Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo Number Thirty-Seven

A beautiful young woman,  I am wondering if this gal is related to the gal in Photo Number One..or if they are the same person?  Perhaps this is her engagement photograph. I will guess that this one dates from 1925 or thereabouts.
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Update: This is Esther or Bertha..this photo went full circle on July 02, 2010 Full Circle Seven.


  1. There is a strong resemblance. She sure has pretty eyes and mouth. I always enjoy you sharing your photos with us.

  2. That is a serious pose. It is a nicely done photo. I have seen photos of people in a centennial book. They looked like that and the time would be about right, single subject and turned quarter turn for the pose. It is sure better than my graduation photo.

  3. I think you are right. This may be the same person. Did you notice the necklace? It can't be seen real clearly here, but it looks similar to the one in photo one. Great observation Connie. You really must study these closely.


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