Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo Number Thirty-five

Yes,  I know someone wrote on this photo in ink..fold lace..fold lace..interesting.  I suppose that someone did  some kind of project and wanted to make a point.

Here this is better..photoshop magic!
Larry left me a comment the other day  The dress is interesting as they use to buy them like that and roll up the lace to the right height, then let it down as they grew taller."  This was concerning photo number Thirty-one.   It sure would have been a practical solution to young ladies growing taller!  

I will guess that this is a graduation photo  and I will guess 1910 for the year, as usual these are just guesses on my part. 
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  1. Such a beautiful young woman!

  2. I'd go with grad photo too. There is a scroll on the table behind her which is reminiscent of the old style diplomas. I wonder if someone was reusing the dress itself and used this picture with the note to the seamstress. The comment Larry made is about growth tucks. They were very common for growing girls and boys because making clothing was expensive and time consuming. Once a girl attained her height though, the tucks were decorative embellishments. Pin tucks and pleating was very popular in the 1900-1920s, and it is back again for the new century.

  3. I love those long, tight lace lower sleeves on this dress! She is such a pretty girl too. Can't help wondering what her story was...old photos always make me wonder.


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