimed by a family? How exciting!!

  4. I get excited about mail time everyday..nothing has shown up yet. I was so hoping to hear something...:)

  5. Fingers crossed that you hear soon - perhaps the family are overwhelmed at your find and all busy contacting each other? I work as a professional genealogist in Scotland and sometimes find that an unexpected delay is due to mass sharing & excitement in the family :-) Jo

  6. November 2010

    Just found this posting....wonderful....I have a much loved photo of my Northern Irelandmother and me as a child, taken probably around 1934...(yes, I'm that old - but hearty!) My mum told me it won an award for Morrison... it's a sepia print, 8 by 10. Alas I don't know enough about computers to transfer to my PC.

  7. I found a web page dedicated to this man.



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